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I admit that I’m not into the bulk of the music played on Jonah Raydio. Maybe once a month I’ll download a song. But the songs I like are worth it. What keeps me coming back is the banter. These are friends who talk to each other the way I talked to my friend in high school and college. If they set our to entertain me, they neiled it.
Jandro Gamboa
I’m a loner, Dottie.
The best podcast for me to listen to when I want to hang out with people but I don’t want to hang out with people.
Needs more Dio
Seriously, enough already! Get Dio on here!!!
Booby Tuesdayyy
Try to get Dio on the show
Long time listener but have never heard Dio on the show. Would be cool to get him on
Erection killer
Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore
Please stop eating on the podcast.
Terrible Podast
Terrible, absolutely terrifying
This podcast, woah like, woah.
Have you ever wondered what the punk scene is like in Hawaii? Me neither until I started listening to this podcast. Join an under appreciated comedian, a producer with more skill and taste than he thinks he has and a man who loves sound drops as much as his ever-expanding knife collection as they unravel what it means to mourn Dio properly.
Call Me Cabbage
Great hard hitting music journalism
I’ve been a fan of this podcast from its humble beginning to the monster show it is today. Great to have such well spoken and articulate hosts like Cash Hartzell who really uses that Music theory degree from the Berklee school of music to such affect that it really drives the podcast. Of course their crowning moment was the 7 part interview with the band Smash Mouth who opened up to the guys about the history of the band and what direction they are headed musically ( more Ska perhaps). In the end you learn so much from Jonah Raydio and can only hope that the way it touches you means it touches a lot of people PS Neil Mahoney is not Canadian so stop with the letterkenny quotes
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Best Yoga Podcast on iTunes (I haven't listened to every Yoga podcast on Stitcher Premium yet)
This show is the best possible Yoga podcast that I have heard on iTunes but not on Stitcher. Every episode is a meditative guide through all my favorite poses. We often start of with one of my favorite poses, the punk poser. We then move slowly (very slowly... lookin at you Cash) move into the pose known as MuhMuhMuhMuhMUSIC NOOOOS (DUN dun dududuDUN du dudududuDUN du dununuNUNUNUNUNunununUNUNu). After sitting there and doing basically nothing for 20 minutes besides meditating in an almost (almost) artful manner we all slide right in to whatever you would call the last segment of this show. I honestly don't know how to describe it, mainly because none of them know how to describe it. 90% of the time they don't even agree on what the rules are... it's a beautiful freestyle mess, but you find zen in the chaos... I have listened to the time Cash led a Mad Lib meditation that made no sense... unless you are meditating... then you get it... it totally makes sense... my third eye opened and the cosmos showed me the answer to the universe...Anyway, they close with a nice relaxing exit, somewhat of a kiss, a gift that God gave to you. five stars.
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Architecture Bill?
Pretty good, but not as good as the British version.
Set in post apocalyptic 2013, the titular character, Jonah Raydio, joined by his companions, Kush Hustle and Meal Sohorny, go on a quest to save the world from evil mind controlling robots. Only through the powers given by Dio can the heroes defeat the evil robots. It’s a really good show, you just have to get through about a 30 episode story arc involving like wayy too much hentai (One of the characters gets addicted, very sad) Trivia: He’s the same guy from the most recent Transformers movie.
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That episode where they found out that Benjamin Franklin wrote Old Town Road was incredible. So glad that Nic Cage actually stole the original Bill Of Rights for them so they could uncover this.
El Stevedore
I listen to this podcast when I get super introspective and wonder what it would be like to have a brother I love/hate and argue with all the time.
Good effort
You should play that Ontario song more often. Other than that I love the show.
googe it dog
Jonah was always my favorite!
I’m a new listener, and I’m listening to the episode with Hutch Harris and Jonah says that Nerdist fans would let him know that he’s their third favorite. Jonah is by far my favorite, I love all of his work (Meltdown, Hidden America, MST3K, etc)! It’s so nice to hear a podcast of someone talking about something they love with people they love. Keep up to good work, you DO have fans and we love you!
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It’s Just Punk, Man
Music news, terrible riffs, sarcasm, sass, soundboard cues, tru punx, and my three favorite people in all of podcasting. It doesn’t get any better than this. *cue air horn* FWEEE FWE FWE FWEEEEEEEEEE.
Punk and comedy? Yes please
How did I not know this podcast existed until it came to MaxFun? It has filled an obvious hole in my podcast life and gets listened to almost as soon as it drops every week! Funny plus great new music. Air horn!!
Really love this so much!
This is such a fun podcast. I really enjoy the dynamic between the guys and the guest. Jonah has a really earnest and interesting point of view. The music is also good, that’s the least interesting part to me however.
Found on MaxFun
How did I not know about this pod. Thanks to MaxFun's relentles cross-promotion of it's shows, I found out about this via #greatestgen Love it!
One of my favorite podcasts, I’ve been introduced to a lot of great music through this so thanks for that. Jonah’s funny, Cash is cool, and Neil has a soundboard. The sometimes tension between Jonah and Neil is what keeps me around, aside from the music. Listen to this podcast, even the super hilarious and undoubtedly entertaining hostless fm episodes.
