Ku and the Gang Podcast
Ku and the Gang Podcast
Esther Ku
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As annoying a girl (and voice) as you can get. Fake & played out “funny”
Vince Bradford
Dear Esther,
Are you and the other Esther friends? You are both incredibly funny. Do you enjoy Bert Kreischer or Tony Turkey Hinchcliffe? Oh really...yeah, I do not like them either. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Ku, wya
She funny, show is lit. But Ku MIA, wya KU?
Gotta love her!
Funny stuff! A lovable little firecracker, Ku’s laugh will make you join right in.
Joey Joe Joe schabbadoo
Where are you?
I’d give it 5 stars if paid was consistent. We need more Ku!!
She’s funny and so cute!
I love Esther’s voice, her personality and her humor. She is a natural at interview as it always just sounds like a conversation. Her laugh makes me laugh, too. Love her! ❤️
Esther just is the best
Love her
Funny, Entertaining and informative
Esther is a great host and entertainer! I always enjoy her podcast and I learn about other comedians and interesting people through this podcast. I highly recommend it to any fan of comedy. Give it a try and I promise you’ll be a fan of Ku too!
Ku is so funny I love her laugh, And she deserves all the love and mangoes in the world! Kuuuuuuuuuu
New listener from Puerto Rico
La primera vez que te escuché fue cuando fuiste al podcast de tigerbelly and I remember thinking that you have the funniest laugh. Trabajo en la noche y estoy feliz porque ahora tengo algo bueno que escuchar ✌🏼
Love the Ku laugh!
I don’t know how I’m just now discovering Ku! But after listening to one episode I’m definitely a fan and I got to say I love the laugh!
Heard her on Joe Rogan and Norton and Sam thought I'd try this out. Just boring. Rickles and Lisa Lampanelli did her act better. She's so boring and enough of her self-hating Asian shtick. Also, can someone sit her down and tell her to stop laugh OVER her own punchlines. Comedy 101.
Came for the orgasms. Wonder where the went.
I came to this podcast cuz I heard she does the Big O at the end of the episodes. I know, crappy reason to listen to a podcast but "forget you" very much. Thing is, where the frik in the episodes are they? She told Bert Kreischer about it but it ain't even in that episode he was in or in any of the episodes that I was interested in. Pretty decent content though. Just not 3 star or above worthy.
Quirky and hilarious
Love this show. Discovered her on the Joe Rogan podcast and started following her.
Cringe and awesome.
It's fun when she brings comedians. when normal guest come it's super cringy and sometimes fun.
esther is the best
Ku, you are the best!
Oh my Ku!, and I love the music track! Salud!
Tigerbelly brought and I binged all day at work...super entertaining
Great podcast. Never boring. You will not be disappointed.
Was a lot better
Was a frequent listener for obvious reasons however now the show is not the same without that all sexy moaning.
The Kueen of Kings!
Could make Richard Pryor blush, then bust loose laughing! She goes deep, like the bowls she smokes, much like the audiences she packs then pokes. Supernatural humor perfected so every move, expression, inflection gets me. So freeing, and naturally funny, that comes with no effort. I could listen to you tell stories forever. One of the truly funniest people ever. Winning hearts faster than any can stop her. If you’re jaded to womens laughter, Ku’s the cure to what ails you. An angel sent straight from heaven, and she’s rubbing off. You’ll be wrapped around her little finger like the bookmarks she mentions. And if you’re not a sex addict, she can cure you of that too.
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Worst podcast ever. Boring.
I'm a ku-ger
I love this podcast. I listen at work and her laugh is totally infectious--and hysterical. I love that there's no structure to the podcast aside from poop. It leads to very interesting discussions between her and her guests. Also really enjoy because she brings on lesser known comedians that are great.
She's so funny and her laugh makes me want to stab my ear drums with a wet Q-tip.
Defecation Devotee
Ku likes poo, so she asks her guest on each podcast about their most recent bowel movement and describes hers as well. Ku also likes to touch herself. It may be more of a compulsion. Anyway, she'll moan your name for a small price during one of her multiple orgasms. She's trying to raise money for badly needed psychotherapy. You see, her parents and older brother were physically abusive. And she was raised in a cult! At present she tries to alleviate her emotional pain with weed. Ku needs to touch herself less and talk to her guests longer, but this is still the most entertaining podcast out there.
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Mojave Jones
I Love Ku And The Gang
Her guests provide fascinating windows to the world of comedy and entertainment. I also appreciate the educational value of their unique social perspectives. Her charming style comforts them and enables discourse. Then her unconventional questions (e.g. poo) disable standard responses and generate hilarious conversations. "Ku D'etat!"
