Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes
Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes
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Thank you
As a Hispanic woman, I want to say thank you for sharing your open heart, your resilient spirit and your mission to making this world brighter and better. The world is a little messy , has been for awhile but is currently publicly divided. It has made me sad to see people who have made such a positive impact to be poorly affected. But when I listened to your talk on resilience it made me have hope , knowing that you will come out on top and I am so excited to see your next great accomplishment ! Life is all about growing and going uphill , and you most certainly are leading the way. Thank you.
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please do not take mental health advice from someone who cultivates an extremely harmful mental health scenario for their employees
Love it!!!
I love how transparent Jen is with her life. I have depression and she has helped me to be able to separate myself from my mental illness. It’s so refreshing to know that I’m not alone; and my lack of emotion isn’t a character defect, it’s an illness. I have started treating it as such, and it has made all the difference. Thanks Jen!!!
Helps me with my own mental health, thanks for sharing Jen!
This podcast is unlistenable. Her delivery is so rambling, her tone so presumptuously self-important, her cadence so awkward, her pitch so strident... Do. Not. Listen.
Not so much
I’m sure this podcast is empowering and cathartic for Jen. But as a mental health professional myself, there seems to be a lot of misinformation and generalities shared that are not only confusing but potentially harmful to other people experiencing similar problems. That’s not entirely her fault (after all what you’re diagnosed with by one doctor does not always transfer), but if you’re making a living sharing this information, make it accurate.
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Bethanie and Anthony
The Garcias are truly amazing, honest and REAL! And definitely goofy as hell! Bethanie and Anthony’s relationship is so inspiring, they communicate about EVERYTHING, dreams, parenting, fears, life. I can’t wait to hear more about their new journey and about the road that got them to where they are today. CONGRATULATIONS Bethanie and Anthony!
Just magic
Gosh I love this show. Vulnerable, honest, a bit of a hot mess in a hilarious way, from a woman who’s walked the walk in business and mental health and more. This show is a gift!
I love you Jen! Thanks for making me feel less alone with my mental health struggles. I really hope you come back to doing the podcast after you finish your book. You’ve helped me a ton! 💕
Simply the BEST!
From the topics, to the tone of Jen’s voice, and everything in between- this is podcast WINS. The award? Most helpful, heartfelt and humorous podcast hosted by the most down-to-earth, wise and hardworkin’ gal. What a treat to listen to, learn from, and laugh with her each week!
The Lettered Cottage
Engaging and entertaining
As many others have commented, yes, Jen can be all over the place and there’s a lot of erratic-ness in her delivery, but I have to admit that’s how my own brain behaves on most days, so I get it. I can very much relate to Jen and appreciate her sharing the raw and vulnerable components of her life with random strangers like me. I’ve gleaned quite a bit of mental health strategies from listening to this podcast.
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Vulnerability + Humor!
I just started listening to this podcast today, but it’s already really been hitting home for me. I think I listened to the “Feel Better Right Now” episode at a perfect time. It was helpful to think about the distinction between self-care as a band aid to problems, and self-care that actually helps you feel better on a long-term basis. One element of this that you brought up was making sure to get an adequate amount of sleep, and I was wondering if you’d consider doing a whole episode on sleep hygiene and insomnia, if that’s relevant to you?
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Real and honest
Contrary to some other reviews which think the podcast is all over the place, I think it’s a real and honest portrayal of Jen’s experiences. She has only the best intentions of passing along the learnings she’s made over the years. I truly think it’s a great podcast and am thankful it exists!!
Dont care for Jen’s food & weight relationship
I like Jen and follow her on social media too. I was into this podcast, but had to unsubscribe when she posted and talked about her weight loss being related to her “getting better.” I know she tried to explain that it was more of a symptom of what else was going on but I just can’t get behind believing in “bad” foods, or using visual representations of weight loss to equate to getting well. Jen has a huge platform and the women who struggle with not feeling good enough when looking different than what’s popular on Instagram deserve more than that kind of reductive discussion. For some women, weight can equal wellness. But for MANY MANY MORE, the toxic conversation and concern about weight would do well to take a backseat. It has been proven to cause weight gain, in fact. I was disappointed when some people reacted with a sentiment similar to mine and jen pushed back, justifying her point of view instead of hearing these women. Anti-fat points of view are some of the last acceptable prejudices in our culture and it was a bummer to see Jen avoid the hard conversation. Instead, many of her fans were inspired and excited to forego their next temptation and refocus on losing those last 10 pounds. Not cool. I’ve lost some trust and now I have a different experience of Jens perspective.
