Jonah Raydio
Jonah Raydio
Jonah Ray Rodrigues
Sh*tty Episode
1 hour 34 minutes Posted Jan 2, 2018 at 9:30 pm.
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Show notes

Hey everybody! This week we have a bit of a blend. We start off strong with guest Mad Magazine editor/@midnight staffer/musician Allie Goertz  trading stories and having a ball. Check out Allie's first issue on the masthead at Mad when it comes out March 28th. Then Jonah got sick. A little rumbly in the tummbly. Then he had to leave. Then micro manager Neil took over. Mahonaraydio ensues. 

  Say what you will, the title is evidence-based
  Songs   Allie Goertz- Leave(The Room Song)   Allie Goertz feat. MC Frontalot- Look At Me   Allie Goertz- I'm Sorry (Mr Poopy butthole)   Henry Phillips- End of the World   Tom Lehrer- Poisoning Pigeons in the Park   Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Someday I Suppose   Steely Dan- Dirty Work

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