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Good stuff, less flirting please
I just started listening to this podcast from the beginning episodes. Im excited because i have actually learned some things. However, Im a little confused because as the lessons go on they teach u new words for meanings of words they taught before. For example. When ordering an espresso you say per favore... but ordering a gelato you say per piacere. So how do u know which one to say? Maybe it might be in the upcoming episodes? All in all i like it, im learning. I just wish there was less flirting. It really seems like Chinzia likes Marco.
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I used to enjoy this podcast, but I just listened to the episode from June 13, that’s all about slang words used to describe people you dislike. And one of the words is used to describe men who take care in how they look, “maybe a little too much”. Um hello, it’s 2019 I think we can agree now that anyone, man, woman or otherwise, can do whatever they want. It’s their bodies. This kind of messaging feeds into the toxic masculinity that is poisoning our society! You lost a listener today.
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Company is I Tokyo. They trick you into recurring credit card payments.
Good podcast!
This show made learning the language easy. Great job.
Meh, it's ok, I guess
This podcast is very cheesy. I find the "silly" back and forth banter ridiculous and completely unfunny. They need to do more teaching and less fooling around. Coffee break Italian, while taught by Scottish people is a lot better than this.
beware of autopay
you get set up for autopay without knowing it. it reels you in with “free lifetime account” then automatically charges your account 25/mo until you realize what happened. I’m sure there was a clever fine print somewhere saying your account is on autopay. kinda dishonest to tout “free account” then slip in an autopay. 75 bucks down the drain. I emailed them to see about a refund. Let’s see what happens. *update* They refunded my account the months charged, so that was good. Just make sure you are not set on autopay unless you really DO want to autopay each month.
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Kim T - 99
I tried using this at the absolute beginner level. The chats between the hosts were interminable and uninteresting, and the dialogues failed to focus on the vocabulary a beginner would really need.
Rosebudin AZ
Bogus "free" learn Italian podcasts
Although they implied it's a free podcast it's just an advert to buy their product by offering a "20% discount for a limited time only" I didn't even get to even try out their product ! Stay away from this scam !
Fantastico !
Thank you so much. You are doing a great job guys, so many structures, so many words and so many phrases i had learned them from you. you have to keep going after this great job which made us a hardworking students " a very beginner Italian learners =D", you also have to keep going because we became an addicted to this podcast and to you as well sweet hosts. In my opinion, this is a helpful podcast for those how need to learn Italian language in a simple, joyful, easy way. ** the only request " do not stop podcasting " please . thank you so much again 🌹🌹.
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Italian hosts practicing their English
There is exponentially more English spoken in these podcasts than italian. After asking each other various questions in English about life goals and career aspirations, the hosts finally announced that our lesson in traditional Italian foods would begin. "Spaghetti. Repeat: Spaghetti...Lasagne. Repeat: Lasagne." They concluded by advertising their paid version for a second time. There are much better language apps out there. I want my five minutes back!
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Delusione (disappointment)
I have been trying many podcasts for learning italian and these two are the best. Not only is it fun, but they help make it slow paced as well. I feel like I am in the room with the goofy and fun Cinzia and Marco and I'm learning very quickly. Great!
American learner
Bait and Switch
This is a very misleading podcast. You only get 3 of each lessons for free, and then you have to purchase the additional lessons from the website. Even during the "free trial period". Half of each lesson is a major sales pitch to sign up for their website, which also advertised a forum where you could speak with other students... nope, no such forum. They also claim that Marco is a native American speaker. Ok, an American speaker with a thick Italian accent. Was also very frustrated that there was no time incorperated in the lessons to repeat the words. If I can't repeat it, I can't speak it - only understand. Was really disappointed and would strongly recommend against this company.
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Don't like Bait and Switch
Upper Lesson
I love the upper lessons are amazing
What a waste of time
The two guides in this podcast, Marco and Cinzia, are INCREDIBLY annoying. 70% of the time they are joking and flirting and nothing is about learning Italian. What a waste of my time. This is NOT the podcast to use to actually learn Italian.
All advertising
In a 10 minute lesson, there is 3 min of them telling you to go to their website and sign up for their "free lifetime membership", followed by a 30 second intro to the lesson, then the lesson which is about 2 1/2 minutes. The remainder of the "lesson" is more them telling you to go to the website for about 3-4 minutes. So in the 10 minutes, you get 2-3 minutes of a lesson. The lesson is good, but it's all about them getting you to the website for the free lifetime membership. Oh yeah, the "free" membership isn't free either, but you probably knew that was coming...
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Italian lessons or sales pitches
Gave this a try, doesn't seem like much more than a sales pitch to get you to buy from them. Check the website, comments in post and forum are just spam!
Too many follow-up sales pitches...
This is a cute little course but you will be inundated with emails trying to get you to sign up for their 'paid' services...
