Knot Too Taboo
Knot Too Taboo
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That’s it. Nothing to see here.
Slade is a deadbeat and a douche.
Take care of your son , Slade !!! You are ridiculous!! This podcast is terrible!!! I feel stupid for even listening to it. Lost many brain cells.
TETE Combs
The first five minutes into episode 41 had me in tears. I felt so moved and inspired to take action in my own life. Amazing episode and I’m so happy I found your podcast !!! Thank you for being you 💜
Love this podcast
I just listened and I am so in awe of the connection and transparency here. Thank you Gretchen for sharing your fertility journey & all of the highs & lows that accompany it. Instead of going inward in shame you share your journey and it helps so many. Hugs 💚
How are you feeling about the rules now?
Not following rules has resulted in so many deaths and illness- unnecessarily.
I just love y’all such a beautiful family you two are the meaning of true love
Just awful
If I could this a negative star I would. They couldn’t be anymore fake if they tried. If you need to get sick listen to this podcast
Fr Udhs d
Keep them coming!
I love your perspective and honesty. I can relate to your values and I appreciate the things you stand for. Side note, your sound quality is much better than other podcasts. Keep them coming!
Thank you!
You guys are amazing, love you so much! Thank you for being fearless in your faith and standing up for your beliefs!
Two authentic, loving, kind, honest people!!
You two are so refreshing!! You love your God, love your country and respect your President. I was soooo excited to hear you’re not of the whiney liberal mindset so many in your circle are a part of. You two have God in your souls and you both shine!! We love your beautiful, caring, and happy hearts. God has blessed you both. BTW: Never attempt to explain to the simple minded your belief system. Keep your eyes on the prize and let them wallow in their hatred. You two are winners!!
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I loved you on house wives so I decided to listen to your pod, haven’t missed the 1st show since you started, but today will be my last to listen!! Trump, really, I didn’t know an didn’t want to know your political view, I can’t believe y’all would even discuss this, if your for women like you said you was, you wouldn’t have anything nice to say about that man, really!! Unbelievably!! Just wow!
Connie Mcnease
Be honest and stop saying “you guys”. It’s phony. Please ease up on saying “legit” too.
Be honest.
I had my doubts on this podcast, but I was pleasantly surprised. Their chemistry is fantastic & their laugh is infectious. They are down to earth & real. I like how they are honest about their relationship, pasts, and the real story behind the Real Housewives franchise. I’m a subscriber! I enjoy the escape.
Your Mother’s Day
So your Mother’s Day commercial is old , this day has come and gone but y’all still advertise it the same way
Goofy and fun to listen to
A good listen when you want something fun and lighthearted
Slade needs to calm down
It appears his nervousness is causing him to act like a toddler; and he constantly jumps in with a a pre rehearsed joke. I feel for him!
bay area lady
Love it but..
Really love this podcast Gretchen and slade are hilarious together I feel like they need to get the intro a little better and maybe just calm down a bit and stop being so over the top it seems like they are a little nervous and wanna keep every second at a 10 hopefully they will settle in a little better and get more comfortable because they have a great way about them that makes listening fun
Thank you for this podcast! Gretchen and Slade are so authentic and entertaining. They always make me laugh and put a smile on my face during these difficult times. Plus, they’ve got lots of great guests and I can’t wait for more!
Fun, Witty & Dynamic!
Umm, who knew Gretchen & Slade were this funny? I am LIVING for the unfiltered banter & laughter this podcast brings! There’s a lot of depth, too! It’s clear Gretchen & Slade put their guests at ease because the conversations range from lighthearted to painful, sexy to serious, all with refreshing honesty.
Love this podcast!
Slade & Gretchen are great together on this podcast! You can tell how much they love each other and have fun together! I love hearing all their weekly stories about what is going on in their lives, and they ask such deep & thoughtful questions to their guests. Very engaging! Love tuning in every week guys! Great job guys
Great Podcast. It’s a hidden Gem
I just love this podcast. First off they have amazing guests. They are getting people I recognize from the Dr Phil show. Each episode is incredibly informative but light hearted and fun at the same time. I learn and I laugh and I just love them as a couple. Gretchen and Slade were meant to do this.
