Just Hands Poker
Just Hands Poker
Jackson Laskey, James Bilderbeck
Through the Just Hands Podcast, we aim to give listeners an opportunity to hear how high level players discuss a hand of poker. By hearing us discuss all of the elements that go into poker decision making, players will gain insights into cash game strategy and acquire the necessary tools to analyze leaks in their own playing. Ultimately, we hope to create or sustain a lifelong love for and ability to win at poker in each of our listeners.
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A Great Poker Podcast
I’m a big fan of the succinct review of action and potential action across an entire range instead of from within the range. Keep up the great work!
Great poker podcast
I love the level of detail they go into. Best poker podcast I’ve come across.
Tim W (MI)
“He has like stubble on his face”... no, that would be the same as “he has similar too stubble on his face.” “He has stubble on his face.” See how simple that is?? I listened for 10 minutes and lost count after the 115th the word like was uttered out of context. I have no doubt that you have good strategy, but it’s unlistenable!
This is such a helpful podcast. The hosts do a great job of dissecting hands and explaining high level thought process. This show has really helped me improve my game.
Excellent Podcast
Fun and thoughtful strategy podcast, in depth discussion, offering a current climate of successful play at the low-mid stakes. Tough to find this kind of content about live play anymore, this one’s a gem.
Alex Donofrio
One of the best poker podcasts
I really enjoy this podcast. Enjoy the format since it heavily focus a on hand analysis. Keep up the thorough hand reviews and keep the podcast coming.
Annoying Banter
I have only been subscribed for about 5 or 6 episodes and am still evaluating whether to keep this in my playlist. I am a recreational poker player and a poker podcast and book enthusiast. I feel like Zach and Jack are always guessing their way through a poker hand until they reach a consensus with each other, often not challenging each other. The high-browed tone of voice they use is often irritating. I will try to get through these barriers to see if I can benefit from the content, but for now this one is at the bottom of my large number of poker podcast subscriptions.
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Austin B Luffs
My favorite poker pod!
These guys are better than any of the other pods out there on poker IMO. They do a great job of stopping at the important decision points and keeping things moving without complexly beating a dead horse and overdoing it. Also, I like how a lot of times, Zach & Jack don’t always agree with one-another and sometimes one will convince the other. I would like to hear it “dumbed down” a bit at times. When I first started listening, they talked over my head a lot but I’m going back and listening to all the episodes for a second time and noticing I’m picking up a lot more. Thanks so much for putting this out for us!
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Codowlsky Polopumus
Good podcast for sure!
Really enjoy the podcast and what it offers and how they break down numerous hands. Thanks guys! Shawn Fogelman Cincinnati Ohio @FogelmanShawn
Harrison Transport LLC
One of the Best Out
This is one of the best poker strategy podcasts out. The hosts specialize in Live Low Stakes Cash Games, with each episode featuring in-depth treatment of one hand (even more analysis about the hand on their website.) Part of what makes the show innovative and unique is that they ardently strive to present the "narrative" of the hand - Who is involved? What is the history/set up? Why should we choose a particular exploit in response? The right amount of emphasis on the "story of the hand" is important because if you're a serious/intermediate player like me, you are starting to understand that the answer to most poker questions is "It depends..." Just Hands Poker explains how to think about the technical skills (GTO, etc) and marry that to the real life context (reads, image, etc). It's clear that Jack and Zach not only have passion and know their stuff, but are excellent in communicating the ideas and thought process required to beat the live cash game.
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top-level poker anaylsis
"Loose passive isnt really that descriptive. That's just how the majority of (low stakes opponents) play. Instead, specifically stating that an opponent is only limping pre-flop and calling 50% of three-bets after limping. - this is a (helpful) description that one would not intuit at all based just on a 'loose-passive' label." The two hosts are so rigorous in their analysis that the above was just the opening to a hand analysis. Its an in-depth, quality hand analysis by two thoughtful and thorough poker coaches.
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Exceptional attention to detail
One of the most thorough analyses of hands you'll find anywhere. An excellent tool particularly for intermediate players who've learned the basics and want to elevate the way they think through situations. Beginning players will benefit from the way the hosts describe hands, table dynamics, image, hand ranges, and a number of other things they'll need to become intermediate.
Learn How to Crush Low Stakes Poker
Great podcast!! Every week they do an in-depth hand history review. They'll even review YOUR hands on-air if you email it to them. They've done two of mine! They also have a forum where they and other experienced players will help with your game. But it all starts with the podcast, specifically designed to improve the game of the low-stakes grinder. Check it out - you'll love it!
#1 for hand breakdowns
Love the breakdown analysis. Best on the market I've seen. Would like to see adding non high roller tournament hands e.g. From wsop or other circuit hands.
wonderful poker podcast
Just wanted to let people who are looking for a poker podcast and are unsure as to which one to start with, I would suggest this one. The hosts (Jack and Zach) are thoughtful poker players and coaches who discuss in length previous hands they have played and also bring on spectacular guests who provide in-depth discussion of a hand in their recent playing history. What I think separates them from a lof of the other poker content out there is that they talk abot poker at the lower stakes (typically 1/2, 1/3 or 2/5). So people new to the game feel comfortable with the level that Jack and Zach play at. Couldn't recommend their podcast more. I think I've grown as a poker player just by listening to them talk about their thought process.
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Bernard F. Bunye
Exactly what I'm looking for
This is a great podcast. I play in thee Midwest 2-5 games and I absolutely love listening to this detailed analysis. I downloaded all of them and can't wait to get through them.
Great in depth analysis of live poker hands at the low to mid stakes. Great for me and many other people that play these stakes to be able to hear complex analysis of they games we play in, something that is hard to find in other places. The podcast is consistently high quality and reliable as a source to learn more about poker as well as entertainment.
This is a great format and the best thing about it is its just poker hands not any fluff etc. I listen to it on my way to work and it gets you thinking about the hands and presents you another veiw point on how hands can be or should be played.
I really like the premise and format of this show. Really great analysis of a single hand each episode. This is the kind of thorough hand analysis I aspire to in my own studies and find it great practice to follow along with the hosts and see how my thoughts compare with theirs. If you like the strategy segments on the Thinking Poker Podcast, I think you’ll appreciate the great work being done here.
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