Known Pleasures
Known Pleasures
Gang Of Three
A sometimes wry look at the highly influential music that washed up in the seismic splash that was punk.
Known Pleasures Ep 45 - The B52s
While Athens in Greece gifted civilisation with democracy, science, philosophy, taxes, writing, and schools, Athens in Georgia gave the world Widespread Panic, REM and the subject of today’s podcast The B-52s. A frenetic drummer in strange glasses, a guitarist who clearly needed to add more strings to his bow, a lead singer who would shout and vociferate more than sing, and two bouffant-wearing female vocalists that sounded unlike anyone else. How was this a recipe for a successful New Wave band? Spotify Playlist: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: @pleasuresknown
Nov 15, 2023
47 min
Known Pleasures Ep 44 - Shriekback
Born of the fallout from two of post punk’s best, Shriekback had no right to be any good, because well, so-called supergroups rarely are. But Shriekback were better than good – at their best they were simply majestic, riding a wave of ideas and inspiration that left other 80’s pretenders flailing in their wake. In this episode we’ll attempt to hook, then land the fish below the ice that is Shriekback. Spotify Playlist: To purchase Shriekback music: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: @pleasuresknown
Sep 17, 2023
46 min
KnownPleasures Ep 43 - Rusty Egan/Visage Interview
Rusty Egan - former drummer with The Skids and The Rich Kids, founding member of Visage and DJ at The Blitz Club in London, sits down with us for a discussion on the post punk scene, the New Romantics and Club Culture in the early 80's. Rusty Egan's Mix Cloud page: Rusty Egan's Sound Cloud Page: The Known Pleasures YouTube page: The Known Pleasures Facebook page: The Known Pleasures Instagram Page:  Twitter: @pleasuresknown
Aug 12, 2023
53 min
Known Pleasures Flexidisc - New Toy
In our latest Flexidisc we discuss Lene Lovich's 1981 song New Toy.
Aug 2, 2023
13 min
Known Pleasures Flexidisc - Fade To Grey
In our latest Flexidisc we discuss the Synth Pop classic Fade To Grey by Visage.
Jul 14, 2023
10 min
Known Pleasures Ep 42 - Elvis Costello
During the mid-seventies, a group of angry young men sprang from the punk scene in London. They possessed a singer-songwriter sensibility, combined with an acerbic wit, lyrical acrobatics and melodies that would have made one or two Brill Building composers weep with envy. The three Musketeers leading the charge were Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, and the subject of this podcast, Elvis Costello. From 'My Aim Is True' to 'Get Happy!!' , Elvis Costello showed the world that songs about guilt and revenge could be infectious and inventive.  Spotify Playlist: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @pleasuresknown Known Pleasures Theme Song: Untitled Red - Ephemeral :
Jun 20, 2023
58 min
Known Pleasures Flexidisc - To Cut A Long Story Short
Here's our latest Flexidisc shortcast where we discuss Islington's finest Spandau Ballet and their debut single To Cut A Long Story Short.
Jun 1, 2023
11 min
Known Pleasures Flexidisc - I Ran
We here at the Known Pleasures Institute are producing short form podcasts to be delivered sporadically throughout the year in between our normal full length episodes. Here we discuss the synth pop classic I Ran by A Flock Of Seagulls.
May 1, 2023
13 min
Known Pleasures Ep 41 - U2
In 1988, U2 seemed to believe their roots lay with the Beatles, Hendrix, Billie Holliday and Bo Diddley. The album – and film – Rattle and Hum saw them referencing the above, as well as recording with Dylan, then BB King, at Sun Studio in Memphis. But where were their actual influences in this telling of the tale? The Rottens and Viciouses? The Curtises and Hooks? The Strummerses? Spotify Playlist: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @pleasuresknown Known Pleasures Theme Song: Untitled Red - Ephemeral :
Apr 5, 2023
56 min
Known Pleasures Ep 40 - The Specials
There was one particular genre that sprang from the post punk era that was all at once joyous, political, infectious, melodic, alternative and danceable. It was a revival of the '60s Ska Movement that became known in the UK as Two Tone. And in this multi cultural cafe, full of delectable delights and international flavours, we had the opportunity to taste a little Madness, try a little Selecter, indulge in the sweetness of The Beat and maybe order some Bodysnatchers to go. But before ordering anything on the Ska menu, it's always good to see The Specials. Spotify Playlist: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @pleasuresknown
Feb 2, 2023
53 min
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