Keep Going... with
Keep Going... with
Daniel Zarick & Benedict Fritz
Behind-the-scenes look at two friends building a bootstrapped SaaS startup. Find out more about Arrows at
Getting people to follow through after demos (Ep. 33)
We're trying some new things with demos and how we encourage people to take the next steps at the end. We also discuss our new features that we built on the fly for a trial customer.
Apr 6
15 min
Gaining momentum again (Ep. 32)
After a slow week or two post-launch, we've starting to build up our momentum again.
Mar 30
13 min
Feeling the post-launch grind (Ep. 31)
This week we're really feeling the post-launch grind... website traffic and new trials are settling down to their new baseline and there's just a lot of work ahead of us. We detail how the launch trials went, what content and marketing we're testing and more.
Mar 23
11 min
Post-launch report, Friends of Arrows, & what's next (Ep. 30)
We do a full update on all of our launch numbers (tweet impressions, website pageviews, free trials started, paid conversions). We give some details on our "Friends of Arrows" launch strategy. We discuss why the content series we planned to launch today didn't feel right. And finally, we detail our plans for post-launch.
Mar 16
14 min
Today is launch day (Ep. 29)
Our launch went really, really well. This episode is two guys who are tired trying to make sense of it all. And actually... the numbers end up really out-of-date even by the time we edited the episode! We also discuss: launch day is only the start, not the end, so what's next?
Mar 9
13 min
Adding a free trial & final week before launch (Ep. 28)
We've committed to adding a free trial and actually... it's already built! We also cover how we're adding educational videos to our onboarding process. And overall just covering the last few things we need to do before... 🥁 we launch next week!
Mar 2
13 min
Church of Bedazzled (Ep. 27)
Daniel delivers some lessons from the 2000 Brendan Fraser movie, Bedazzled. Benedict discusses naming concerns as they relate to the API. And together we discuss free trials as we gear up for a launch.
Feb 22
15 min
How are you feeling? (Ep 26)
Since we're planning to launch Arrows soon, we decided to check in with each other to see how we're feeling about everything. Benedict woke up in the middle of the night worried that we hadn't launched and mentions some surprising feelings about it all.
Feb 16
16 min
The OMG moment (Ep. 25)
This week was busy! We had a lot of customer demos, received some great feedback, and work on the API/Zapier launch is super close. And finally..... Daniel is almost finished with the new website. But at least some people have seen it now.
Feb 8
13 min
Call me maybe (Ep. 24)
The new website has a progress update, the API+Zapier integration has a more defined structure, and we both recount the calls we had this week.
Feb 1
13 min
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