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Round table discussions about the LA Lakers. We debate You decide. Please subscribe rate and review. You can follow us @LakerUnfiltered on Twitter. I.G @lakerunfiltered Email any questions for next weeks show to Support this podcast:
The Boys Are Back In Town…with a Huge Conspiracy Theory
Jason, Roger and Josh are back and better than ever! Lakers talk and NBA playoffs talk! Plus a Huge Conspiracy theory laid out by Josh Mamba Math shirts still available order now! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 30, 2021
37 min
PART 2 of the reckless vent session. Buckle up. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Mamba Math shirts still available go check out for our latest articles and all your sports and pop culture needs. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 21, 2021
32 min
Reckless Lakers Speculation & Vent Session (PART 1)
Back and live in person for the first time in a long time! this episode features reckless Lakers speculation and a vent session. it was so big we had to break it up into two parts here’s part one. stay tuned for next week when we drop part two. as always follow us on Instagram Twitter and subscribe to our podcast available on iTunes iHeartRadio Pandora and Spotify. If you haven’t ordered a mamba math T-shirt do it now we also have hats with the same design they’re snap backs so make sure to hit us up in the DM’s for your order --- Support this podcast:
Jun 14, 2021
46 min
Lakeshow what is going on?!?! We absolutely SUCK right now and we discuss the bad and the worse of it!!! Lakers in the play in tournament? Say it ain’t so!!! AD BRON AND DENNIS OUT, who’s going to carry us into the playoffs???? Plus a HUGE announcement off the top --- Support this podcast:
May 6, 2021
33 min
Nets in 4 My A$$!!!
...The fellas discuss Dennis’ new nickname, AD or Pau which trade was better for the Lakers, Kobe’s leaving Nike? Say it isn’t so!!! Plus a bunch more all on the latest episode of Lakers Unfiltered --- Support this podcast:
Apr 30, 2021
35 min
Lakers the best team in the nba without their stars??
Back where we need to be. In the podcast studio banging out another pod. We discuss all things lakers and you might just be surprised at who says what!! Gotta listen and find out --- Support this podcast:
Apr 20, 2021
35 min
Jorge Sedano visits to talk all things lakers
Jorge Sedano sits down with us to discuss game 1 preview game 2. Y’all about the language of Lebron and also why we don’t wanna see Dame in a game 7 situation --- Support this podcast:
Aug 20, 2020
23 min
Clippers Mavericks instant reaction!!!
Always love seeing the clips go full clips. Playoff P in full effect tonight --- Support this podcast:
Aug 19, 2020
5 min
Lakers postgame loss to blazers
Stay tuned lakers unfiltered fans --- Support this podcast:
Aug 18, 2020
26 sec
Lakers lose to Portland
It’s one game...RELAX --- Support this podcast:
Aug 18, 2020
22 sec
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