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Our first team retreat (Ep. 51)
Things have been busy here at Arrows HQ, but we made time to get the team together for the first time. Most of us had never met each other before. On this episode, we have Kim and Matt on discuss the experience of organizing and attending our team retreat.
Mar 15, 2022
22 min
It takes a team to create Happy Customers (Ep. 50)
Arrows is launching its second podcast today, called Happy Customers. So we have Stuart Balcombe on the show, the host of Happy Customers and the head of product marketing at Arrows. We talk about why we're launching a podcast, what the goal of the podcast is, and some tips he learned after creating multiple podcasts now. Please subscribe to Happy Customers!
Jan 18, 2022
20 min
Launching our ebook, with Shareil Nariman (Ep. 49)
We're joined this week by the first Arrows employee, Shareil Nariman. Last week we launched the ebook that was written by Shareil, and it was a smashing success. Much better than we'd expected. Shareil tells us what it was like to write the book, and we talk about the strategy of writing it. You can find the ebook here: Email if you have any thoughts!
Nov 16, 2021
26 min
Var Talk with Justin Duke (Ep. 48)
Today we're joined by our friend (and Arrows angel investor) Justin Duke. We talk about building Arrows, how we try to balance building features vs foundations, and what we get anxious about when prioritizing features. Justin is a super talented developer who runs Buttondown and Spoonbill on the side of being an engineering manager at Stripe.
Nov 9, 2021
42 min
Why we need a product marketer (Ep. 47)
We've always cared about marketing at, and really think it's critical to our success. But we've never had a full-time marketer who can help us really excel at everything we're doing. In this episode we run through a lot of the things we're doing from a marketing angle and why we think a full-time marketer will help us out.
Nov 2, 2021
15 min
Letting an employee go for the first time (Ep. 46)
We recently realized one of our early employees was in the wrong role in the wrong environment for them. Neither of us was happy. So what do we do to fix it? How do we communicate it to them? To the rest of the team? Come hear our thoughts.
Oct 20, 2021
15 min
Ben Orenstein asks us hard questions (Ep. 45)
Today our internet friend and listener of the podcast, Ben Orenstein (CEO of, asks us questions he wished we talked about on Keep Going. He asks why we chose to take VC funding, what our equity breakdown is, what the biggest thing we need to focus on is, and more. This one is long but good! Ben's company: Ben's twitter:
Sep 21, 2021
38 min
Everybody's one big thing (Ep. 44)
After a couple of weeks off, we discuss why "working in bets" feels like it's not working for us as well as it used to when we were smaller... and how we're trying to focus everybody on the team around their own One Big Thing.
Sep 14, 2021
16 min
Everything is a funnel (Ep. 43)
This week we talk about all of the Arrows funnels and the tools we use to organize them... our sales funnel, our marketing funnel, and our product development "funnel".
Aug 24, 2021
15 min
Impossible for every employee to know everything (Ep. 42)
Growing the team brings new challenges that we hadn't expected. How do we stay open and allow people to be involved in decision-making while still staying focused?
Aug 17, 2021
10 min
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