King of the Ride
King of the Ride
Ted King
Welcome to King of the Ride, hosted by Ted King. A professional road racer turned gravel, I sometimes win bike races, but more than anything it‘s the gravel community that makes me happy. Slinging maple syrup, leading rides, hosting camps, and just enjoying life on two wheels, I now have the chance to chat with athletes, entrepreneurs, and all walks-of-life who love the bicycle. Hop on board and please enjoy the ride!
Episode 115: Anna Greetis -- Professional Race Technician at SRAM
Anna Greetis is always on her toes. She looks after seemingly anything resembling a road bike, gravel bike, or cyclocross bike here in America for SRAM athletes, and then still has time to head off to Europe for some of the biggest bike races in the world. Anna is an all-star as she's helped keep my fleet of bikes in tip top shape for years now and does it all with a genuine smile and easy conversation. We cover her globetrotting schedule, her entry into the sport, the hurdles of being a female mechanic in a male-dominated profession, and an optimistic look at the future of a more welcoming cycling. We caught up at SBTGRVL amid her whirlwind travels before jetting off to the next one! Please visit www.drinkAG1/tedking to get those 5 free travel packs plus a one year's supply of vitamin D. You need vitamin D, so why not get it for free, right?
Aug 23, 2023
1 hr 1 min
Episode 114: Ryan Standish -- Go Fast, Be Chill
There are many chapters to Ryan Standish's path through cycling, but beginning in Australia at the age of two straight up through the present, there are a book full of anecdotes along the way. From the pursuit of Olympic mountain bike dreams to a shot at the World Tour to the current ambiguous endurance off-road scene, Ryan mixes his passion for cycling with close-to-the-heart interest in giving back with his fledgeling company, Rocket Sloth. Check that out at Visit to try out AG1
Jul 28, 2023
1 hr 19 min
Episode 113: Roger Brown and his annual UnBound Recap
Roger Brown has four bike races under his belt. He's raced Unbound 200 twice, some random race in college that he discusses today, and now the Unbound XL! Admittedly, neither Roger nor Ted finished the XL, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come without stories. Drop in on these two friends catching up on an epic overnight in Kansas. Use code "podcast" at to get some handy savings on all UnTapped active nutrition! And visit to finally try out AG1!
Jul 17, 2023
1 hr 18 min
Episode 112: My Tour Divide Recap with guest host Rebecca Rusch
The Tour Divide didn't go my way, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything. I had hours and HOURS of alone time to ponder everything under the sun -- before, during, and after my race -- and it was fun to condense it and talk about it here with the one and only Rebecca Rusch. If you're curious about my packing list, please check that out here,   And don't forget to give AG1 a try, visit
Jun 27, 2023
1 hr 25 min
Episode 111: Lael Wilcox and the 2023 Tour Divide
On the eve of Tour Divide, I thought it would be wise to talk to the friendliest character in bikepacking, Lael Wilcox. We caught up with Lael on her ride TO THE START of the Tour Divide, as she rides from Tucson, Arizona to Banff, Alberta, Canada. There are loads of questions on my mind as it seems like this event is intentionally cryptic. For example, the Tour Divide is a ride along the Continental Divide Trail... which is also called the Great Divide... which starts in Banff... unless you consider the start in Jasper, Alberta... and the route usually stays the same... but sometimes changes year to year? I'll be relying on Athletic Greens to seek daily nutrition thanks to AG1 all throughout my ride. If you're interested in trying Athletic Greens visit to get on the fast track to simplified nutrition!
Jun 7, 2023
1 hr 8 min
Episode 110: Paige Onweller -- Professional Cyclist
Paige Onweller stamped her name as a contender in the gravel scene by winning Big Sugar 2022. Lots of podiums and top 10 results also live on her palmares, despite a very short list of total races that she's ever done. Given her greater life story of selling her house, buying a van, and pressing pause on her career as a PA makes her transition to gravel all the more impressive.  Visit and pick up those 5 free travel packs!
May 30, 2023
1 hr 2 min
Episode 109: Ivar Slik -- Unbound Gravel 2022 Winner
What's path to victory look like in the hotly contested 2022 Unbound 200? That's what I set out to find out with our guest Ivar Slik. Ivar is a member of the Dutch Mafia, as amalgamated by Laurens Ten Dam and his introduction to his Dutch countrymen (and women) to the American gravel scene. Although Ivar's name is forever tagged to the win in the most storied gravel race of them all, he's been dabbling in the scene for years, and boasts a lengthy list of palmares prior to that. Like winning the sprint jersey at Tour of Turkey. Finishing second in the Netherland junior national championships. He rode a stagiere year with Belkin and was part of the hallowed Rabobank development team. Follow Ivar at @ivar.slik And help improve your day with a daily dose of Athletic Greens. Just visit and you'll earn an annual supply of vitamin D and 5 free travel packs.
May 20, 2023
1 hr
Episode 108: Cole Paton -- Just a mountain biker that races gravel
Cole Paton is one of the good guys. He happens to be one of the good guys who's off to a screaming start to 2023. With international wins to his name this spring, second at Whiskey Offroad, and sitting third overall at the Life Time Grand Prix, we're hearing his name a lot and should expect to see him near or at the top of the podium for many years to come. Follow Cole at @colepaton And give yourself the same daily boost of nutrition that I do with AG1 by Athletic Greens. Visit
May 6, 2023
49 min
Episode 107: Russell Finsterwald -- Professional Cyclist
Russell Finsterwald is our guest today. Professional mountain biker, crusher on a gravel bike, Russell wrapped up 2022 in third place in the Life Time Grand Prix and is looking for more this season. With a big year ahead, I wanted to check in to hear more from Russell, his background and history, plus his goals and ambitions for 2023 and more. Don't forget to get your FREE flask at just by adding a bottle of bulk UnTapped then inputting the code KOTR. Also for your five free travel packs plus a year's supply of vitamin D from Athletic Greens by visiting
Apr 17, 2023
57 min
Episode 106: Nicolas Roche -- Neo Gravel Pro, Veteran Pro Roadie
Nicolas Roche is a pro's pro. This long time Irish born, French raised, global savvy individual has a lengthy list of impressive results. Twice finishing in the top ten of the Vuelta a España, Nico is a two time Irish national champion, and represented Ireland at the UCI road world championships seven times, the Olympics once, and just recently at the inaugural UCI gravel world champs.  He's got a heck of a lot going on, so I'm pleased as punch to have carved out the time in Oklahoma at MidSouth for this chat. Clearly there's room for another couple hours of conversation, hopefully later this year. To start your day off right, try AG1 by Athletic Greens simply by visiting
Apr 6, 2023
37 min
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