Language Hacking
Language Hacking
Fluent in 3 Months
Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy meet real-life language learners and discover smarter, faster ways to learn a language. Learn more at:
#26 Jonathan Huggins on the “One Method” Strategy
Jonathan Huggins joins us to share his experience learning languages, on sharing languages with his kids, on learning in daily bite-sized chunks, and how to create sustainable language learning routines.
Nov 30
44 min
#25 Learn a Language in 5-Minute Bursts with Drops
Benny chats with Shannon Kennedy and Caitlin Sacasas about how they use language app Drops, which teaches vocab for 40+ languages.
Nov 23
47 min
#24 Elizabeth Bruckner - from 10x Failure to Language Coach
Elizabeth Bruckner failed at learning languages 10 times before finally succeeding in her 40s and becoming a language coach. She gives a taste of language coaching to both Shannon and Benny.
Nov 16
48 min
#23 Michele Frolla on Living and Working in Rome to Learn Italian
Intrepid Guide founder and heritage language learner Michele Frolla shares her story learning Italian, moving abroad, and how to find work in another country.
Nov 9
44 min
#22 Steve Kaufmann - How to Learn a New Language from Any Online Article
Famous polyglot Steve Kaufman joins us in this inspiring episode to share the story behind his language app LingQ, and we also discuss details on his early disagreements with Benny.
Nov 2
55 min
#21 Avital Spivak on Forgetting French then Falling Back in Love with Languages
In this episode, we chat with Fluent in 3 Months Challenge participant and coach, Avi Spitak, who rediscovered her love of languages learning Chinese in the Challenge.
Oct 26
35 min
#20 Johan Tekfak on “Kaizen Power” in Language Learning
Johan Tekfak, creator of Français Authentique, shares how he uses Kaizen and other productivity systems to build his language business and improve his language skills each and every day.
Oct 19
38 min
#19 Turia Pope - from False Beginner to Spanish Homeschooler
Turia Pope, a Fluent in 3 Months Challenge participant, shares her experience going from an on-again-off-again Spanish learner to a confident Spanish speaker with the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge. She also shares how she travels alone with her children in Spanish-speaking countries, developing a homeschooling curriculum for Spanish, and how she responded to emergency situations in Spanish.
Oct 12
33 min
#18 Kerstin Cable on Slow Learning
Kerstin Cable from the Fluent Language Blog shares her experience learning English to full fluency as a native German speaker, her method for acquiring new vocabulary and her long-term, slow approach to learning new languages.
Oct 5
52 min
#17 Jane T - The Motorhome Language Learner
Jane T quit her job after her husband retired to start traveling around Europe in a motorhome, learning languages along the way. Shannon and Benny talk with Jane about her motorhome journeys and how she learns languages while she travels. Jane also shares how community helps with overcoming limiting self beliefs in language learning.
Sep 28
27 min
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