Great entertaining italian lessons
Buon giorno! This one of my favorite Italian lessons podcast. Very useful, fun conversation practices. I agree that is very important to repeat three time. The second time is like a quiz, to guess how much I know, the third time is to understand what I did not know. Second part learning new vocarbulary is my favorite part. Grammar lessons help to refresh my memory :) Marco and all talented ladies are great !!! I'm excited that I finally reach my goal. Speak, read and understand five lenguages. This podcast has help me to practice italian accents. Vado a Roma in tre semana, sto molto contenta. Grazie for your time, teaching us great Italian!!!
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Princessa Tere
Italian or English lesson?
They use more than half the time of every lesson to push the listeners to sign in their homepage! Of every lesson!
Helped me a lot!!!
I listened to this podcast before my trip to Iraly and I was able to understand and speak with no help whatsoever!!! it's of great help!!!
Not that great!
I didn't like the fact that there is no break between the hosts saying something in Italian the first time, and subsequently repeating it. If you say it fast (which is how it seems), it doesn't help much that every sentence is repeated three times. something that would really help is giving a few seconds between different repetitions- that way learners can say things themselves and evaluate themselves as the hosts repeat.
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More help for the "newbie"
I look forward to each podcast. I've been to Italy several times and what I've learned so far have been a huge help. I no longer feel self conscience when I visit friends. I do wish the podcasts went back to what they were last year before the new podcasts were initiated. I miss the daily lessons with Cinzia and Marco. I learned more the old way. I'm still a "newbie" and miss getting the podcasts daily. Keep up the good work!
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TC Amore
Simple and addicting...
I love the video vocab episodes--great easy intro for newbies like me...I'm hooked!
Really don't see the big deal
I really don't understand the value [at least of what is available for free] of this podcast. Yes, they go over all sorts of aspects of the Italian language, and yes, they do a great job of telling the listener the vocab used in the dialogue, but I think what almost every person who has posted their praises of this podcast don't realize is that they are not both native speakers. I found it really frustrating that Marco is actually an American speaking with an Italian accent. His pronunciation is alright, but after the 3 years I have spent studying Italian, I can tell that he is either not a native speaker or is from a very secluded area of Italy that has an accent different from every Italian movie, song, TV show, and news cast I have heard. (And I'm not claiming fluency- I've got a long way to go!) That's not to say I wouldn't recommend this podcast to anyone, (there really isn't much by way of good Italian learning podcasts out there) but to anyone who says "its nice to have native speakers on these podcasts", please realize that the girl is a native, the man is just a slightly more ahead in his Italian speaking than you.
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Really great and fun.
I finished an introductory Italian course at the local city college and wanted to continue learning without committing too much time or money. This supplements the textbook really well, though I don't think it would be as effective without the fundamental grammar base I already acquired. I listen to this while running. I was surprised that I was actually able to both learn and numb the excruciating pain of running up hills at the same time. Simple pleasures. Thanks!
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For someone who is a slow learner, like me, it always helps to get repeated pronounciation. This podcast has a very fun atmosphere without getting off the topic of learning Italian. More episodes, please! I'm not sure if I'll ever use it, but learning Italian may come in handy, and this Italian duo make it fun to learn! I wish my teachers were as fun as them...
What happened??
I was listening to this all the time, so I decided to subscribe to the premium podcast because I liked it so much. I paid for a three month subscription and they haven't released anything since March 9th. They were helpful when I wrote to them and extended my subscription, but they still haven't made any new podcasts. If you are subscribing to the free subscription, no problem. You will be fine starting with the older lessons. If you are thinking about a paid subscription, I would wait until they get their act together and start producing other lessons.
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Is this no more??
I enjoy the podcast and learn quite a bit, but haven't seen a new posting since Marzio.. Is everyone ok???
G8R Dave
the best
It's the best Italian language learning podcast I've found on the web.
Incredible for Italian Lovers!
I'm a big fan of the Pod101 people. Cinzia (the host) is a pleasure to listen to. She has the craziest Italian accent, and I love it! It's so authentic! All in all, italianpod101 has an awesome website. if you know like me, it's not the podcasts that are important, it's their website and what's important. ItalianPod101 has everything you can imagine (like all the Pod101 sites). Sample sentences, vocabulary words, dialogs (all with audio), review tracks. yada yada yada. They pretty much have a complete language learning package. I've tried all the sites, but ItalianPod101 is by far the most comprehensive. Highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about learning Italian.
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Wish I had this when I was in HS
Seems the learning paradigm has really changed since I was in HS. Kudos to this podcast. After hearing a few of these, I'm pretty jealous of Generation...is it still Y? Great way to learn.
it is a good podcast and an ok way to learn italian, but they advertised their "free life time account" but it isnt, it is free 7 days and then to get all the benefits they charge you any where between $8 and several hundred! i was hoping free meant free.
Great way of learning Italian
First of all these guys have perfectly fulfilled the most important part of any study process - great teachers. I really enjoy listening to Cincia and Marco. Available materials are great too and the only additional thing I'd like to see in the future is more emphasis on Italian grammar rules. But it may be the case that I'm not aware of existing grammar as I'm only on newbie level :)
Italian with Marco and Cinzia is fun!
