This Week in Salsa
This Week in Salsa
Your first podcast of the week is the last word in Latin dancing. Join the top salsa and bachata pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends and news in Latin dancing. Publishes every Monday morning.
Salsa Snacks 1 - El Cantante
Today's featured salsa snack is the song El Cantante performed by Hector Lavoe. This episode features the following music: Latin cha cha cha by Ramon Escale Bartumeus Esta Tierra by Sean Fischer --- Send in a voice message:
May 10, 2020
7 min
TWiS 6 - Hotpot
Today we have Richie Kirwan and Marlene Navarro joining us. Richie is based in Liverpool, England and you may know him from his blog, The Dancing Irishman. Marlene is a salsera from Tampa and a Koreaboo - more on that in today's show. Resources mentioned on the show: Sound of Salsa in Liverpool, England ZISC talent show Online Dance Music/Resources Sagrada Familia --- Send in a voice message:
May 5, 2020
52 min
TWiS 5 - Post ZISC Pow Wow
Today's episode is a strange one. After the Zoom International Salsa Congress, some friends stuck on and we talked about the congress.  Guests: Rosana Castellucci Ratna Suthar Alexander Gonzalez Guerline Thomas Natya Hans Celi Gueoli Emmanuel Vila Danielle Mari Diane Castellucci Resources mentioned in today's show: Zoom International Salsa Congress ZISC Talent Show ZISC Dirty Dancing - Quarantine Nights Angel lift stalling for time NowSalsa - Nery Garcia's upcoming site Velcro tape --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 27, 2020
1 hr 9 min
TWiS 4: Interview with Joel Dominguez of
The Zoom International Salsa Congress is happening Saturday, April 25th! Buy your tickets now! We are hosting a Talent Show for all attendees so if you want to show off your talent (dancing, singing, juggling, baton twirling, etc) submit here! --- Joel Dominguez is on a crusade to dance with feeling. He is a native of Mexico where he was raised in a family of musicians. This upbringing fostered an early love and appreciation of Latin music. From this early upbringing, Joel relocated to New York City by way of Dallas, where he now teaches classes with an emphasis on dancing to the musical instruments, especially the conga and the clave. In our conversation, we talk about this relationship between the dance and the music and how to dance with feeling. Besides teaching classes in NYC, Joel also runs La Vieja Guardia social which if you are in New York is a must visit! He also runs MySalsaOnline, Joel Salsa and Dance With Feeling which are great resources for aspiring salseros. I personally have signed up for his --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 20, 2020
53 min
TWiS 3 - I would rather dance in a wool sweater than dance with a mask on
Our guests on today's show are Kathleen Matos and Michael Johnson Kathleen Matos is a salsera who lives in Tampa, Florida, and is a performer on the Mambo Elegancia performance team. Michael Johnson is a salsero, bachatero and kizombero who lives in Austin, Texas. He DJs in Austin as DJ Cognition and you can connect with him on Facebook and SoundCloud.  Resources mentioned in this show include: Linda Melodia Dance Company in Honolulu De’Jon Polanski online classes The Zoom International Salsa Congress CoBeat Online Salsa Congress Japan online salsa sessions Article on Contact tracking apps Andy Gonzalez of Fania passes Congress temp check at the door Simpsons meme 5-man perfect shine video --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 13, 2020
1 hr 3 min
TWiS 2 - Of the 3 of us who would you say is the best dancer?