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LGBTQ ally
Jen is Awesome
Jen is so great to listen to. It’s like you’re hearing a good friend talk about what’s on their mind. I felt alone with some of my struggles and to see this beautiful and successful woman speaking so candidly about her struggles made me feel okay and normal. Thanks Jen! Please never stop!
kimmy o.
Lacks focus
I think the content could be really awesome. But the content is literally all over the place. To the point it is obnoxious.
Carmen Blak
I love Jen’s realness. She is vulnerable, honest and her humor is A1. I love listening to her stories and ownership of her daily struggles.
I love this podcast so much I’m writing a review for it
Fun and inspiring
I wasn’t sure what the pod was about, but I listened to the first episode and was hooked. Anxiety is real and debilitating, people are so judge-mental in regards to mental health issues especially when you seemingly have it all. Thank you for your honesty and support it is one of my favorite pods and I listen to many! Love Pam
Just starting on a binge loving the podcast. Feel like I know Jen. Thank you for your honesty!
Love the real talk
Thank you for being open and honest in your account of your personal struggles with mental illness. It takes bravery to put your story out there! It has helped me tremendously. ❤️
Really like this show!
Succulent hormones
I find her very relatable. And I smile a lot while I listen. The rambling is charming and intelligent rambling. I also feel like she is very fair and unbiased in her overall presentation. Mental illness has many varying degrees and I believe this podcast sheds light on a new facet. I especially love her inclusion of business advice and other extra bits!
JGOK is Everything
This podcast changed my life - I could go on forever about how much I love it but I will simply say it feels so nice to hear someone just get *it* and hear about someone who struggles with the same things that I do and also make it and be ok. If Jen Gotch is ok ... sometimes. I will be too.
Terrible podcast Stupid sense of humor Ally voice
Rambling nonsense
There's a severe lack of quality podcasts on mental health everyday issues, and unfortunately this one is not what I had expected it to be. I get lost in the rambling of Jen and don't really get a main point of any one podcast. It's just nonsense. Perhaps a better pre-planning for topics would be beneficial and interviews from experts on the topics Jen discusses. I kind of get the impression she was bored one day and decided to "just make a podcast" without putting much thought into it. Im not trying to diss the show, or Jen, Im really rooting for this podcast. It just needs some content refinement.
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5 stars for JGOK
All the stars for Jen Gotch. Her honesty and vulnerability are admirable. 10/10 podcast.
Josie Major
Thank you Jen!
Thank you for your candid and honest thoughts along with incredibly helpful and inspiring words of advice! So much of what you say rings true to me, and far too many folks out there dealing with anxiety and depression. Keep on doing what you’re doing! Your voice and work is so necessary these days!
purple people eater22
She’s starting a movement!!
Love. Love. Love this woman. Jen speaks about mental illness the way we should! No stigma, no shame, just frank and relatable. It’s like listening to a very informed friend who just wants to lay it all out on the table and help a girlfriend out! Thank you Jen Gotch.
firsttime caller longtime fan - the anxiety podcast was v v helpful. thanks for sharing. THK U JG.
Jen Gotch (feels) OK ...sometimes
I started listening to JGOK today after GirlBoss Radio meantime’s it was about mental health. I might just be slow, but was I the only one that though JGOK was going to be about her likability? Just wanted to get that off my chest. I have listened to three episodes so far and really like the show. Jen is really funny, honest and makes herself vulnerable. I can relate to her tendency to go off on tangents and love that she embraces it instead of trying to correct it. I’ll definitely listen to more of JGOK and am excited to see how she grows. Btw, Jen if you’re reading this please know that your voice is awesome, but not as awesome as your dance moves on instagram. I don’t know how to end this. Ok bye.
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Need more JGOK
My favorite podcast. I know we don’t know each other but JG is my spirit animal. I’m in my late 20’s and I feel like I relate to her younger years just in every aspect. This podcast is uplifting, hilarious, and informative. JG can help to ‘soften the blow’ when it come to being hard on yourself with anything goin on in your life. She finds humor in the sucky parts of life but also reminds you (especially us suffering from anxiety) that it’s not the end of the world. We’re all OK sometimes and that’s OK :) PS can these p-casts be longer? I know you’re a busy gal but you da bomb.