It's like running into your friends in the downtown plaza and having a visit. Marco and Cinzia organize each small lesson around a little story and make the vocabulary interesting and entertaining. You don't feel like your sitting to study but instead like your having a visit over coffee. Chow -- chi vidiamo!
A great way to start venturing into Italian
I was first exposed to Italian through my friend who decided to make it her college major... and one day I went to a nearby bookstore and took a quick look through an Italian grammar book. Everything seemed so foreign and confusing to me (especially the contractions of the definite/indefinite articles)! However, I came across ItalianPod101's podcasts, and it was perfect because my iPod never leaves my side. I soon began picking up Italian faster than before. What really helped me is that along with the dialogue comes the transcript of what is being said... so you can follow along and actually see how words are spelt, the proper pronounciations, etc. Along with listening to the podcasts and reviewing my grammar/vocabulary books, I no longer think of Italian as such a daunting language. Thank you ItalianPod101!!
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The best out there!
There are several Italian podcasts and courses out there. ItalianPod 101 is the best. Lessons are well designed. Not too short. Not too long. The use of humor and personalities is a great touch. I liked the free offerings so much, I decided to try a paid subscription. It's a great way to learn Italian with supporting pdfs and audioblogs.
Fun way to learn
Enjoy the lessons... they are short and easily understandable. I enjoy Marco and Chinsea's banter and enjoy their presentation. I'm a relatively new student and these lessons are encouraging because I find that I retain the information. In this way I can build upon the lessons as I go along.
Easiest Way to Learn Italian!
This podcast is a very good way to learn Italian. Combined with the lesson .pdf it makes for a very thorough experience. Also, the teachers, Marco and Cinzia, are very playful and make it easy to listen to. I've listened to many podcasts and this is by far the best for learning Italian!
Molto Bene
I am headed to Italy shortly and after listening to a couple of the ItalianPod 101 podcasts I decided to sign up for a month of their lessons. I already speak French and a little German but IP101 has made learning Italian such a breeze that I'm hooked on the language and will keep learning it even after my trip. The lessons are short and sweet which means you can fit one in your day even if you're quite busy, there is a lot of overlap with the content so you get a lot of repitition and they offer several levels of instruction so you can easily get the content you want or need. On top of that, their website offers great support with transcripts, flashcards and more which is great for someone who prefers a visual learning style like me. If you're looking to learn Italian, this is a great way to do it.
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Fun Podcast to Listen To
I really enjoy listening to Italian Pod 101. The hosts interact very well with each other. The lessons are very easy to follow, with not a lot of vocabulary at one time and a brief grammar lesson. Of course you learn how to pronounce words correctly. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn Italian.
Helpful in so many ways
Although my desire to learn another language is simply for fun, this podcast and its premium content come at a very reasonable price. Programs such as Rosetta Stone are fine but the material provided by ItalianPod101 is, in my opinion, outstanding and, again, very affordable. Keep up the good work ItalianPod crew!
Moribund Mime
Almost perfect
Been teaching myself Italian for 2.5 years but I could only go so far in learning conversational Italian until I found Italianpod101.Now I have the means to progress further that I thought I was going to be able short of going to live in Italy for a year or two. I think this is GREAT!
Cuando decidi repasar el italiano aprendido hace ya bastantes años, encontre este podcast que me parecio excelente, ameno y sobretodo muy facil para poder dedicarle unos minutos cada dia, mientras estoy haciendo mi trabajo. Se los recomiendo totalmente.
Very listenable
The podcast is like having coffee with your Italian friends - no exaggerated accents or stereotypes. It isn't slowed down syllable by syllable with long pauses. Just right. The lessons are more interesting and general than "today we'll order wine" or "today we'll check into hotel" - they talk about things like haircuts and picnics that give insight into Italian culture instead of sticking to the boring survival language. This is the best language podcast I've heard - better than other Italian or Japanese or Spanish one's I've tried.
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K in MA
Well Done!
This is a thoughtful and well-organized approach to language learning. The lessons are brief but entertaining, and the dynamic between the two hosts is entertaining.
Molto bello!
This is a great podcast. Cinzia and Marco are enthusiastic and entertaining. Not only are the lessons fun and educational, but there is a level for everyone. There is new material each week. Also, there are several different native speakers, so you can hear different accents which is very helpful. It is a wonderful resource for learners of all levels.
Im looking for beginner episodes 1-9. Can anyone help me find them?
2 thumbs up
great podcasts, especially the advanced ones(they always have a good topic)! ideal for all levels!
Excellent Podcast!!!!
The Newbie, Beginner and Survival podcasts break down the language into managable pieces and give lots of tips to help you learn the language.
Funny and Light
I just recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasts and this podcast was one of the first of many that I chose to download! I really enjoy this podcast because I am able to understand and learn formal and informal italian. My fathers side of the family is from Naples and I wouldn't want to have to speak only formal italian the next time I visit. Great job you two!!
amy dimeo
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