Kirby and Carlson
Kirby and Carlson
Talk Radio 570 KVI
November 26, 2019
28 minutes Posted Nov 26, 2019 at 3:12 pm.
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Show notes
A Seattle muni judge is cleared of wrong doing after the convoluted complaint filed jointly by the city prosecutor and a public defender for being too harsh on a sentence of a man with over 70 criminal convictions including several unprovoked random violent attacks, the disposition of the complaint shows how the judge was in the wrong and the Seattle city attorney was wrong, it shows why Seattle's city attorney should be fired (or voted out), what's the impact of Tim Eyman deciding to run for governor as independent rather than Republican, reaction to current impeachment news transforms into a conversation about Russia and Chinas as US threats, a wholesale evaluation about the US role in the world in 2019, why Kirby and John are thankful this year.