Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks
Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks
Joe Saunders
This podcast is about successful cyber leaders and their toughest lessons in the cyber battlegrounds. Remember, it's a Hard Knock life! The views expressed are those of the individuals only and do not represent RunSafe policy or positioning.
Tina Williams-Koroma: Crap Turns Into Fertilizer
Today's Guest is Tina Williams-Koroma, Owner/President of TCecure, LLC. "I see challenges as opportunities." What does a life-long entrepreneur look like? Look no further! In this episode, Tina discusses how to deal with breaks, Governor Hogan's Cybersecurity Summit, patterns to better address critical infrastructure, how all of her degrees aid her current role, her book: "Our Father's Business: Pick Up the Mission, Then Drop the Mic", what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.
Sep 29
33 min
Jim Routh: Downstream Consequences
Today's Guest is Jim Routh, Advisor & Investor at SYN Ventures. While stepping away from full-time CISO duties, Jim Routh hasn't slowed down. In this episode, Jim tells us what he's been doing since leaving Mass Mutual, what he looks for when engaging with new companies, why he began working with startups. He also discusses the differences between serving as the CISO of larger versus a smaller organizations, his unique hiring strategy, the greatest needs from the private sector, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Sep 22
35 min
Lucian Niemeyer: Building Cyber Security
Today's Guest is Lucian Niemeyer, CEO of Building Cyber Security. Cyber risks, ransomware, and attackers! Oh my! In this episode, Lucian discusses his organization, the blending of IT and OT, the gravity of our current cybersecurity situation, the morals around ransome, how to reduce ransomware attacks, what keeps him up at night, and you guessed it, his toughest lesson learned. 
Sep 15
38 min
Heather Dahl: Keep Flying the Plane
Today's Guest is Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio.tech. Broadcast journalist turned tech CEO? What could be cooler? This week's episode features Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio.tech. In this episode we learn about the founding of Endicio, decentralized identity, where regulators are doing well and where they need improvement, how Heather's early career as a broadcast journalist led to her current role, and as always, her toughest lesson learned. 
Sep 8
41 min
Dan Doney: Digital Currency, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledgers
Today's Guest is Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency. Want to better understand the connection between blockchain and cryptocurrency? Craving a wealth of information? In this episode, Dan discusses how he founded his company, Securrency, what they do, his foundations in security, what markets are right for cryptocurrency, the most important facts to know about blockchain, the geopolitical implications of cryptocurrency, the future of blockchain, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned. 
Jul 14
52 min
Scott King: Don’t Rush to Judgment
Today's Guest is Scott King, VP & CISO at Encore Capital. Are you thinking about entering the cybersecurity field? Then this is the episode for you! Scott discusses his background and transition to his new role as CISO, the biggest trends in the industry right now (HINT: ransomware attacks!), the best procedures for vulnerability and crisis management, the importance of ISACs, the appeal of working in this industry, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Jun 30
32 min
Nick Andersen: Everyone is a Target
Today's Guest is Nick Andersen, CISO at Lumen Technologies. Want to hear from someone who has managed security risk from all angles? Look no further than Nick Andersen. In this episode, Nick discusses Lumen Technologies and his role there, operating under the assumption of an inevitable attack, his work with CESER within the DOE, the recent ransomware attacks, the recent Executive Order, our nation's top cybersecurity priorities, how he got his start, and of course, his toughest lesson learned. 
Jun 23
27 min
Mark Ruchie: Cyber's Pirates of the Caribbean
Today's Guest is Mark Ruchie, CISO at Entrust. Do you want to be more up-to-date on all things cybersecurity? This is the episode for you! Mark discusses Entrust and his role there, how security solutions have evolved over the last few decades, which changes excite him, how he got his start, his time in the Air Force, his thoughts on the recent Executive Order, the ever-changing profile of the attacker, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Jun 14
25 min
Sam Crowther: Trust Your Gut
Today's Guest is Sam Crowther, Founder of Kasada. Have you ever noticed a missing link within an industry and wanted to create a company to fill that gap? Meet Sam Crowther. In this episode, Sam discusses Kasada's founding and mission of "restoring trust in the internet", bot mitigation, how he got his start, the importance of confidence and exposure to problems, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Jun 9
16 min
Mark Loepker: Dialogue is Everything
Today's Guest is Mark Loepker, Education Director at the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation. Have you ever wanted to explore a career in national security or cybersecurity? This is the episode for you! Mark discusses his rich history working within the security arena, from his early days protecting the “Star Wars” program to his experience leading international working groups to driving the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation's mission. Learn why Mark says designing for dis-functionality is important, and more!
Jun 2
41 min
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