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There needs to be a podcast for Esperanto
adventure's os Simon's sciene
Good podcast not very professional but good Good luck 😉
Montaha B
Their podcasts are just a bunch of advertisements
Just a bunch of advertisements. Almost no language instruction in these podcasts.
Just no,
Sie ist kein Mensch
I like it.
Not the best. If you really want to learn german, I recommend something else. Otherwise it’s good if you want to learn on the go.
dakota likes ducks
Love this podcast!
I’m learning German as we are moving to Munich. This podcast is so good! They have such professional actors and teachers. The lessons are so thorough. I’m really impressed!
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Well-intended and informative
Maybe I don’t fully understand the male oriented opinions and demeanor, but the seemingly continuous objectification of the female gender by the male voiced character very much puts a damper on the vibe of the podcasts’ conversations. The content has a good flow and contains a lot of good beginner content though. Breakdowns of vocabulary is also helpful in their method.
Useful podcast
Thanks for providing this free content. I find it very useful in my attempt to learn basic German!
Useful & Constructive Criticism
Very useful. I enjoy all the explanations. I’ve completed A2 and some of B1 in Germany, & I live in Germany, though I was born & raised in the states. Chuck, please speak slower & try not to mumble. It’s difficult for me to understand your English. Your German is more clear to me. Thank you! 😊🙏🏼
Nice podcast!
Good podcast to work on your German skills no matter your level of experience!
Great content, fuzzy sound quality
I got through the first two newbie sections but the mic fuzz was too distracting. Not as bad in the car but pretty bad with headphones.
I like it
I don't need to learn German, but it interests me. This podcast helps.
80percent werbung
it‘s terrible. most of the times entire episode is about how you could pay extra to use alexa lessons.
"absolute beginner German?!"
Listened to episode absolute beginner german 3. I've been studying German on Duolingo for the past few weeks and all words in this were unrecognizable minus ich bin. Definitely more advanced. Incredibly misleading.
Music lover <333333
Laugh for no reason
Why do they constantly laugh for no reason at all, sometimes it's creepy.
pedestrian, traditional
I listen to a lot of podcasts and travel, and this approach sounded ideal. Now that I’m diving into the material, it’s amateurish and traditional. Most of the talking time is in English. If you like reviewing vocabulary in out-of-context lists, this is for you. If you’re looking for contemporary learning techniques backed by professional teachers, this isn’t it.
I'm starting
I want to learn another leguage, and im using this podcasts , I think this is great and really helpful.
Good app
I found it very helpful
Judy @ Munich
Oh dear...
Ich hab' seit fünf Jahre Deutsch gelernt und dies Podcast ist GRAUSAM. Die Aussprachen sind schlecht, die Dialoge langsam, und zu leicht. Vielleicht würde jemand dies benutzen, wie ein nur ein bisschen lernen möchte...aber du solltest nicht mehr erwarten. Es würde eigentlich besser, wie die Vokabeln und Themen mehr interressant wurde...oder die schneller gingen... Natürlich ist es eine Falle, so mann Geld bezahlen wird...
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Awosome Podcast!
This podcast has helped me out alot, its easy to follow and makes learning German fun.
Great for beginners!
Many people pick on Chuck's "bad American accent" but I actually like it for learning purposes. It makes it that much more apparent to me what the difference between the right and wrong way sounds like. The culture points have also been very nice. Many of the things they mentioned came up in my first trip there. Nice digestible episodes, and I received many compliments from natives who wondered where I picked up my German from.
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Good, but two annoying aspects…
This podcast is so good that I signed up for the subscription service on their website. However, there are two very annoying shortcomings: 1. When vocabulary is introduced and later reviewed at the end of the podcast, nouns are NOT presented with gender information, despite Judith & Chuck expressly telling us to learn each noun with an article. Annoying! 2. While Chuck & Judith have a good rapport, Chuck slurs his consonants quite badly. I am a native English speaker, and often have difficulty understanding his English – so unfortunately, his German is usually unintelligible to me. Judith has quite understandable English & German, and is a model speaker.
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Very good!!!
Worth if if you can take the pain
The German is well thought, but he is not EVEn trying to sound "German." if I had had this in college, I would have never listened to it. Please just try if only a little. It sounds like reading, when you have no idea what you are reading about.
Chuck finally learned to speak German
The lessons on this podcast are nicely self-contained. You can listen to the dialog for each lesson while looking at the transcript, which is conveniently available by pressing the center button on your iPod, but the "read slowly" and "jetzt mit überseztung" (with translation) parts enable in-car or while-working-out German learning. After the dialog, they give some cultural insights, which are also handy, and often a lesson on grammar (which are quite useful). Then they translate many of the words in the dialog and conjugate verbs, which is sometimes is too literal (rather than sticking to the meaning in the dialog, they often include other meanings). The woman (Judith) is native German, but her English pronunciation is clear and she has a very nice voice. She knows vocabulary and grammar very well and explains the cultural insights plainly. The man (Chuck) also has a nice voice and has thankfully improved a lot in his pronunciation. He can now be relied upon as an example of pronunciation (he pronounces Ich as "Ish", but that is normal for many Germans). The dialogs used to sound like the misadventures of an ignorant American, but he/they have thankfully have stopped making his misunderstandings part of the lessons. I am considering signing up for the paid service, which includes a "premium feed" and other lesson materials, but I don't really want to hear any of the older lessons, which were horrible - Chuck used to butcher German with an off-putting American accent and frequently mispronounced words.