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WOW. This podcast is absolutly fan.tas.tic! Jen is a pioneer in bringing the mental health awareness conversation forward. Having anxiety and going to therapy for the greater part of my 20's it is a breath of fresh air to hear discussions of things that really hit home for me. It is refreshing to listen to the way she navigates through difficult situations and offer advice to those feeling the same way. Jen, I wish I could hang out with you! Please come to Seattle and host an event!
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Jen Gotch you are my superhero!
Love love love this podcast for de-stigmatizing mental health issues! Thank you for sharing your authentic self it makes me want to share my imperfect self too, and be proud of it. What a breath of fresh air that is!! Keep rocking it Jen!
therapy nerd
This helps me breathe.
I was just diagnosed with maybe bipolar but definitely depression, anxiety, and ADD when I found this podcast. And I was freaking out because I didn’t know if I could trust my own brain or thoughts. So it’s like Jen made me feel okay with thinking. That may sound simple or something like maybe it’s not important. But if you can help someone think who can’t think but actually can’t do anything but think a million things at once... that’s pretty darn helpful. It helps me breathe. Thank you.
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A bit narcissistic.. no?
I really appreciate the honesty Jen exposes... BUT... I have to say the narcissistic aspect approach to this podcast is annoying. It’s too much. I think Jen has A LOT of good to share but I think it’s dangerous to highlight this narcissistic habit of constantly only thinking about the concept of “ME.” Sometimes the way she takes advantage of how caring and giving her parents are is unfair. A bit bratty... very bratty actually.
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LA gal yah
Well, actually this podcast is a 10, but once you learn the emotional eating system you’ll probably agree it’s 7.8 🌈. Jen is able to articulate things that have been bumping around in my head for a long time. So relatable while also being at a perfect intersection of entertaining and informative. Perfectly imperfect!
Love Jen gotch and everything she’s doing. This podcast is so relatable & real. She’s funny, quirky, honest and vulnerable. It’s amazing
I mean, so good, so raw. Who’s Drake? Jen Gotch got me #inmyfeelings
goso stuff
Jen feels like a friend
I discovered this podcast after Alison Rosen interviewed her on her podcast. As a person who experiences similar mental health challenges; Jen gives me hope and makes me feel encouraged and less alone in all the nonsense I put myself through. I’m a recovering perfectionist 😆 and this podcast supports my efforts in that also. I laugh at ) with?) the parent segments, and when I feel sad the Instagram page helps cheer me up. Thanks, Jen for putting this out there and being vulnerable ❤️.
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I needed this!
I love Jen on instagram so I was excited to hear she was doing a podcast. I can’t get enough of listening to her talk about all of these different issues she’s tackling. I love how raw it is and her personality has me laughing out loud at times. It’s like talking to one of your most easy going friends who you can totally be yourself with. It’s refreshing, therapeutic, and entertaining. Thank you for this!
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B Popelka
Key to the ignition that was bi polar
Never heard of you before this buI as someone in leadership who listens to girl boss every week and is bi polar (similarly had birth control be the match to the fire for me) I decided to give a listen and now I love you and wait for it every week to come out! Thanks for making me feel less alone!
I needed this today!!! Thx Jen! Keep em coming!
Refreshing, raw, and funny!
Thank you, Jen. As a twenty-something dealing with mental illness on a daily basis, your podcast has become a big highlight of each week. The topics are insightful and always make me feel less alone. I’m constantly putting tips in my phone as I listen to reference later and I find myself laughing out loud almost every episode!
Loving Jens podcast, one of my favorite ways to end my Tuesday night. Having something to look forward to each week from this brilliant,creative, entrepreneur is simply invigorating. Keep it up Jen, I am cheering for you and everything you stand for🌸
Jen Gotch, you are a hero and you are A+ok! I would give you 5million stars if possible. Love listening to your “7 stories” and insight to overcoming fears, doubts and dark times... inspiring to own, embrace and work through to the better days. Keep up the excellent work! Excited for your book. Xo, Your #1 fan
jennyface #1
Jen Gotch
You. Are. Amazing.
I love listening to this podcast. Learning tools to support my own anxiety, tools to support my friends and loved ones who have depression and bi- polar. Learning more and de stigmatizing mental health!!!
Jen is the Common Peoples Qween!
Jen! Thank you. We didn’t know we needed your podcast and now it’s here and it makes everything OK! Thank you for speaking your truth and sharing your stories. I wish you had a podcast up every day! Can you please quit Bando and just focus on Podcasting? 🙏🏻 we are all rooting for you Qween! Your faithful subject, Stacie
Jen Gotch is.. the best!
love Jen and the awareness she is bringing to mental health. she is so encouraging and real.
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