It Never Gets Old
It Never Gets Old
Meredith Fineman
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Get to the point
This is based off the Prada episode my main gripe is that the host spent 7 mins if the 28 min podcast talking about things that are completely unrelated to the topic. I also feel that they could have been more in-depth about the history of Prada as a brand and talked more and bout its resurgence with gen z
Big Fan of Second Hand
I am relatively new to your podcast. I trust you have noticed the quality of new clothes has been declining over the years, and I have found the durability of clothes I have picked up second hand has been far superior to what is currently in the market? What impact will this have on second hand as the good stuff phases into what is left of the fast fashion garbage for sale now?
Only if you’ve NEVER EVER shopped
The tips and convo had here are aimed at someone who’s never even heard of Poshmark. Great for newbies or anyone who’s never used the Internet, hard pass for everyone else. Also, I highly recommend Meredith refrain from using the term ‘fat people’ as clothing sizes don’t coke in skinny or fat rather someone could wear ‘plus size’ (see ep 1 on sneakers).
Great Podcast!
I knew nothing about secondhand fashion before this pod, but I have been obsessed ever since. The journey to make my wardrobe entirely secondhand has begun. You will be inspired to reduce your own consumption and pull out your vintage t’shirts. Especially love the episodes where you learn about luxury brands (I had never heard of Celine but finally recognized where all their fast fashion knock offs came from)!
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Challenge Forever
Never Fails to Disappoint!
Love these ladies! Funny banter & good info as well. I always get so excited when I see a new episode of INGO in my apple podcast feed!
It just might not be my cup of tea.
This is based on one listen (the perfect moto jacket episode), so just take this with a grain of salt. I love a podcast that’s 1.) hosted by intelligent, funny women and 2.) talks about anything fashion. The business of, finding the perfect X, how clothes shape our lives; it’s all very interesting to me. I think the topic is great, however the way it’s presented is what turns me off. The banter about junk food in the beginning (don’t get me wrong, LOVE some good banter!) was way too long for my taste as a first time listener. The other thing that really bothered me was the weird music cues in under-lying that banter that one would link is cuing up the next segment/topic. But the hosts just talked over it until it fades out. A little confusing. Anyway, I think this could be a really great podcast, but it needs some finessing (says the reviewer that doesn’t actually have a podcast). I hope this is some helpful, encouraging feedback!
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The obsession continues.....!
I’d like to think I’m a sale and secondhand junkie (not sure if that’s a brag or a confession?!) Meredith is expert level though and takes smart shopping and style to the NEXT LEVEL! She and Sarah have a great banter and I always look forward to more tips and guides. Now if I could just figure out how to start saving $$$.....
Fascinating & fun
These ladies have great voices, valuable information & Meredith describing her sleepwear choices as being “like Winnie-the-Pooh” was the funniest thing ever!
Love this podcast!
I love buying secondhand and found some new places where I live to go where i has some great scores!! Ty Meredith!!
Good content, it makes me interested in buying secondhand!
Insides inside 😡😖😫😤
Ike n Mike talk
Yes do do another or a mash up bout candy! Thnx luv y’all’s talk!❤️💫
This podcast is absolutely amazing! Whether you are a first-time newbie to buying and selling second- hand clothing, or an old pro, the advice and tips are fascinating. I love Meredith. I want to hang out with her, and you will, too! The interplay between her and her producer, who is new to the second- hand game, is also really great. SUBSCRIBE 👌👌👌😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍
So exciting
I just started listening to this podcast and I love it so far! Very good advice and helpful insights. Very excited to keep listening and improve my thrifting game. Not a huge fan of the random music that cuts in and out and Meredith’s vocal fry gets a little irritating. The content makes up for those downfalls.
Great podcast about consignment
I didn't know anything about consignment before and thought maybe the podcast was too advanced for me but Meredith breaks it down in a really accessible way for anyone. Now I know how to make the most of consignment and sell some of my old clothes and find good deals on amazing clothes! Thanks Meredith!
Thank you! Great and informative podcast.
I have been a buyer and reseller of luxury goods for years and have seen and experienced a lot when it comes to authentication, so I really loved the episode ‘authentication 101’. Near and dear to my heart, as I also buy/ sell from real real and Poshmark. Thanks for the discussion!