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Russell from Utah
Just to comment on blackbrn's last comment, that the ich is pronounced by the american as a 'shh' sound... this is pretty common in south west and central Germany. Areas such as Stuggart and Franfurt am Main use the 'shh' sound... Other areas like Berlin, Munich, and Klon pronounce it the proper way. It's all about where you are. It's like dialect differences between NY and Boston...
Thanks for Great Job
around 30 years ago, I used to attend the Goethe Institut in Germany to learn German from very beginning before I studied in Uni Erlangen. This GermanPod101 course reminds me the happy time and fruitful, efficient learning experience in the Goethe Institut. Now I'm using this podcast to review and practice speaking skill (after so many years no chance to talk in German). It works. Thank you very much for your great effort!
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Great material
Living in Germany for the first time over the past year and half, I gathered alot of information that was presented in GermanPod's 1 & 2, all what was mentioned is right on. In comparison to Rosetta Stone this package of material breaks down the learning while Rosetta just rushes you through the material. But combining the two will give you a powerful set of learning aides. They now have a new customer. I'm sold... On to lesson 3.
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Good course
Very useful of this podcast'
Great podcast for learning German
I look forward to this podcast. I've learned a lot about the language and also some valuable info about Germany as well.
Needs some work.
I speak quite a bit of German and am primarily interested in picking up odd vocabulary and keeping my ear trained. But I can't listen to this podcast without going a little crazy. Chuck's German accent is atrocious, and his voice is ill-suited for radio, anyway. But his accent shouldn't be held up as an example. Native American English speakers will probably end up with an accent similar to his once they obtain a certain level of proficency in German - my German accent is pretty similar to his. But you wouldn't want to learn English from a native speaker of another language and this is no different. They should have sprung for another native German speaker to do the dialogs. Second, the dialogs are too long. I'd much rather see the dialogs shortened considerably and then repeated a few times (a la Chinesepod) and then analyzed line-by-line. I'm not going to say that this podcast is going to make it harder to learn German or teach you bad habits. But it's not really going to teach you German either.
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Now Rosetta Stone has some competition
Once you get past the first 20 podcasts you'll grow to like Chuck and Judith. Judith is a bit nationality-centric and Chuck likes board games and doesn't pronounce "ch" correctly but I have grown fond of them. I have studied languages, using multiple methods and Germanpod101 is the easiest and most fun. I listen when I'm in the car or walking, falling asleep, etc. I wish I would have learned some of those cultural tips when I first married my German husband 10 years ago. :)
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First eight or so lessons are missing from iTunes.
This appears to be nothing more than an elaborate ad to get paid members for their website. They seems they want you to sign up as a monthly member at access the first seven or eight "podcasts." Sure, you get a free 7 day trial, but you have to listen to the lessons on their site; no downloads. The podcasts here serve no purpose since you can't use them without the first seven or eight. Why would Apple allow this? If this becomes common it would ruin iTunes as every podcast turns out to be advertising for some pay-to-play monthly subscription website. That's going to get old really quick. It's enough to make me wonder if the reviews are even real. Smells. Bad.
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well produced podcast
just subscribed and like it so far. clearly spoken and repeated at slower speed. repetition is great. thanks
Free German lessons
If you are looking for free German lessons, you found the right place. I think they might be on an extended break, since they have not posted a new lesson in over a week. This is a good way to learn German, or maintain what you have learned.
Dan Meyers
I love German Pod 101!
It really helps! I have been doing anything to learn German to understand Tokio Hotel's Lyrics more. this Podcast gives me great motivation to learn more. When i get to highschool next year, I will already know alot, because of German Pod! Danke!
Disagree with culture notes
I downloaded this podcast before going to Germany as an exchange student (with no German language experience prior to going there) Although the phrases that are taught in this podcast are great, I could have disagreed with practically every culture note. I would be listening to this podcast before breakfast and the podcast would say something about german breakfasts never having (...) and then I would walk into the kitchen and that would be exactly what we'd be having. I discovered during my time there that different parts of the country have VERY different culture, accents/dialects, etc, but I wouldn't recommend taking the culture notes too seriously. I also got really annoyed that the German girl would say something about Americans that didn't seem all that "polite" about us and the American guy would agree with her and almost bash his own culture. Lastly (and again it would depend on where in Germany you are) the American guy always pronounces words that ended with "-ch" (ie"ich") with a "shh" sound (ie "ish"). I pronounced ich as "ish" once and everyone laughed and told me that I sounded like an American. so be warned...
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Love the pod casts.
Please put more pod casts up. One person can only listen to them so many times. This is a great program for those who want to learn so keep up the good work.
The BEST German podcast for those who plan to travel.
In preperation for my trip to Germany this fall I've tried downloading at least 4 different podcasts to get a hold on the German language. This is the only podcast that works. The "survival" lessons will definitely come in handy. I particularly like the dialogue lessons with the American guy and the German girl. It makes it easier to learn overall. I will be listening to these all the way up to my trip. Danke!
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Great Program
The lessons are great and very interesting. I highly recommend this podcast.
This is a good podcast, I take German and know the basic already. This helps me learn more, The downside is that the podcast could be longer. Upside is that it takes things nice and slow so you understand every last sound.
i love this podcast
the lessons are great, but i wish they were longer. i subscribe to almost all of the free german language podcasts on iTunes and there are only 2 that work for my beginner brain. and this is one of them! great job and please post more often. danke!
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