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Hosted by Hollywood producer and political media strategist Ben Mathis, KickAss News is a twice weekly podcast that features the most interesting personalities and thought leaders in politics, entertainment, tech, business, science, and more. Enjoy the podcast? Then please support the show and help keep us on the air by making a donation to our GoFundMe campaign at Another way you can support the show is to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review on iTunes to help keep us ranking strong on the top podcasts charts. For more information visit Thanks for listening!
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Constructive criticism
This is one of my favorite podcasts. There are many great guests, and Ben always has informed, thoughtful questions. My only suggestion is a simple one: Less intro and more interview.
Sideshow Tom
This is great.
This is fantastic podcast! The host is always very well-informed and asks the questions I would want to know of his fascinating guests.
Jada sons
More like Kickass Snooze, amiright?
Just kidding. Mathis is a pretty good interviewer. It's a good show--nothing groundbreaking or unmissable. But man, could it possibly have a more inapt name? It's anything but kickass--so sleepy it makes Teri Gross sound like Jim Cramer. And it's not news! There's very little timely or news-worthy--good interviews with interesting people, which is something I like, but it ain't news.
I do like kickass news
And I found this podcast through Community News with Paul and Sasha podcast. I wish you would have them on your show and think you’re the interviewer who could get to the bottom of who they really are. Would be funny and interesting at least. I like the variety of guests you have.
Great interviews
I never miss an episode.
One of the best and smartest podcasts with top interviewer and guests
As above 👍👏
Awesome about Houdini
This was by far my favorite!
how did i miss this one
Fake News
Lacking in facts, unsubstantiated leftist propaganda. Research everything this show says for yourself before believing it.
Absolutely wonderful!
Great people, topics and interviews. Informative, educational and surprising personality reveals of many prominent people. And the little jingle gets stuck in my head :) thank you!!!
Blu Peace
High quality but gives a platform to the wrong people
This podcast escapes the 1 star review because it's done well. The production and I review quality is good, and it's hard to argue that. The awful part is that it gives blatant, proud racists like Steve King a platform. I'm all for listening to conservatives on occasion to mix it up and break the echo chamber. But I have ZERO interest in listening to lies about how Islam has always been radicalized and segregation isn't actually inherently racist etc. etc.
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Jimmy Davidson
Unsubscribed after Michael Wolfe
This is supposed to be kickass news, not Kickass fake news. Michael Wolfe made up everything in his book and had Mueller come out and refute everything. Even the most unreputable networks wouldn’t touch Wolfe after his last book, but not Kickass. Pathetic.
The best interview podcast out there!
I've been a subscriber for a few months. I just listened to the interviews with Bill Hader and David McCullough and felt compelled to finally leave Kickass a review. This is probably the best interview podcast there is. He always gets a well-rounded group of guests, he asks smart questions, and it's just the right length. Not too long, not too short. Big fan and I really recommend it to any first-timers!
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Good variety
Good variety of interviews that focus a lot on Politics but not exclusively.
Really Like It
Great variety of guests and quality interviews. I listen to each episode as they come out.
Mr. Somethingorother
Great again
Great episode once again.........
Important topic
Really impressed with this! Can't wait to hear the new episodes as they come soon.
Full of great content
Great Podcast that plays to the strengths of both of the Podcast and it's host.
Interesting and enjoyable
Really enjoyed this Podcast and style of conversational interview. Looking forward to future episodes.
Great one
Excellent one obviously and good production quality too. Must subscribe.......
Particularly liked latest episode.
A great listen.........
Super guests
I really liked the way the host compared notes with his guests. The show felt relatable.
Sofia Btold
The real deal
He is smart, knowledgeable, experienced and thoughtful. His deep background in technology, work life and culture makes him a super choice for host for this Podcast.
Mamun TK007
Insightful, humorous, smart, and candid interviews.
I love this podcast and Ben’s interviewing style. It’s refreshing and the quality of the people he brings to the table every week. Great job and keep it going!
New England Fan!
Everything is so interesting
I am constantly surprised by the wide array of guests and how interesting the show is on subjects I doubted I would enjoy.
Lester Burnam
Trump Bashing
Another uninformed kid who trust everything CNN tells him.
Not a bad interviewer but some guests are better than others. The Greg Gutfeld interview was a complete waste of my time.
Great guest...
but not a fan of the host.
Great questions, great interviews
Really in depth perspectives and interviews, it’s a baller podcast.
Too biased
Recently listened to the Rob Reiner podcast, he made counter factual statements regarding the President and the run up to the War in Iraq and you did not push him on them.
Rogue Investor
Excellent in so many ways
There seem to be some people on here leaving bad reviews on here just because the host had criticized Trump. Makes me wonder if these are some of Trump's Russian trolls. I think this podcast is one of the very best and the host is very fair. He has even had several Trump supporters/campaign staffers on the show, but he doesn't just lay down and accept blatant lies from Donald Trump and the alt right. That's what I respect about him. He is very well-rounded, has wonderful guests, and digs deeper than a lot of interviews. He also covers a wide range of interests which I appreciate very much. Two thumbs up for Kickass News!!
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Another lefty propaganda fest
All the lefty propaganda that even CNN and Maddow won’t even touch
Never Trump
This is fine for entertainment but for politics not so. Just because Trump is an awful person, it doesn’t mean that all his opponents are virtuous. Re Michael Hayden interview. It’s far too amiable- no mention about the disturbing recent questions about intelligence community. Obama/CIA epic fail on Russia and sneering attitude to Mitt Romney are glossed over. If you’re going to have political figures then ask real questions not softballs to help sell books.