Our guests on today's show are Hong Kwon, Andres Caicedo and Rosana Castellucci Hong Kwon has been a salsa DJ for 10 years, record collector, 8 years in the Bay Area, 2 years in Philadelphia. He recently teamed up with 4 other DJs to form CoBeatParty which is a worldwide salsa community with over 14k members. Andres Caicedo took his first salsa class on the same day (Mid Jan 2008) as Rob. Andres, Frank and Rob organized the Gator Salsa Club in the summer of 2009 and Andres served as the founding GSC president. Andres has been to congresses in North America, AustralAsia, and Europe. He and his girlfriend own and manage a dance and yoga studio in Honolulu while Andres serves as a Naval Reserve Submarine Officer. Resources mentioned in this show include: The Zoom International Salsa Congress CoBeatParty Facebook Group Interactive Social Dancing While Distancing GoFundMe for Andres' Salsa Studio Meme of Raggedy Man Bachata by yourself --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 5, 2020
1 hr 9 min
TWiS 1 - Shoulder Inversion, Tiramisu, Wait, Beef Toe
Our guests on today's roundtable are Salil Bavdekar and Will Boose.  Salil is a PhD graduate from University of Florida where he also taught salsa classes and was vice president of The Gator Salsa Club.  He has DJed socials and run Latin nights in Gainesville and is also the founder of the Facebook group Salsa Memes for Spicy Teens. Will is an MA student in Latin American Studies at UF (graduating in May), starting a PhD program in anthropology at Emory in August. He is a Bachata instructor at The Gator Salsa Club. Resources mentioned on the show: Manu Dibango dies of corona The end of handshakes Oura & UCSF partner on study for early detection of COVID-19 Germany Has Rolled Out a Staggering €50 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses That Boosts Artists and Galleries CoBeatParty live DJ group Meme: Me-Travel-Coronavirus Meme: Going to my next salsa congress while avoiding the corona virus Memes: Dancing with skeleton / Dancing with volleyball / Dance with yourself Video: Dance routine Video: Going to first salsa party after quarantine Stay in touch with us on Facebook and do us a HUGE favor and give us a 5-star on your podcast app. Get in touch with Rob directly on Facebook and Twitter if you want to connect, have interest in being on a future roundtable or would like to recommend a future guest! --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 29, 2020
52 min
SDC Podcast #33: "You have to treat it like a second marriage" Will & Constanza Orrock 2
Picking the right dance partner is crucial to a successful dancing career. There's so much more to consider besides dance skills. Partners spend a lot of hours practicing, teaching, competing and traveling together. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 25, 2017
37 min
LDC Podcast #32: "The mambo we dance and the salsa we eat" Eddie Torres
Eddie Torres also known as "The Mambo King" is a living legend in the Latin dance community. He has trained world-famous salseros like Adolfo Indacochea, Wilton Beltre and Eddie Torres, Jr. Along with June Laberta, Eddie developed what we call New York style salsa where dancers break "on 2". He danced alongside and collaborated with Tito Puente. Like we said, a living legend. Here is part 2 of our interview with Eddie at the Chicago Salsa Congress. If you haven't checked out part 1, do it!   --- Send in a voice message:
May 11, 2017
26 min
LDC Podcast #31 - "You don't want to be in clicks" Jose Santamaria
Traveling out-of-state and overseas to teach is a dream that many young instructors have. But where to begin? And what steps should one take in order to fulfill that dream? On this Podcast, we asked Jose Santamaria how he accomplished his dream of traveling and teaching overseas. It's not easy, he says, but it isn't impossible either. For him, it all comes down to learning the basics and the history of the dance, practicing and training very hard each week, networking and making contacts wherever one goes, using social media effectively and above all... loving and enjoying the dance. Jose Santamaria is the owner of the J.A.S. Latin Dance Academy in Santa Rosa, CA. He has been teaching Latin dance for more than ten years, and has taught in many festivals and congresses across the United States and Canada. His style and expertise have taken him to new and exciting places like Egypt, Japan, and several countries in Europe. According to Jose, anyone can become an international dance instructor. And while the experience might be different for each person, he shared the story about what worked for him and what he thinks takes to become one. Click on the audio player below to hear about Jose's story, his passion and knowledge for the dance, and his tips and opinions on how to stay on track to become an international instructor. If you live or plan to visit Santa Rosa, CA and wish to take lessons with Jose, contact the J.A.S. Latin Dance Academy at (707) 293-4292 or --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 17, 2017
23 min
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