Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks
Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks
Joe Saunders
This podcast is about successful cyber leaders and their toughest lessons in the cyber battlegrounds. Remember, it's a Hard Knock life! The views expressed are those of the individuals only and do not represent RunSafe policy or positioning.
Avi Rubin: Squeaky Clean
Today's guest is Avi Rubin, computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University. Poker champion, boating captain, and computer science professor?! In this episode, Avi discusses what he's teaching and researching right now, Harvard Labs, what buffer overflow is, consumer IoT and medical devices, surprises within the last few elections, his testimony before Congress, the dangers of cryptocurrency, U of Michigan football predictions, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Dec 22, 2021
31 min
Jeff Williams: Security in Sunshine
Today's guest is Jeff Williams, Co-Founder and CTO of Contrast Security. Would you rather be right or compelling? In this episode, Jeff discusses Contrast Security, how the application security space has evolved, what their "inside out" approach is, the impact and need of the Executive Order, how he got his start in cybersecurity, the relevance of his law degree, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned. 
Dec 15, 2021
26 min
Mike Vesey: Pink Locker Rooms
Today's guest is Mike Vesey, President of IdRamp. Passwords and zero-trust and pink locker rooms, oh my! In this episode, Mike discusses IdRamp, what self-sovereign identity is, why we still have passwords today, zero-trust, what the near future holds, pink locker rooms!, his path to IdRamp, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Dec 8, 2021
32 min
Roland Cloutier: How Do You Know
Today's guest is Roland Cloutier, CISO at TikTok. Patience is key. This is just one of the many lessons to be learned from this week’s episode. Roland discusses his current role and responsibilities as TikTok CISO, how he has advanced the security capabilities within TikTok, his message when recruiting new security practitioners, the differences between working as a CISO in a premier payroll processing organization versus a major social media company, what a “strategic converged security program is”, how he got his start in security (hint: it wasn’t in cyber!), what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.
Dec 1, 2021
26 min
Suzanne Kelly: The Other Side of Fear
Today's guest is Suzanne Kelly, CEO/Producer of The Cipher Brief. "If we are afraid of failure, we will never succeed." In this episode, Suzanne discusses the vision and creation behind the Cipher Brief, the top national security issues we are currently facing, the threat that China poses, her book: "Master of War: Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince and the Business of War", if cyber offensive work should be outsourced, the Cyber Initiatives Group, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.  #nationalsecurity #cybersecurity #ransomware
Nov 24, 2021
27 min
Bryan Ware: The People and the Problem
Today's Guest is Bryan Ware, founder and CEO of Next5. "The best defense is a good offense." In this episode, Bryan discusses his current role at Next5, the history behind co-founding Digital Sandbox, how to approach low probability events with high consequences, his work at CISA, the past, present, and future of cybersecurity, election systems' security, AI, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.  #softwaresupplychainsecurity #ransomware #protectingcriticalinfrastructuresecurity #electionsystemssecurity #nationalsecurity
Nov 10, 2021
31 min
Vijaya Kaza: Security is a Business Enabler
Today's Guest is Vijaya Kaza, Chief Security Officer, Head of Engineering & Data Science for Trust & Safety at Airbnb. In this episode, Vijaya discusses her current role and duties at Airbnb and as a board member at Knock, the importance of automation and AI, relevant use cases, best practices, and where improvements are needed within these fields, how gender impacts working in the technology field, the importance of who you know, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.
Nov 3, 2021
28 min
Duncan Woodbury: No Checkbox Security, Please
Today's Guest is Duncan Woodbury, Founder and CEO of Dream Team. One part entrepreneur, one part security researcher. In this episode, Duncan discusses what he's doing today, some of the major cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure, the dangers of recovery time from an attack, the difference between protecting OT vs. IT, why red teaming and pen-testing are so important, what keeps him up at night, how he got into the field, the cyberBoat Challenge, and of course, his toughest lesson learned.  #supplychainsecurity #exploits #criticalinfrastructure
Oct 27, 2021
36 min
Dr. Rebecca Wynn: Pay It Forward
Today's Guest is Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Global Cybersecurity & Strategy Consulting at Click Solutions Group. "How can we be a part of the fabric without disturbing the fabric?" In this episode, Rebecca discusses how she defines the role of a CISO, how she believes we should "push the envelope of cybersecurity", working with companies that have experienced data breaches, what it takes to build a good security team, how to best interact with board members, future trends in technology, and of course, her toughest lesson learned. 
Oct 20, 2021
51 min
Harold Smith: Do Right By Your Customer
Today's Guest is Harold Smith, CEO of Monkton, Inc. "Too focused on the WHAT IF and not focused on WHAT WE CAN DO." In this episode, Harold discusses how Monkton brings mobility to the military and DoD, some use case examples, the certification process, his background and current work in mobile applications, how enterprise mobile security has changed over the years, and as always, his toughest lesson learned. 
Oct 13, 2021
34 min
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