I've Heard It Both Ways Podcast
I've Heard It Both Ways Podcast
Andrew Battifarano/Justin Pallenik
Two voices. One baseball podcast. From the minds of Andrew Battifarano and Justin Pallenik
Major League IV: The Streak
Andrew and Justin return to wax about the Indians and their American League record 22-game winning streak. Is Jose Ramirez a legitimate MVP candidate? Does Corey Kluber take the Cy Young Award this year? Could Kevin Spacey play Terry Francona in a movie about the Tribe? Tune in to find out!
Sep 21, 2017
1 hr 9 min
Part 2: The Diverging Mets and Dodgers
In the second part of this series looking at the Mets and Dodgers, the IHBP hosts and guest Justin Birnbaum discuss how the two teams have veered in different directions since the end of 2016. Into/outro courtesy of Fina Musiq
Sep 5, 2017
1 hr