Knot Too Taboo
Knot Too Taboo
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Gretchen and Slade talk money with financial expert Rachel Cruze
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Jan 6, 2021 at 12:05 am.
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On this episode of Knot Too Taboo, Gretchen and Slade have a compelling conversation with money expert, NY Times bestselling author of Know Yourself, Know Your Money, and daughter of financial guru Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze. Gretchen and Slade open up about how they were raised in terms of money, how it impacted them and what they value now. Gretchen shares her past obsession with material things and how her outlook has changed and Slade admits to being the spender in the pair. The two share the drastic decision they made in terms of their personal finances and what the impact was on their life. Learn from Rachel about why she has been on “commission” since age 5, what the four money classrooms are and how they can help you and why she says anyone can get out of debt in 18-24 months. Rachel Cruze shares tips and insights from her book with Gretchen and Slade about getting to the root of your relationship with money so you can get a handle on your finances and achieve your dreams. Purchase Rachel Cruze’s book Know Yourself, Know Your Money at

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