Judge John Hodgman
Judge John Hodgman
John Hodgman and Maximum Fun
John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply email it, along with your phone number, to hodgman@maximumfun.org. THAT IS ALL.
Cat-or-Dogical Imperative
Alan files suit against his wife, Elaine. Alan thinks their cat, Muffin, needs a companion. He’d like to get another cat. Elaine, however, would prefer adding a dog to their family. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?
Nov 25
1 hr 1 min
Mr. Clicky Keys
This week, we're clearing the docket! Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse discuss eating leftovers for lunch, picking up baby items with one's toes, cast iron pan hoards, and eating at morally questionable restaurants.
Nov 18
1 hr 5 min
The Gentleman Leaf Thief
This week we have Friends of the Court Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark in chambers to help clear the docket! They talk about distances, leaf collecting, consuming blood, and snacking on leftovers. Plus a letter from a Gen Z listener about books!
Nov 11
1 hr 19 min
Die Flederhaus
This week we are revisiting a courtroom classic with a rerun of the beloved BAT BROTHERS episode!
Nov 4
40 min
An Ampersand-Lopez Goof Party
It's time to clear the docket! Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (FROZEN, COCO)  help with an important FROZEN 2 related dispute! They also weigh in on cases about continuity errors and group text chat participation. And much, much more!
Oct 28
1 hr 12 min
Mr. Commode's Wild Ride
Lauren files suit against her mother, Cheri. When Cheri dies, she says she would like her ashes flushed down a toilet at Disney World, so her remains are recycled with the water used for the flowers in the parks. Lauren is opposed! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?
Oct 21
1 hr 1 min
The Doctorow Doctrine
Cory Doctorow joins Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse as they clear the docket! They discuss splitting the internet bill, operating system updates, pajamas on planes, playing acapella gospel music, GPS navigation, and spoilers!
Oct 14
1 hr 16 min
Brush with the Law
Sheila files suit against her sister, Elyse. Sheila would like to paint the shed at their parents house. But Elyse doesn’t like the color scheme that Sheila picked out! Sheila says that since it was her idea to paint in the first place, she should get to pick the colors. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?
Oct 7
1 hr 1 min
Tippecanoe and Zelda Too
Time to clear the docket! Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse discuss buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys, kayaking with dogs, Bob Marley lyrics, Zelda, leaving drinking glasses around the house, mask sharing, and the differences between sports and games.
Sep 30
1 hr 4 min
Corn Husk Dolls and Pumpkinheads
Time to clear the docket! Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse discuss card game etiquette, tea bags in the garbage disposal, taco night, hat problems, waking up one's significant other, and jorts.
Sep 23
52 min
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