I love this podcast! Meredith is so knowledgeable and Sarah asks the great questions for us newbies. would love to hear some interviews and more city guides!!!
Vocal fry kinda ruins it
Enjoy the content but PLEASE Meredith try to stop inflecting your voice with vocal fry at the end of your sentences. Bad habit! It’s so hard to listen to and it’s hard to take you seriously when you talk like that.
The fact that one host admitted she has looked for a fake item before turns me off of this podcast.
It’s good info, fun!
Useful info. However, I do get a little tired of the “Valley Girl” voice inflection and the saying 💯%, and totally. But all and all they are fun to listen to.
I look forward to this every week!
I discovered this podcast about a month ago and immediately listened to every single episode. I really enjoy it and the wish the episodes were a little longer!
So happy I found this podcast!
I’m a new re-seller and I am THRILLED to have found this podcast! I literally had been searching around for reselling podcasts that had personality... and couldn’t find any until this one. I am very passionate about recycling, thrifting, and the second hand clothing market. A few months ago I decided to take my love for thrifting and make it into my side hustle... this is the perfect podcast to listen to to learn about all of these things and more! I’ve learned so much and also enjoy hearing the girls chat about things I love to talk about too. I’m so greateful to have found it. Thank you SO much for this awesome podcast... I love it!!
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If you think you know how to shop...
You may be a super shopper and know how to get the best for less... But author, speaker, entrepreneur and fashionista fabulosa Meredith Fineman and her bestie from the westie Sarah Lane have already taught me more than a few things... and I'm an 'old fart' who is still known for being the height of fabulosity. Seriously! Meredith generously shares her knowledge of the vintage, resale, consignment, thrift and second hand boom, via story-telling, advice, tlkaing to her friend Sarah, just as you would talk to your friends, and via science experiments on resale clothing and new, in-store purhcases (just in case you wanted to know if those pricey items you picked up online have more bacteria than what you just tried on in your local brick and mortar store. If you want to dress like a superstar at a fraction of the cost, and then sell it and make money on everything you're tired of... download this podcast and listen!
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The Height of Fabulosity
Amazing insight on the secondhand world!
Meredith and Sarah provide incredible insight and advice into the wild world of secondhand and sustainable fashion. Their collective knowledge of apps, brands and trends make this an informative and fun podcast. Along with app reviews, tips for selling, and first hand experience make it one of a kind.
Great podcast
I am big on yard sales, resale shops and resale shopping online. However, I am not big on high-end brands like the main host on the show. That being said I really enjoy this podcast. I love hearing the breakdown about all the online shopping apps. I also love hearing about resale shopping and tips. My favorite is learning about sustainability as we should all be interested in this. There is something for everyone here.
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Educational and entertaining!
I have been flipping items for a while, and when I stumbled across this podcast, I learned so much so fast that I never knew before while flipping items and buying second-hand! I recommend this podcast very highly!
Great insight
I love how this pod gives the big picture of the consignment industry and how it plays with sustainability while giving great advice on how to sell your clothes and buy great stuff. Love it!
Because we want to be Better
Good reminders of the treasures out there & that Even Olivia Wild & Babs Burchfield agree with Meredith. Love this planet and buy something used!
insightful writer consignment guru goes podcast
been following meredith’s work for almost a decade. have truly loved watching her love of consignment mature over time. i’ve been consignment shopping with this incredible lady before + watched her style/tips evolve over the years. if you’re a second-hand or consignment enthusiast, don’t sleep on this podcast! about time her words came to life so that people can hear her wisdom in real time from anywhere!
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It Never Gets Old
Fantastic new podcast on the resale clothes economy — cannot wait for the full shows —-really gives u the ins & outs & how to shop second hand & save money, but show off style
Ella Rue
We are a consignment store and friends of the podcast - can’t wait! We love Meredith.
Ella Rue
As someone who cares about sustainability, I’m excited to hear what this podcast brings to the table. There are a lot of fashion podcasts, but not one I’ve heard that combines my passion for recycling with staying current. Curious...
Very excited for this!
I'm new to the consignment world so I'm looking forward to learning more.
So good
Great title, better content. Meredith Fineman and this pod are both the real deal.
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