Kirby and Carlson
Kirby and Carlson
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Longtime Seattle conservative talk show hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson team up to discuss local and national politics, news of the day, and pop culture.
August 21, 2020
Kirby Wilbur is back from Texas and back in the saddle! John and Kirby discuss their highlights of the Democratic National Convention and how can Joe Biden appeal to moderates? Plus a preview of next week's Republican National Convention and they'd like to see
Aug 21, 2020
24 min
April 9, 2020
KVI's morning host (John Carlson) and afternoon drive host (Kirby Wilbur) rejoin forces to talk about the most pressing issues in the news: why its time to re-open parts of the local/national economy, secondary effects of the economic paralysis, balancing public health with the economy, narrow perspective of public health officials, how the news media distorts public perception of the public health and economy duality, three suggestions on re-opening parts of the economy staring this coming Monday, how COVID-19 will solely define the presidential and WA gubernatorial election campaigns all through November.
Apr 9, 2020
36 min
March 16, 2020
Corona virus COVID-19 push back put in perspective, the dichotomy on social media about the 'Coronapocalypse' on one side and then the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 economic collapse will take down Trump's presidency, the uncertainty of a new strain of virus when there's no known vaccine, a WSJ columnist writes that COVID-19 can't spread if you're at home, an Evergreen Hospital ER doc is in ICU on a ventilator after treating an early patient who became COVID-19 positive, this ER doc's case shows that younger and relatively healthier people can contract COVID-19 with severe symptoms, a Kirby listener chided him for peddling panic as he discussed COVID-19 news last week, Germany has pulled a 180-degree turn on border security with the rise of the COVID-19 threat, where American's focus should be on COVID-19 instead of trying to score political points, why the economy will bounce back due to pent up demand, where to focus the debate regarding economic or government stimulus during COVID-19,
Mar 16, 2020
13 min
March 11, 2020
Michael Bloomberg was surprisingly popular with WA voters, with Bernie Sanders slipping out of contention to Joe Biden we're going to miss out on our head-to-head debate about socialism vs. capitalism (Sanders vs. Trump), so with Biden Vs. Trump its gonna devolve into Ukraine/Burisma/Hunter Biden and it will be vicious between them, one of Bernie's former Senate colleagues says his 2016 popularity wasn't so much about the popularity of socialism as it was about voters being anti-Hillary, why likability is almost always a deciding factor above issues in American politics, Gov. Jay Inslee just officially announced his public gathering ban to slow Coronavirus spread, Kirby gives a nuanced answer to Inslee's push for a public gathering ban because he sees the importance of public health safety, Inslee's ban could be the death knell for several Seattle restaurants because three such restaurants closed earlier this week due to latest business downturn connected to Seattle's city council regulations ($15 min. wage, advanced scheduling, paid sick leave rules) and the Coronavirus slowdown, the Seattle Times recommends board games to play if you're Coronavirus quarantined and the suggestions are unintentionally funny, what Kirby and John think any federal stimulus intervention should look like to address Coronavirus.
Mar 11, 2020
20 min
March 3, 2020
Joe Biden's campaign rally brain cramp about a famous line from The Declaration Of Independence, Coronavirus: will this be the worst of it or will it get worse in WA, the risk factors for Coronavirus show that there's no reason to panic, a prediction on which high profile Democrat will drop out of the presidential race when Super Tuesday results are announced tonight, this year's Super Tuesday contest shows why early voting on primaries should be banned (because a lot of people's votes are going to be wasted as several candidates pulled out in the last few days), Michael Bloomberg's only life line to stay in the race.
Mar 3, 2020
14 min
February 27, 2020
The Bernie Sanders candidacy raises the question if democracy and socialism are compatible, how Kirby and John disagree on next month's Washington Democratic primary and the possibility that Bernie Sanders will win the state, new poll says 22% of Washington Democratic primary voters are still undecided, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg are #1 and #2 in this new poll, (edit out 14:20 light and dark comment), the critical change Kirby would make to the WA Primary ballot envelopes about why your party affiliation is marked on the outside of the envelope, insuring that your WA primary ballot counts when you mark your party preference on the outside ballot.
Feb 27, 2020
18 min
February 20, 2020
John & Kirby share their analysis and commentary on last night's Nevada Democratic Debates. Plus, the guys talk about John Tierney's article in WSJ about plastic bags as evidence mounts that banning plastic is both a waste of money and harmful to the environment. But the moral panic persists...
Feb 20, 2020
20 min
February 13, 2020
Are John and Kirby considering turning "Democrat for a day" and voting during the Washington primary? Tim Eyman has announced that he'll be running for governor as a Republican instead of an independent - what does that mean? Plus John shares stories from his run for governor and Kirby has advice for Phil Fortunato, Joshua Freed, and other Republican candidates in the upcoming race.
Feb 13, 2020
17 min
February 6, 2020
The Iowa Caucuses still have not completely reported their results! John and Kirby tee off on the Democrats and where they can possibly go from here.
Feb 6, 2020
20 min
Steak of the Union 2020: Live from Daniel's Broiler
John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur provide reaction and commentary on President Trump's State of the Union address, along with listener questions, LIVE from our annual "Steak of the Union" event at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue!
Feb 4, 2020
32 min
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