The Jenkins & Jonez Podcast
The Jenkins & Jonez Podcast
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Longtime friends Jenkins and Jonez have cultivated a passionate fanbase due to their irreverent takes on social media. On The Jenkins and Jonez Podcast, the duo bring the banter of NBA Twitter straight to your ears.
Jenkins and Jonez - Love Is Blind But We Are Not
The guys break down the first six episodes of Love Is Blind season six and answer a fan question about their relationship. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 20
58 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Bring Back Shame!
The guys react to NBA All-Star weekend, celebrity look alikes, YSL's attorney arrested on RICO charges, and give their Dookie Butt of the Week. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 19
1 hr 3 min
Jenkins and Jonez - All-Star Weekend, Fun or Flop?
The guys discuss the slow downturn of NBA All-Star weekend, how to fix the dunk contest, and if the Clippers are actually fun now. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 16
26 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Heart-Shaped Pizzas, NBA Fisticuffs, and Pregnant Stingrays
The guys discuss their Valentine’s Days, the Vince Staples Show, Isaiah Stewart punching Drew Eubanks, LeBron James on the trade block, a pregnant stingray, and more. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 15
35 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Pour One Out For Mike G and His 49ers
The guys discuss The Big Game, Mike’s heartbreak over the 49ers losing to the Chiefs, and every element about the game. Then they discuss Beyonce’s new album, being dumb sports fans, Dookie Butt of the Week, and more. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 12
57 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Jasmine Watkins Is Still A Lakers Believer
Jasmine Watkins joins the show to discuss the Lakers standing pat at the trade deadline, how life came at Damian Lillard pretty fast, whether the Clippers can make the leap this year, and more. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 9
41 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Super Bowl Preview With the Gridiron Gals
The Gridiron Gals are back for a family reunion to break down the Big Game including their picks with their head and their heart, can Brock Purdy be the new Eli Manning, Usher’s halftime show, and more. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 8
47 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Wife Guys, Stolen Valor, and the Next GOAT
The guys discuss the Grammys, a new Reese’s product, Shohei Ohtani’s fame level, JuJu Watkins, and more. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 5
57 min
Jenkins and Jonez - Mina Kimes Is Ready For the Brock Purdy Discourse
ESPN reporter Mina Kimes joins the show to discuss her Twitter presence, the case for each team in the Super Bowl, and more. #volumeSee for privacy information.
Feb 3
43 min
Jenkins and Jonez - The Ham Is Cooked
The guys discuss LeBron James and Darvin Ham (4:45), Steph Curry vs. Sabrina Ionescu’s three point shootout (21:00), Colin Cowherd’s take about Taylor Swift (26:30), Meg vs. Nicki (33:00), and more. #volume (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements)  See for privacy information.
Feb 1
39 min
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