Gretchen and Slade are two of the most self absorbed people on earth. This podcast is awful and so are they.
Outstanding podcast!
These two are so real, raw, and FUNNY! I can’t get enough.
Great perspectives! I adore both Gretchen and Slade! Your past isn’t a life sentence. Love the advice and the products Gretchen endorses! I’d love to have your same vibe in my house! Your so happy! I can’t wait to hear more about that!
Why go there?
I’ve always been Team Gretchen but this is just sad. You and Tamra always start out swearing you don’t talk about the other and then immediately follow that with snarky/backhanded comments about the other. Literally FIVE minutes into your first episode. Aren’t you better than that? Do better.
These podcasts have me cracking up. The tea is too real. These two have a great dynamic together and always leaves me wanting to hear more from them. Definitely entertaining!!
Absolutely love you both!!
Game Circus 15
Best podcast
Very down to earth!!
This podcast is awesome! We miss you on RHOC and I hope one day you come back Love! Good luck with everything 💙
By far the best podcast in the game! What a great concept!
Really enjoyed this!!! You guys are so relatable and I look forward to more podcasts! Congratulations 👍😀
Congrats Gretch! Love you and Slade! Can’t wait for this!
Congrats Gretchen! As a friend, your stylist and overall fan haha, I’m so proud and happy for you guys! This is going to be amazing!! Can’t wait to listen!! - xox Ali
it’s pretty taboo
Please just go away
Another Bravo “star” trying to extend their 15 minutes. They’ve been off the show for years and have nothing relevant to add to current seasons except mean reflections on people they have no contact with. No just no 🙄
The Tamera Show
I knew exactly where this podcast would go and you didn’t disappoint. So happy you two chose to “rise above.” Don’t you have better things to do?
I loved your podcast! As a GiGi to my 3 beautiful grands I loved hearing about sleep training! My daughter did this with my grandson and granddaughter and they are amazing sleepers ( most of the time). They all go through stuff nothing is perfect. Lol I like you would never let them cry it out. !Its hard. But laying them down awake is the key to having them self sooth. Good luck with everything! Great podcast! Let’s move on to a Slade and Gretchen reality show! JK but maybe I’m not kidding! Lol
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Our favorite couple is back!
Yaaaay!!! My favorite RHOC couple EVER! I wish you guys could go back on RHOC now that THAT witch is gone. I dealt with someone EXACTLY like her and it feels like the world is against you, everyone hates you and that she is literally in your head. Please keep speaking about mean girls/narcissists. This is a REAL problem and deserves discussion. I quit watching after your last season. The way you both were treated was horrific. I love finally hearing you both speak about it and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. You two are SO funny and could do your own reality show and I’d watch. Don’t worry about what people flapping their gums say. You both have so much lighthearted energy and your honesty is refreshing. Thank you! 🙏🏼❤️
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Love Gretchen and Slade!
I’ve missed you two and am elated that can hear those real, honest, and sweet voices again!
Beverly Hebert
Favorite couple
One of my favorite couples. So real , so genuine and loving. Both have been through so much in their lives and so well versed in all realms and walks of life. Love that they are so full of life, love. and faith. Excited to listen to your podcasts!
Long over due! Can’t wait to hear more.
Raw, real, and honest! My new favorite pod cast!💋❤️
So cute!
OMG, you guys are too cute! Love you ♥️💙
Congratulations on your precious baby girl and your new Podcast! Such an exciting time in life! Looking forward to hearing and following along! Thank you & Slade for sharing a little of your life with all of us 😘
It’s Time
Gretchen and Slade are wonderful, inspiring, sensitive, caring and open minded people who love life. They are the friends everyone needs in their life and now it’s possible with their new Podcast....Thank you Stage 29!
Love me some Gretchen and Slade
These guys are hilarious. I watched them on RHOC years ago and have followed Gretchen since then. Can’t wait to hear their dynamic in the podcast!!
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