King Size/Fun Size
King Size/Fun Size
Patrick Broe
An unlikely pairing of best friends from college speaking from the hip on the crazy world we live in.
Ep. #2: The Dawg Pound Reunites (Feat. Jorgen Erickson, Jarod Schyvinch, and Darius Manuel)
A reuniting of old friends. A recreation of the Winona Radio show the "Friday Afternoon Block Party". Nonstop laughter and hot debates to the very end.  
Sep 19, 2020
1 hr 57 min
#1: Rough Draft
On the first episode of the show Corrie and Pat take a step back and review their friendship and take time to analyze what has happened to the world since the last time they shared the airwaves. 
Sep 12, 2020
1 hr 1 min