Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks
Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks
Joe Saunders
This podcast is about successful cyber leaders and their toughest lessons in the cyber battlegrounds. Remember, it's a Hard Knock life! The views expressed are those of the individuals only and do not represent RunSafe policy or positioning.
John Graham-Cumming: Just Keep Going
Today's Guest is John Graham-Cumming, CTO at CloudFlare. In this episode, John Graham-Cumming discusses his early background, his role at CloudFlare, how internet infrastructure differs in China, his book "The Geek Atlas", code breaking, email filtering, movie code, what keeps him up at night, 5G, and more.
Feb 3
27 min
Gloria D'Anna: How to Go from A to E
Today's Guest is Gloria D'Anna, author of "SAE CyberSecurity for Commercial Vehicles” and a Rf Systems and Antenna Applications Engineer at the Ford Motor Company. In this episode, Gloria discusses her background, what keeps her up at night, her book, cybersecurity standards in the automotive industry, SAE G-32, Cyber-Physical Systems, and her toughest lessons learned in the cybersecurity field.
Jan 27
20 min
Michael Fraser: Courage to Stick It Out
Today's Guest: Michael Fraser, Co-Founder and CEO of Refactr. In this episode, Michael discusses his company Refactr, the trials and triumphs of a start up, getting his start in the Air Force, his time in retail, the open source movement, and more.
Jan 20
24 min
Marc Crudgington: Collaboration is King
Today's Guest: Marc Crudgington, the CISO and SVP of Information Security at Woodforest National Bank. In this episode, we learn ways to shorten the time to mitigate a breach, what it takes to become a Chief Information Security Officer, and what you, executives, and the board should know about the coming Cyber War.
Jan 20
39 min
Dr. Gary McGraw: Process Does Matter
Today's Guest: Dr. Gary McGraw, Co-Founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning. In this episode, Dr. Gary McGraw discusses co-founding the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning, the risk factors associated with machine learning, his background and early career work, the difficulties surrounding software security, and a fun story here and there. Dr. McGraw is an advisor to RunSafe Security.
Jan 14
21 min
Greg Touhill: Ask for Help
Today's Guest: General Greg Touhill, the first Federal CISO. In this episode General Touhill discusses his service in the military, his work at DHS, our new administration's top priorities, and embracing zero trust as a business imperative. General Touhill highlights the importance of adopting a framework, communication, and follow through.
Jan 1
22 min
John Felker: Trust but Verify
Today's Guest: John Felker, Senior Fellow at the McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security. In this episode, we learn about leadership, listening, and building organizations to align with the mission. But we also learn why it is important to both trust and verify.
Dec 22, 2020
29 min
Tommy Gardner: You’ll Never Stop Learning
Today's Guest: Tommy Gardner, Chief Technology Officer at HP Federal. In this episode, Tommy discusses his role at HP Federal, his company's background and green initiative, the role of research in cybersecurity, designing with cybersecurity in mind, and some of the most formidable lessons he's learned along the way.
Dec 15, 2020
30 min
Dr. Edward Amoroso: How Angels View Cloud Computing
Today's Guest: Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber LLC. In this episode, we explore the different profiles of CISOs and the balance between simplicity and complexity.
Dec 8, 2020
27 min
Michelle Valdez: Putting Your Boss to the Test
Today's Guest: Michelle Valdez, Chief Information Security Officer at OneMain Financial. In this episode, we learn how to bring context and relevance to deep technical issues to help build resilient organiztions and systems.
Dec 1, 2020
22 min
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