Irresistible Fiction
Irresistible Fiction
Department of Pan-dimensional Communication, OR&R, International
Unofficial Pandimensional TransmissionsFrom Orkin, Raptor, Racket, International'sDepartment of Pandimensional CommunicationPrepare your narrative.
Irresistible Fiction 6: Joy Riding in the Lifepod 2300
Irresistible Fiction 6: Joy Riding in a Lifepod 2300   While flipping through the help menus of the Lifepod 2300, Getch reveals some behind the scenes pop cultural infrastructure. Somebody lands in the co-pilot’s seat, and some absolutely crushing details. What’s up with all of this talk about being fictional? Why does Orkin, Raptor, and Racket care about a person who doesn't exist? What sort of trouble has PanCom gotten us all into?   Get in touch through Facebook, at the Irresistible Fiction group,  or at   Want to read the OR&R Disclaimer for a future episode? Just record yourself delivering the Orkin, Raptor, and Racket, International disclaimer: "The views and opinions expressed by the hosts, guests, and correspondents of Irresistible Fiction in no way reflect the official views and opinions of Orkin, Raptor, and Racket, International. OR&R’s Department of Pandimensional Communication does not license, nor does it provide the purported technology used to create Irresistible Fiction. This podcast is not a product of, nor is it endorsed by Orkin, Raptor, and Racket, International." Send us a recording of your version of the OR&R Disclaimer, to Image courtesy of the Walt Disney Company, Inc. Google results for “Barrier” bar·ri·er ˈberēər/ noun noun: barrier; plural noun: barriers a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.synonyms:fence, railing, barricade, hurdle, bar, blockade, roadblock"the barrier across the entrance"a circumstance or obstacle that keeps people or things apart or prevents communication or progress."a language barrier"synonyms:obstacle, obstruction, hurdle, stumbling block, bar, block, impediment, hindrance, curb"a barrier to international trade"the starting gate of a racecourse. BRITISH a gate at a parking lot that controls access by being raised or lowered. a long narrow island lying parallel and close to the mainland, protecting the mainland from erosion and storms. noun: barrier island; plural noun: barrier islands Origin late Middle English (denoting a palisade or fortification defending an entrance): from Old French barriere, of unknown origin; related to barre. Music: Metamorphosis (remix Zelf Bloemen) by Coldnoise   Sounds: Auto Rattly Bumpy Road 50k Rf SOUND Effect Creak, Metal - Underwater Metal Creak: Heavy Pressure Metal Foley, Squeak & Creak Foley,... Computer Sounds Heavy Metal Creaking sound FX (Magneto) Metal Impact Sound Effect Metal Objects Banging SOUND Effect Machine Rumble / Sound Effect Stress Creak [SOUND EFFECT] Submarine Collision and Hull Breach Submarine creaking sound effect Universal Metal Creaking sound FX from Six Million Dollar Man Warning Alarm - Beeps Sound Effects All sounds Space Ship Cruising Sound Effects Library Collection Spaceship Interior Sound Effect  
Apr 9, 2018
11 min
Irresistible Fiction Chapter One: The Subatomic Chronicles
Irresistible Fiction Chapter One: The Subatomic Chronicles Irresistible Fiction: Episodes 1 - 5   Veering drastically from the political programming of Occupy Radio, and Chaos Theory Radio, Getch, or David Geitgey Sierralupe, declares himself fictional. If you keep listening, you will find yourself becoming irresistibly fictional as well. In the first chapter of Irresistible Fiction, spanning episodes 1-5, Getch takes you deep into the nothingness at the core of the atom. Along the way expect vague recriminations about Albert Einstein. Expect corporate pressure from the legal team of Orkin, Raptor, and Racket, International. But mostly expect bullshit -- unrepentant, multi-layered, multi-dimensional bullshit. This is your chance to heed the call. Even though Getch is fictional, he needs your help. He's looking for his even more fictional friend, Norway Hansford. Will you ignore this call for help, merely because it comes from somebody who doesn’t exist? Are you the sort of person who discriminates against people who have the misfortune of being born fictional? Test the limits of your perception, and possibly your compassion, with Irresistible Fiction, Chapter One: The Sub Atomic Chronicles.
Feb 4, 2018
55 min
Irresistible Fiction 5: Club Neutron
Irresistible Fiction 5: Club Neutron It’s a full moon Irresistible Fiction special, coming from a special place where the moonlight doesn’t shine. Getch makes some friends, and tries out the nightlife at Club Neutron.   Club Neutron, the last, best hope for some final chunk of matter, somewhere in the atom, turns out to be mostly illusions. Illusions, and maybe bad business decisions. While Getch talks quantum mechanics with Inga the bartender, the Incredible Quarks are on stage making things appear and disappear. With their magic act, the concept of anything solid in the universe survives on an Einsteinian technicality. As Inga says: “It’s not a bad trick though. Everywhere you look isn’t there until you look there. You look somewhere else, and what was once there, stops being there anymore. It’s the Incredible Quarks. Always one step ahead of you.”   You might want to read up on quarks. Quarks are randomly, appearing somethings way deep down inside the nucleus of the atom. Einstein says we can call their magic act "mass."   I like Physics Girl. She spells things out easily for people like me.  What Are Quarks? Sugar Edition! What Are Quarks? The Fuse School: What Are Quarks: Nuclear Physics and Science: Thanks to Kyle Schweighauser for being a bouncer; Jebediah Wilson for looking after Club Neutron's best interests, and Inga Wilson for being an inspirational bartender at the core of reality. Dan Marks, from News Sausage, and formerly of Chaos Theory Radio, was the Great Nad. There were Sounds! Warning Alarm - Beeps Sound Effects All sounds: Busy Bar Ambiance - Talk and Music: 12 Epic Explosion Sound Effects [High Quality]: BIG EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECTS (Mp3 Pack Download): collapse sound effects (dźwięki zawalenia/zniszczenia): Explosion Sound Effects (Mp3 Download Link): Hit/Boom/Impact/Thud (Movie Trailer Cinematic) - Sound Effect: Machine Gun Sound Effects | Bullet Machine Guns Firing Sound Effect | Royalty Free Sound Effects: Metal door - Sound effects: Mixing Drinks - Ice / Glass / Pouring / Shaking: Objects falling and crashing Sound Effect: RESTAURANT sound effects ambience, 8 HOURS of restaurant background noise busy fancy diner #1: Pounding on Metal Door Sound Effect: Space Door Air Lock Release Sound Effect 2017 - Free Download: Space Ship Cruising Sound Effects Library Collection: Spaceship Fast Takeoff Sound Effect: Star Wars Spaceship take off sound effect 1: Thud Sound Effects All Sounds: Sakebeats Club Beat » Clubbeat_03.wav: Gun sound effects heard in movies: Bar Glass Clinks & Slides Sound Effect  Hi - Resolution Audio:  
Jan 28, 2018
18 min
Irresistible Fiction to Date: Episodes 1-4
Irresistible Fiction is best if you listen to a handful of episodes at a time. Here's the complete collection to date.
Dec 31, 2017
11 min
Irresistible Fiction 4: Give Your Symbols Power
Irresistible Fiction 4: Give Your Symbols Power   A jet pack ride interrupted. Whispers of Einstein. Why it’s good to be fictional. Jingle Bells. Graffitti. Wikipedia: Atomic Nucleus   Atomic Nucleus on Windows to the Universe   Relative Size of: Atoms, Nucleus, Neutrons and Electrons Find Irresistible Fiction on facebook: Email us at:   "Jingle Bells" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License The scream is a mix of the Wilhelm Scream, Alan Ruck from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Disney’s Goofy Yell. Lots of different crowd noise tracks went into the making of this episode: Fotball Soccer Match Stadium Ambience Sound -|- 8 hours Sleep, Relax, Meditate, Ambience: By: LiveRecords CROWD IN STADIUM SOUND EFFECT FREE, By: BLUE Sound Effects Soccer stadium Sound Effect, By: Music Free Library ♪ Stadium Crowd Sound Effects | One Hour | HQ, By: n Beats   Plus, I also found these sounds on youtube: Body Falls Various Sound FX, By: nathanolson Harry Potter spells soundeffects, By: Benedict L.U. 5 Shocking Explosions Caught On Camera!, By: We Want More Facts High Voltage Electrical Explosion Compilation Electrical Explosion, Electrical fire, High voltage, By: detodounpoco Top 10 Big Movie Screams, By: MegaBig Elevator Sound Effects, By: Nick Judy
Dec 24, 2017
11 min
Irresistible Fiction 3: Subatomic Jet Pack
Irresistible Fiction 3: Subatomic Jet Pack In which Getch’s dimension-hopping doppelganger visits an intergalactic quidditch match in order to point out that it just doesn’t matter. Orkin, Raptor, and Racket imposes its will. Plus, vague rumblings about Einstein letting us all down. All of that, in just eleven minutes, and ten seconds. Or, as Nad commented after listening: “I love the sound of your show. I wasn't sure if I  was too high, or not high enough, for the subject matter.” Regarding the previous episode, “Utter Bullshit,” Nad says, “ I felt like I was walking through the fog with someone on mushrooms.” With reviews like that, you know you’re getting a quality podcast, dealing with important issues, delivered with a heaping pile of bullshit. And, according to Mrs. Nad, you can also count on a touch of Nuclear Blue Balls. But wait, there’s more, if you listen now, we guarantee you 100% more Quantum Bullshit!!   A tip of the hat to the Orkin, Raptor, and Racket legal team. You know you’re putting out important material when someone takes the time to slap a legal disclaimer on it. Drop us a line:   Music:  “Slow Burn,” by Kevin  Comments:  Curator: WFMU  Sound Effects: “Fotball Soccer Match Stadium Ambience Sound -|- 8 hours Sleep, Relax, Meditate, Ambience” By LiveRecords “Howling Wind Sound -|- 8 Hours sound of wind noise for sleep, relax, ambience, meditation etc.” By LiveRecords “Flag flapping in the wind, parachute, fabric (looped), sound effect” By Sound Berries
Nov 29, 2017
11 min
Irresistible Fiction 2: Utter Bullshit
Irresistible Fiction 2: Utter Bullshit Almost a century ago, scientists searched to find the smallest particle of matter in the microverse.  Instead, they found puzzles and funhouse reflections. