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Short-term wins are easy. Sustained achievement is another story. On Lead to Win join New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt and discover how current research combines with timeless wisdom for lasting success. From personal productivity to personal development, self-leadership to team leadership, and intentionality to influence, get the insights and tools you need to win at work and succeed at life.
#140: Four Mindsets to Drive Your Success
The ability to navigate the business world with nimbleness and grit can be the difference between devastating loss and wild success. Entrepreneurs have cracked the code on how to adapt and persevere. Their success is rooted in their thinking—and mindsets are skills you can develop. That’s why in this episode, Michael and Megan unpack four of the eight essential mindsets of entrepreneurs: ownership, resourcefulness, risk tolerance, and resilience. They address what these mindsets look like, why they matter, and how you can cultivate them in your life and on your team. By upgrading your thinking, you’ll move from being stuck in ruts you don’t even see to crafting solutions that make a difference for your business and customers. In this episode, you’ll discover— What makes the shift from “It’s not my job” to “How can I fix it?” so powerful How to better leverage your resources with one simple question Why playing it safe is riskier than taking the risk How to create an environment in which it’s safe to fail Why 2020 might just be the best thing that’s happened to your capacity for resilience This episode of Lead to Win is brought to you by Michael Hyatt's new book, Entrepreneurs Will Save the World. Discover how anyone can build the resilient mindset of a entrepreneur. Learn more at leadto.win/entrepreneurs.
Oct 20
33 min
BONUS: The Mindset Advantage with Amy Porterfield
In this bonus episode, Michael talks with Amy Porterfield about the advantages of having an entrepreneurial mindset. This conversation is just one of a series of conversations that Michael had with successful business leaders as he seeks to understand what makes a winning mindset. To hear the whole series, you can opt into the Countdown to 2021 community at michaelhyatt.com/countdown.  Also, remember to check out Michael's new book, Entrepreneurs Will Save the World. Discover how anyone can build the resilient mindset of an entrepreneur. Learn more at leadto.win/entrepreneurs.
Oct 15
23 min
#139: Why Entrepreneurs Matter Now More Than Ever
The initial shock has faded and the dust has begun to settle. As you look at your business and the economy, you find yourself wondering how to move forward. How can we rebuild? And what’s your part to play? The answer might surprise you. We need more entrepreneurs. In this episode, Megan and Michael talk about the importance and lessons of entrepreneurs. They unpack three reasons entrepreneurs really will save the world, and how you can alter your thinking to follow their lead. You’ll move from feeling discouraged and disoriented to excited about emerging possibilities. You’ll start noticing problems that need solving and believing that the best is yet to come. In this episode, you’ll discover— What makes someone an entrepreneur How entrepreneurs contribute to the public good Why the solution to big problems isn’t more resources How to start becoming more entrepreneurial Why we can be hopeful about the “new normal” we’re headed toward For more, visit leadto.win/entrepreneurs.
Oct 13
31 min
#138: How Life Works: An Empowering Model
You’re not satisfied with the results you’re seeing. You’ve tried fine-tuning strategies and revisiting your decisions. You know you’re not just a victim of your circumstances. But what are you supposed to do now? You don’t just need to alter your actions. You need to rewire your thinking. In this episode, Megan and Michael discuss how to move toward a more empowering, engaged way of interacting with the world. It all starts with how you think. They’ll synthesize the work by development leaders such as Brooke Castillo and Dan Sullivan, challenging you to take a closer look at the recipe that has led to your results. By training yourself to think differently, you’ll finally stop feeling exasperated and start experiencing breakthroughs. In this episode, you’ll discover— Why you shouldn’t believe everything you think How to start noticing your thoughts What questions to start asking to train your brain to think differently Why your thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies How to adopt a more empowered way of relating to the world This episode of Lead to Win is brought to you by Michael Hyatt's Countdown to 2021. Join this exclusive newsletter and free community of like-minded achievers who are committed to turning 2020's disappointments into 2021's greatest successes. Learn more at leadto.win/countdown.