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A program with declining content
I was a faithful subscriber to this podcast since it was Kickass Politics. I appreciated the change from all politics to news. However, the programs that have been produced since the beginning of 2018, have been continually less and less interesting. I can only hope that Ben Mathis gets his program back on track but right now the content isn’t worth the investment in time.
Left wing bias gets old
I listened to many, many episodes. There was always an interesting approach or concept presented that kept me coming back. Thank you for that. However, I could never get past the irritation from the obvious left wing bias. The episode with Jennifer Palmierie finally pushed me away. I’m sorry your preferred candidate lost the election. I don’t think it was because she was a woman. I think it’s because she represented ideas and values that a large number of Americans, outside of the media, find offensive.
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Yuk! Yuk!
Comedy, for me, just doesn’t mix with news, history, philosophy or advocacy. So in all fairness I just avoid those pods; but it appears there’s a good bit of programming here (which I will forego) that avoids the comedic bungle, the idiot sting of the nabob, and to me it’s wasted.
It's about time there was a podcast that digs a little deeper than just shallow surface interviews. I get the sense that the interviewer actually thinks about questions and wants to a more nuanced sense of his guests and their experience. Doesn't seem like he's just working off some notes. He reallys seeks to understand. I find that rare and very special about Kickass News. Thank you.
One of the best podcasts around
Kickass News really is one of the best podcasts around, and I think it has to be my favorite interview show of all. Great stuff. Keep doing what you do! Big fan!
Softball interviewer
Host doesn't challenge guests with any question remotely uncomfortable. Simply reinforces each guest's ideas back to them.
Poor content spam
Low low aulity programming
One of my favorite podcasts
I always enjoy hearing the diverse guests Ben has on this show.
How on earth is this podcast always in Apple's Top 10?
There are hundreds (if not thousands) of podcasts interviewing the same people featured here and doing a much better job of it than Kickass News. The idiotic name says it all.
Ben Mathis is the real National Treasure
I have never written a review for a podcast, but I need for Ben Mathis to be heard, and if rating and reviewing his show gets that accomplished, then let’s do this! I’ve listened to Kickass News for quite some time, and always have enjoyed Ben’s interview style, so why not review the podcast (you may be asking), and I just don’t do reviews despite the constant request by all podcasters, but today’s David Frum episode made me actually sit up straight, and then slide the bar back to listen again, and then tweet about the awesomeness that is Ben Mathis, so yeah, it was a great episode. And here is why: Ben doesn’t tiptoe, and I knew that, but today he didn’t tiptoe around the thing that ALL journos and reporters have been tiptoeing around since November 2016; this country’s ignorance. I remember the Sunday after the election watching Chuck Todd look uneasy after saying the percentage of “uneducated whites” that had voted for Trump, and he went into a dialogue of why he felt wrong saying that, and then (catastrophically, in my opinion) switched it to “non-college educated whites”, and I recall yelling into the abyss because this is not going to help us. As Ben says, dancing around this fact is incompetence. Critical thinking is necessary to a democracy—or an attempt at democracy—and it is not at all a kindness to just shake our heads at ignorance or label it as economic anxiety. Anyway...if you want to listen to a kingpin in the journalism world, subscribe to Kickass News, and if you’re so moved, please rate and review *wink wink*.
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The smartest host in podcasting
I am completely blown away with the guests you've gotten over the past year. Your the only show that bridges a lot of different areas from politics to film, science to business with top tier guests in all of their fields. I'm even more impressed by how well-versed the host Ben Mathis is on every conceivable topic. I highly recommend Kickass News to anyone.
Episode following the SOTU was abominable
Episode following the SOTU was abominable. More leftist drivel. Checked out other reviews - wondered if I’d entered the Twilight Zone because most were slamming the podcast for conservative reporting. The one I listened to was unabashed leftist chuckling and agreeing that President Trump is the most racist & corrupt swamp monster of all. I’ll listen to a couple more - this might be an outlier - but I won’t waste much time if it continues with leftist apologetics
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Best all-around podcast by far
I've loved this podcast for it's diversity of guests and viewpoints and the host's intelligence and fairness. I've seen a couple of strange one star reviews on here that accuse the host of being right-wing, but I don't think they've ever listened because I think he's the opposite. Ben seems very middle of the road a fair to guests on both sides. If anything I think he leans more independent or to the left. He's against Trump so that scores him points in my book. When he has political guests on, he seems to provide a safe place for guests to share a diverse range of opinions. Even when he doesn't agree with them, he is always respectful and thoughtful. That is something that is desperately lacking in our society right now, and so I think Ben Mathis and Kickass News are doing a great service with this show.
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Smartest podcast there is
I have been listening for a year or so and I've yet to find a dud episode. It is so refreshing to listen to a podcast host who actually reads the guest's book and takes the time to do his homework and come up with thought-provoking questions that dig deeper than the usual chat shows. I especially enjoyed his recent podcasts with Judd Apatow, George Shultz, Ridley Scott, and Daniel Ellsberg. Those would be great ones to start with if you're new to this podcast. Great work.
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If you’re trying to break out of the conservative echo chamber, this is not the podcast for you. I was hoping for a more nuanced take on conservative views. Disappointing given the positive reviews.
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