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Did you know just about everything has some conspiracy connected? Get ready to have your paradigm shifted as we give our social commentary on secret agendas behind social issues, government systems, and the working of the "Shadow Government" behind the scenes. "A rational voice in a world of conspiracy." We explain the conspiracy theories and make sense of them with rational analysis breaking down the speculations to get to the facts. Exposing the NWO with historical connections. Join us every week while we answer your most curious questions on the topics and conspiracies facing society.The show presents fringe topics, News and Social Analysis along with speculation.Shows post Wednesdays at 5am EST.The website is https://JimDukePerspective.comPatreon page is https://patreon.com/jimdukeperspective
Black Site Torture Camp in Israel
Reports came out about israel housing a secret facility known as a "Black Site" where it holds and tortures prisoners. These prisoners said to be associates of Hamas and the terrorist organizations actually prove that it could detain Palestinians, as well as medical staff that have NO affiliation with Hamas, and in some cases are opposed to the terrorist groups. Yet Israeli Intel still incarcerated these individuals for the grievances against the Israeli cause.Sources:https://original.antiwar.com/cook/2024/05/28/the-message-of-israels-torture-chambers-is-directed-at-us-all-not-just-palestinians/CNN artcile on the whisteblowersACLU defends freedom of speech against these extended bills that prohibit speech and declare them hate
Jun 5
41 min
Houdini's Fight Against Occultism and Child Trafficking
Harry Houdini is known as an escape artist. Few knew he challenged the Spirtualist community of occultists and Elite Theosophists who had operations in the White House and in Britain. He also exposed a Child Trafficking ring. This led to the time of his death when a mysterious student took five sucker punches to his abdomen rupturing it.Artcile source:https://expose-news.com/2024/05/21/occultism-child-trafficking-and-harry-houdinis/Books mentioned:Miracle Mongers and their Methods - by Harry HoudiniA Magician Among Spirits - Harry HoudiniThe Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero - by William Kalush, Larry Sloman (Author)My website:https://jimdukeperspective.comPatreon Page:https://patreon/jimdukeperspective
May 29
39 min
Chipping Away At Your Free Speech, Biometric Grab
Free speech remains under attack. The more activity that occurs the more excuse the police state have to interrogate us and take more rights away from citizens. Any objection to their narrative solicits question that leads to some reaction of offense. Thus we have Political Correctness regulating our words. However, what they really are after is our exposing their agenda. They use hostile environments to yield to surveillance. They can shut down our streams of info by controlling Social Media. The CIA, FBI, and other agencies control social media which limits our free speech.Have you noticed more requirement of two-step verification to open your apps? This is another tactic to make it inconvenient for you to access your accounts in the name of security. But the "security" agencies offer you a better means by asking if you'd rather opt to Facial recognition, or fingerprint, or eye scans to verify your identity. How convenient... and also intrusive. These companies want our biometrics in their database. They can easily make it a requirement sometime soon.Articles:https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/85988/from-covid19-to-campus-protests-how-the-police-state-muzzles-free.htmlhttps://www.zerohedge.com/political/twitter-files-cia-exposing-secret-effort-us-intelligence-seize-control-social-mediahttps://www.blacklistednews.com/article/85989/2024--the-inevitable-rise-of.htmlhttps://thecountersignal.com/wef-says-smartphone-tech-will-be-in-your-body/
May 29
32 min
King Charles Portrait of Satanic Red
King Charles unveiled a portrait painted for him. However, many commented on the strange look it has that appears a bloody red some equate to looking Satanic. Whether or not intentional, several suspicions seem to plague this family. What can you say, they bask in public display.Sources:https://needtoknow.news/2024/05/king-charles-hellish-new-portrait-sets-the-internet-on-fire/https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a60669981/prince-william-update-kate-middleton-health-cancer-treatment/
May 22
35 min
Northern Lights a HAARP Spectacular Event?
As many witnessed the Aurora Borealis of Northern Lights, a spectacular event of nature, others suspect it was HAARP responsibile for the light show. We discuss our view and experiences with the display of strange glowing colored lights in the night sky.
May 21
15 min
The Wealthy Are Communists, The Modern Nazi Regime
The wealthy Capitalists do not oppose Communism. As a matter of fact Capitalists and Communists are allies. The wealthy believe the Communist system grants them the most power to become extreme. Has Naziism gone away? No it just morphed into a modern form.
May 15
38 min
Attack on Free Speech With New Bill In the Name of Hate, Civil War in the Making
A new bill H.R. 6090 attempts to make it a hate crime to oppose Jews, Israel, Zionism, or the cause in the Middle East. You can't have an opinion on whether you don't support Israel and your free speech will be criminalized by this bill that just went to the Senate for a vote.I make the point that Zionism is a political movement for the establishment of Israel as a State. Christian Zionists support this Israel in which practices Kabbalah, stands for Judaism, Talmudic law, Noahide Law that loathe Jesus. Just making a point.We are not discriminatory - or antisemitic - against Jews, We just don't like the actions of Israel and the political cause.Here is bill H.R. 6090The Lew Rockwell article Israel Relocates to Washington DCSpeech by Alex Jones audio used.
May 8
32 min
Extra: Illuminati Day, May 1
May 1 is the anniversary of the infamous Illuminati. Of course this refers to one leg of it known as the Bavarian Illuminati that had an influence on modern society. Ancient fertility rituals also recognize this date.
May 1
9 min
Sexual Abuse Accusations Against P Diddy, Nick, and Disney
More sex scandals appear to be revealed. We have to wonder if this is a sign of top Elite operations actually crumbling, or if it is just a way to throw away some useless players for the benefit of the whole to keep them guarded. We discuss the alleged accusations against P Diddy, Dan Scheider, and others in the news. Some of these cases are still pending so we aren't making accusations, only sharing the alleged claims against the individuals as an example of a toxic environment of the entertainment industry.
May 1
19 min
Russell Brand Baptized As A Christian, Kanye Declared As God
These celebrities lead a peculiar life. One day they are accused of sexual abuse, then next they claim to be reborn as a Christian. At least that is the case in Russell Brand's life. He got happy for being baptized to "cleanse him of his past." Does that now make him a believer in Jesus? Then we have Kanye who confessed being a believer in Jesus Christ, now says Jesus didn't come through for him and he declared himself God. In addition to his newfound diefied self, he has started a sex studio (I can't mention the actual word or may get flagged). We examine the alleged claims of enlightenment.
Apr 30
30 min
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