Oct 6
29 min
#137: Unleash the Power of Constraints
You never could have expected it. The diagnosis, the accident, the pandemic, the family crisis, the job loss. You knew where you wanted to go and how to get there. Then the rules changed. Now, you’re chafing under the new restrictions and longing to return to what used to be normal. But what if constraints are exactly where new possibilities lie? In this episode, Micheel and Megan model embracing restraints. They reveal how boundaries create freedom and new rules drive innovation. Their stories of breakthrough will challenge you to move from “If only…” to “What does this make possible?” This shift won’t just empower you to adapt. It will unlock new possibilities you never could have anticipated. In this episode, you’ll discover— Questions you can ask to identify new opportunities True stories of profitable changes that resulted from new constraints How to pivot from from fighting constraints to finding new ways forward Why a shorter workday might be the key to enhancing your productivity Insight into creating a culture that embraces constraints This episode of Lead to Win is brought to you by Michael Hyatt's Countdown to 2021. Join this exclusive newsletter and free community of like-minded achievers who are committed to turning 2020's dissapointments into 2021's greatest successes. Learn more at leadto.win/countdown.
Sep 29
33 min
#136: There's No Success without Succession
You want the freedom to move on from the position you hold at your company right now. But you’d be leaving a big gap that needs to be filled sooner than later. You know someone could thrive in your position and should be equipped to take your place, but preparing for succession feels like a monumental task, emotionally and practically. Today, Michael and Megan tackle succession—why leaders struggle with it, pitfalls to avoid, and how to craft a bigger vision for the future. They’ll show you how to design a path forward that helps your company thrive and empowers you to let go and move forward. Along the way, they’ll let you in on some big news of their own. In this episode, you’ll discover— Why every leader should be thinking about succession. Examples of situations when transition plans did not go well. Why it's so hard for people to discuss this topic—and how you can overcome it. How decoupling the leader from the brand can help the company succeed. Behind the scenes details about our succession plan at Michael Hyatt and Company.
Sep 22
38 min
Encore: Leadership and the Law of Replication
We all want to build a strong culture in our organizations, but leaders often exclude themselves from the expectations they set for others. By mastering the Law of Replication, you’ll avoid creating chaos in your organization and create a strong, healthy team culture based on your core values. In this episode, you will: Discover how a leader’s character shapes culture Identify the most common mistake leaders make in replicating themselves Hear from Christian Miller, author of The Character Gap, on the surprising benefits of good character Gain practical tips on shaping culture when you’re new to an organization
Sep 15
30 min
Encore: The Character Advantage
All leaders want to be successful, but sometimes we face situations that pit our desire for results against our values. In this episode, we’ll help you recognize that temptation and equip you to do the right thing when it’s costly. By doing so, you’ll avoid doing damage to your organization and your reputation—and you’ll build a lasting legacy of success. In this episode, you’ll discover: What it means to have good character Why most of us aren’t as good as we think we are How societal shifts have influenced our opinion of virtue The key character tests that all leaders face Three essential assets for staying true to your highest values
Sep 8
27 min
#133: How to Elevate Your Public Speaking with Pat Quinn
As a leader, your words matter and you want to make them count. But speaking in public is a challenge. Even an informal presentation to the team can make you a little nervy. Speaking before the board or a group of investors is worse. What do you say? And how do you say it? This may be the most challenging thing leaders have to do.  It doesn’t have to be. Today we’re joined by master communicator and speaking coach Pat Quinn. Pat’s got a system for creating and delivering your signature talk that has produced results for business leaders, Olympic athletes, and New York Times best-selling authors. His system can work for you. In this episode, you’ll discover— Strategies for overcoming your fear of public speaking. That you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room—and why. The importance of having both solid content and intentional delivery. Why being too polished can work against you. Tips for cracking the code on creating a great talk. How to banish uncertainty and begin influencing others through your words. This episode of Lead to Win is brought to you by our Full Focus Planner Labor Day sale. For a limited time, you can get $5 off select planners at fullfocusplanner.com. Claim yours today.
Sep 1
36 min
#132: How to Rejuvenate with a Staycation
Many leaders are running on fumes right now. We’ve been dealing with the pandemic for months. For many businesses, the climate is still uncertain. Time off seems impossible, and a lot of leaders feel exhausted and frustrated. This is a recipe for burnout. Today we are going to dispel the myth that you can’t afford to take time off during the pandemic. We’re going to show you how to have your most rejuvenating vacation ever. Yes, even during COVID.  It’s necessary to provide good self-care, especially now. And today we’ve got four steps to the best staycation ever.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Tips for making sure your team is systematically rejuvenated and ready to do their best work. How to avoid getting sucked into daily housework when you’re on a staycation. The importance of staying connected to your motivations when approaching time off. Questions to ask yourself when preparing for your vacation. The consequences of burnout—and how to avoid them. Why thinking about life domains (as opposed to dream destinations) makes a difference.
Aug 25
34 min
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