Pat on the Bum
There it is. You “ass”ked for it.
come for the music, stay for the meltdowns
If you like music, comedy, and passive-aggressive sound-drops this show is for you.
il biscione
It’s kinda just like radio.
Yes dad you have to download it, it’s just like radio but no commercials... well yes they aren’t sponsored but it’s good. ITS NOT A PHASE DAD, ITS GOOD MUSIC!!!
Glad it's Back!
Love this podcast. It takes some breaks now n then but it's honestly gold. Really loved that Apiaries track last week, 'No Light No Time'. Jonah and the gang are great to have a few drinks and listen to. Feels like you're just hanging out with them and the guests while they talk about music.
Here’s my little tap on the butt
One of my favorite ways to get new tunes. Still waiting for ep1. Keep up the good “work” gents.
I like this podcast
I don’t know if you’ll like it but I do. 👍🏽
It’s back!
Longtime listener, and I still find at least one new band to check out every ep (usually more.) Best music podcast out there in my opinion.
My husband’s favorite podcast. I like it, too. So that’s 2 of us for the listener census. 🍻
It’s fun!
Long time listener, first time commenter. It’s a great podcast with great guests, great music, and Neil Mahoney.
Bryan the
I love this show
While Chris Hardwick makes you believe that everyone can create a podcast, Jonah, Cash, and Neil prove that literally anyone can make a podcast. But seriously, I look forward to every new episodes and am happy that it is back with regular episodes. I've learned about some of my now favorite artists like Har Mar, Man Man, The Manx, Fartbarf, and so many more from this show. I am constantly binging and purging podcasts depending on my schedule, but Jonah Raydio always stays in the rotation. While some references may be more timely, going back and listening to old episodes is still a delight. Admittedly though, I do not use iTunes to listen to the show, but I'm writing this review because Pocketcasts doesn't do reviews and I want to show my appreciation.
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RIP soundboard
I don’t care how long it takes before they put up an episode. It’s always exciting when a new one pops up. Just means that I get more music to add to my playlists 🤘🏽
Love the show
Love the show keep the new ones coming. I’m more of a hard rock guy but really like some of the music you guys play.
Need to Listen!
This was one of the first podcasts I listened to and it will always hold a soft spot in my podcast heart. Super funny! I’ve laughed so heard there were tears!
The Best!
The soundboard. That is all.
Killer tunes
Check out Birdstriking, a shoegazey/indie/post-hardcore band outta Beijing. Great stuff.
Drunk Dalek
Amazing podcast!
Lovin this. God gave rock and roll to yah.
What happened?
Did this thing die?
Hey cool stuff guys.
good show, decent sound drops, sometimes I don't skip the music
Good but a bit snobby (Jonah)
I'd go 5 stars if Jonah wasn't such a snob about music he doesn't like. If you don't like it you don't like it. It's simple. I rarely like any of the music played on there. We're all listening to it just because it has Jonah. And it's funny! Especially when they have comedians on the show which of course isn't surprising. The music part of the show isn't really my thing. Neal has to be my favorite of the trio. The sound drops rule!
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Hilarious and brilliant
I've wanted to hear a podcast discussing good music for years, and I only recently found this one thanks to Jonah's AVClub Hate Song interview. I don't care much for the dumb Nerdist chime at the beginning and end, but everything else is a lot of fun. I've lived underground music (and drunkenly gooding off) most of my life and this podcast feels like home.
Hey Jonah Ray!
Sweet podcast but why u no put the guests in the episode descriptions? I downloaded all of the episodes and was listening to one where you said Marc Maron was your guest but my phone reset and now I can't figure out which one I was listening to, big time bummer, buddy! Keep up the good work otherwise, A+!
It's a RAYD
All I ever wanted is more Jonah Ray. That is what I got.
Come for the comedy, leave for the music
Jonah is funny, occasionally charming, and entertaining. That does not, however, save this boring show. The music is generally very one dimensional, and the in-jokes are grating and lazy. You'll enjoy this cast for the most part, but I doubt anyone could find it addictive.
Pity Stars cuz I like these guys
This podcast can be hit and miss. Definitely miss the host less episodes. Can definitely hear some good music. Episodes are pretty long, like Rogan long, but with 90% less facts than Rogan’s. Still i like all the personalities on the show, and even though I had my doubts, the sound board grew on me.
If you're looking for a new podcast then look no more. This podcast that meets all the requirements of being fab, fun, funky, fresh, and fierce. Jonah Ray and his crew have everything you're looking for and more. If you don't want to end up a basic start listening today.
The Most Negative Nancy
Hoping for validation of my sad life by writing this review
In addition to being a good podcast, Jonah Raydio has exposed me to a lot of great music. Temples, Mike Krol, and The Long Winters are just a few examples. Looking forward to more gr -- *Chariots Of Fire sound drop*
B. Roche
Music, friends, fun: Nerdist network has another winner.
Comedian, musician and Nerdist Podcast co-host Jonah Ray has some friends over to talk about music, play twitter games, and have fun. Do I love every song Jonah plays on the show? No. Do I always hear something I've never heard before? Yes. So if you want to hear friends have a great time while they turn you on to great new music you're in the right place.
best way to get new music
I've been listening since ep. 2 and has been the best way I get to hear new music! keep it up! #neiledit
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