A must-listen podcast
Esther tells hilarious stories, banters with comedians, and candidly explores charged topics like abuse and sex. She's funny, charming, and sincere. A must-listen!
Super Ku!
Esther has an infectious laugh and unafraid to ask the deep questions, always leaves me wanting for the next episode!
Ku rules
I'll admit I tuned in to her podcast to hear her do her thing in the end, but this has easily become one of the most enjoyable podcasts I listen to. She's funny, personable and puts herself out there.
Long Time listener
Been listening since the start. Hilarious. Reviewing at the request of The Machine.
Ku Grows & Grows on You
I first saw Esther Ku on @midnight and fell in love with her "theory of relativity" answer during the mugshot segment. Since then, I have grown to love her appearances with Doug Benson, her periscope broadcasts, instagram & twitter feeds, along with her song spoofs. Ku & the Gang, is one of the few podcasts i keep on all of my devices. She kicked if off in stellar fashion. The Yoshi episode is a must listen. To be honest, it warrants multiple podcast listens. The episodes that followed had their moments, but to be honest, Ku didn't fully hit her stride 4 months in when she interviewed Jessica Porter and then followed up with Richard Kline. Since then, she has offered up a lot of her own history, while never over-riding her guests. Her pacing and overall flow hit its stride 4 months in and from what I can tell with the most recent episodes there is no looking back. I am so glad I discovered her and will continue to follow her on social media and definitely keep listening to her Ku and the Gang podcasts. She is a gem.
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<3 Ku
Long time JRE listener. Now a ku and the gang listener. Love it
Love love love
Every episode makes me love Ku even more!
Amaze Balls!
Ku is an astonishingly underrated comedian and she is one of the sexiest and funniest out on the circuit.
Esther Ku is great!!😍
She is really funny and has a very sexy and infectious laugh. It gets me every time.
Don't ask people to leave reviews
It's in bad form and the orgasms sound scripted. whaaaaaat up!?
Such a great and funny show
Love the show it needs to be shared more so people make sure you play it to everybody you can
Ku is a crazy comedic outlaw. Her comedy is fresh, spunky, erotic, on point and extremely hilarious. This podcast is a must see experience, catch her comedic antics now and follow her rising star. Her comedy comes from an enter struggle with her experiences of childhood and puberty, you will learn about her demons in her podcasts and her periscope activity. She’s a bit screwed up but her comic genius comes from her life’s damages. She is cute, sweet at times but most of all side splitting funny. Rock on Ku we love you.
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Best ever
Love her laugh , I look forward every week
KU Rocks!
Let's get to 300!!
Ku rocks
Great podcasting & very entertaining, Ku breaks the mold and stereotypes of Asian American woman growing up in America !!!
Great podcast
Always funny great stories.
Reprimanded fan
Okay..Ku just did a periscope and expressed her disappointment that we are not doing reviews..and she had 500+ people listening in periscope. Seriously her podcast are really great to listen to and her topics range from the funny to insightful conversation with her comedian fellows and others. Plus she we will always have a happy ending!
Esther Ku my favorite comedian.
She has some of the best conversations with her guests. She definitely pushes the envelope. Good listen. Also the last 15 minutes are always interesting .... :)
Best podcast - caution its addictive
I love Esther Ku! She is funny, genuine, a great interviewer and a great story teller. Esther is very funny and has a unique perspective as a person. She is super positive and I want to listen to her everyday! The end of the podcast was an awesome surprise when I discovered it. I don’t think that you can find a podcast experience that is similar to this. Esther is doing her own thing and I love it!
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Big Ben 63
Ku rocks!!!
I came here for the orgasms but stuck around for the conversation -amazing podcast love Esther ku!!!
Download and subscribe
Learned about this podcast while watching Esther periscope. I've subscribed and this is the best. Great interviews and the ending of the podcast is the best part. Do it!!
Best Ending
Esther Ku is just delightful anyway but seriously the ending is the bomb. Must listen to the bed of the podcasts!
definitely worth a listen
Ku is smart and funny (and 420 friendly) as she talks with her guests. Topics range from the mundane to the sublime, but always start with poo... and she always leaves you with a happy ending...
Funny, sexy, honest and smart.
What more could anyone ask for. She has some very interesting guests and the discussions bounce all around the relevant topics and the irrelevant topics too. Just a great show with a great ending. Love her.
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