It Could Happen Here
It Could Happen Here
A jaunty walk through the burning ruins of the old world, the one we all live in now, and a guide to avoiding the worst pitfalls along the road to a better world. It Could Happen Here season 1 ended with the possibility of a second civil war. It Could Happen Here Daily with Robert Evans, accepts collapse as a given, and tries to provide a roadmap to survival.
The Henry Kissinger is Dead Episode
Mia, Garrison, and James celebrate the death of noted mass murderer Henry Kissinger and discuss the surprising country that isn't celebrating.See for privacy information.
Nov 30
51 min
This Week in American Terrorism
Robert, Gare and Mia discuss the last few months of right wing terrorist attacks in the US and UK and the social and political forces behind them.See for privacy information.
Nov 29
41 min
Are Gen Z Men All Republicans Now
Robert and Mia discuss a recent Washington Post article arguing that a Gen Z political divide will destroy marriage and take a look at the actual political trends in Gen Z.See for privacy information.
Nov 28
41 min
The Importance of Mutual Aid Work on the Border
James talks to Heval and Aloe about the increasing number of people in outdoor detention in Jacumba and how you can help. for privacy information.
Nov 27
54 min
CZM Rewind: Port Militarization Resistance
As a new anti-war movement sweeps the country we revisit an interview about the forgotten direct actions of the last anti-war movement.    See for privacy information.
Nov 26
45 min
It Could Happen Here Weekly 108
All of this week's episodes of It Could Happen Here put together in one large file. You can now listen to all Cool Zone Media shows, 100% ad-free through the Cooler Zone Media subscription, available exclusively on Apple Podcasts. So, open your Apple Podcasts app, search for “Cooler Zone Media” and subscribe today!  See for privacy information.
Nov 24
1 hr 52 min
Eat Could Happen Here: Corn
Shereen deep dives into the history of corn.See for privacy information.
Nov 21
21 min
The History of Right Wingers Lying About Rome Ft. Mike Duncan
Robert and Mia are joined by History of Rome's Mike Duncan to discuss Mike Johnson's recent claim that Rome was destroyed by queerness and how the right projects their politics onto Roman historySee for privacy information.
Nov 20
41 min
The Tiktok Zoomer Bin Laden Episode
Robert, Garrison, James and Mia discuss the Tiktok zoomers discovering Osama Bin Laden's Letter to the American People, Bin Laden's actual motivations, and right wing anti-imperialismSee for privacy information.
Nov 19
50 min
CZM Book Club: Handala. The Olive, the Storm, and the Sea by Sonia Suliaman
In this episode of the Cool Zone Media Book Club, Margaret reads James the story of what happens when a Palestinian orphan runs into conflict with three Greek gods.See for privacy information.
Nov 18
42 min
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