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Keep Going... with
Daniel Zarick & Benedict Fritz
Behind-the-scenes look at two friends building a SaaS startup. Find out more about Arrows at
Letting an employee go for the first time (Ep. 46)
We recently realized one of our early employees was in the wrong role in the wrong environment for them. Neither of us was happy. So what do we do to fix it? How do we communicate it to them? To the rest of the team? Come hear our thoughts.
Oct 20
15 min
Ben Orenstein asks us hard questions (Ep. 45)
Today our internet friend and listener of the podcast, Ben Orenstein (CEO of, asks us questions he wished we talked about on Keep Going. He asks why we chose to take VC funding, what our equity breakdown is, what the biggest thing we need to focus on is, and more. This one is long but good! Ben's company: Ben's twitter:
Sep 21
38 min
Everybody's one big thing (Ep. 44)
After a couple of weeks off, we discuss why "working in bets" feels like it's not working for us as well as it used to when we were smaller... and how we're trying to focus everybody on the team around their own One Big Thing.
Sep 14
16 min
Everything is a funnel (Ep. 43)
This week we talk about all of the Arrows funnels and the tools we use to organize them... our sales funnel, our marketing funnel, and our product development "funnel".
Aug 24
15 min
Impossible for every employee to know everything (Ep. 42)
Growing the team brings new challenges that we hadn't expected. How do we stay open and allow people to be involved in decision-making while still staying focused?
Aug 17
10 min
How do we build the product we want? (Ep. 41)
Arrows has two new engineers starting next week. So we discuss how we're preparing for them to join by getting our plans together for the next big iterations of the product.
Aug 11
14 min
We spent thousands of dollars on a PR consultant (Ep. 40)
This episode is an interview with Kathy Osborne, founder of Kamel PR, who we worked with to do PR for our seed funding announcement. We talk about how we got connected, why we decided to spend money to hire a PR consultant, and more. To be honest, when we first took funding we assumed we'd do all the press ourselves. Oh boy, were we wrong... Working with Kathy was fantastic and helped us get great results from our announcement. We'd do it all over again.
Aug 5
15 min
We finally hired developers 🎉 Plus, our new sales pipeline (Ep. 39)
In a surprisingly fast turn of events, we hired 2 developers since the last episode! We talk about how that happened, how we structured our take-home project, and more.
Jul 27
12 min
New employees & new challenges (Ep. 38)
As of today, we now have 5 employees at Arrows, and we still have a few more to come ( This week we talk about this process and the new challenges we're experiencing as we scale.
Jul 20
11 min
Hiring our first team members (Ep. 37)
Now that we've raised some funding, we can afford to hire a few people to join Arrows sooner than we expected. We dive into how that's going and what that means for the next few months.
Jul 8
11 min
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