Leaving the Theater
Leaving the Theater
Ronald Young Jr.
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I was very interested and then disappointed in “leaving the theater”
Podcast. Not so much as disagreeing with assessments of film but c’mon man where’s the excitement of viewing a film you enjoy? And the yawning during the critic?.. Nea stick to “Time.Well.Spent.”
Good reviews -- fast
I love instant responses to movies -- often more than a critic's studied analysis because that's where the emotions are so fresh. This podcast includes a nicely deep love of film, combined with that emotional honesty -- a good touchstone. Keep up the good work!
Auntie in 7th Heaven
Movies are my favorite pastime and Ronald explains each detail so well! Def a fave now.
A movie reviewer I can trust!
Leaving the Theater has become my new go to source for movie reviews. The host does such a good job of recapping without giving anything away and his movie knowledge really comes through. Unfiltered honest opinion about a film is what I want and that’s what this podcast gives me! I just want more episodes!
This podcast is the perfect time and format. I love listening on my way to the theater to know what I’m getting into before I sit down to watch. Great likable host!