Isabel in San Dimas
Isabel in San Dimas
Isabel Ebiner
Isabel in San Dimas is a podcast to spark conversations among neighbors about happenings in and around San Dimas. I am Isabel in San Dimas, and I am happy to be one of your neighbors.
Gilead and the Price of Life-Saving Drugs
When COVID-19 first hit in early 2020, I was intrigued that several big companies working to fight the pandemic had offices here in sleepy San Dimas. I reached out to Gilead Sciences for a podcast interview but never heard back. Later on in July, I learned that San Dimas resident Keith Buck had been conducting a one-man protest at Gilead over their sky-high prices for remdesivir, a life-saving drug used to treat the novel coronavirus. In today's episode, I interview my neighbor Keith about Gilead's exorbitant profit margins and why Keith felt it was important to take a stand on this issue.
Sep 7
31 min
Bill & Ted's Excellent Finale
Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third movie in the Bill & Ted series, is set to come out in August 2020. With all the hype around this newest installment--set in none other than our small town of San Dimas--I thought it would be fun to revisit the original Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and explore what's to come in the new film later this year. I ask experts Kelly Bolick and Jason Meares, hosts of the most excellent Bill & Ted podcast San Dimas Today, to shed light on this iconic trilogy. Visit for show notes and to share your thoughts on this episode.
Aug 24
29 min
Bonelli Park R11 Parkway Closure
When the Covid-19 closures began back in March 2020, the County of Los Angeles required Bonelli Bluffs RV Park to close as well. This led to a temporary closure of what is known as the R11 Walkway, which allowed members of the public to complete an uninterrupted loop around Puddingstone Lake at Bonelli Park. Since March, that temporary closure became permanent, upsetting hundreds of local residents and users of the path. In this episode, I speak with Crystal DeMott, a San Dimas resident who reached out to Bonelli Bluffs and the County. Listen to this episode to learn how she used her voice and how the necessary stakeholders are now working toward a resolution to benefit all parties involved.
Aug 10
46 min
The Power of Local Journalism
In this episode, I talk with San Dimas resident and design director for TheLAnd Magazine Evan Solano. A former page designer for the Southern California News Group and Editor-in-Chief of the Citrus College Clarion newspaper, Evan has a background in journalism. We chat about our mutual love for local news as well as the recent struggles of local journalism. Listen to the episode now to hear more about the important role local journalism plays in communities everywhere.
Jul 27
45 min
Black Lives Matter: A Family Affair
In this episode, I talk with Crystal Jones Bacon and Chloe Jones, San Dimas residents who organized a rally in front of City Hall on June 23, in support of Councilmember Ebiner's resolution denouncing George Floyd's death, systemic racism, and police brutality. This mother-daughter duo share about what Black Lives Matter means to them, why they got involved in San Dimas, and what they learned about civic engagement locally.
Jul 13
1 hr 4 min
Why I Am Still Hopeful
At the San Dimas City Council meeting on June 23, 2020, members of the community showed up in large numbers to support a resolution by Councilmember Ebiner condemning the death of George Floyd, racism, and injustice. Despite this overwhelming support, Councilmember Ebiner's resolution failed, and a resolution that the public had no opportunity to comment on was adopted. What's more: Councilmember Vienna, visibly disappointed in the entire process, publicly berated Councilmember Ebiner, me, our family, and other engaged members of the community. In this episode, I reflect on what happened at this most recent City Council meeting, how it affected me, and why I am still hopeful that change for the better is possible. Nos quisieron enterrar, pero no sabían que éramos semillas.
Jun 29
53 min
Locally Owned: United Yoga Studio
In this episode, I speak with United Yoga Studio founder and owner Michelle Pasos. Michelle talks about the origin and mission of the studio, which aims to be inclusive of all people in their yoga journey. She also speaks to the importance of practicing self-care, especially when times are tough, and yoga is one way to take care of one's mind, body, and heart. Michelle reaches out to the United Yoga family and local community to support local businesses like hers as they struggle to stay open due to the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more about and support United Yoga Studio by visiting their website and YouTube channel.
Jun 15
48 min
Graduating Class of Covid-19
In a time when a global pandemic has impacted all aspects of life around the world, students everywhere have had to adapt to school closures and online learning. This time has been particularly challenging for graduates, who deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated, but are unable to commemorate this special time with traditional graduation ceremonies. In this week's show, San Dimas residents and high school seniors Andrea and Chris reflect with me on their final semester and how the community around them is rallying to celebrate this major accomplishment.
Jun 1
30 min
How to Speak at a City Council Meeting
Since launching the No Big Hotel effort and this podcast, I have encouraged friends, neighbors, and listeners to speak at City Council meetings to have their voice heard. But public speaking does not come easily for everyone--sometimes people tell me they feel shy or intimidated or simply unsure of what to say. In this episode, I give you some tips from my own experience of speaking at City Council meetings that will hopefully give you the knowledge and confidence you need to stand up for what matters to you. Visit for show notes and to share your thoughts on this episode.
May 18
19 min
A Conversation with Isabel
My husband Phil and I may have had a little too much fun making this episode. Today, the tables are turned, and I am the one being interviewed! Get to know me--your neighbor Isabel--and what I love about San Dimas. Visit for show notes and to share your thoughts on this episode.
May 4
24 min
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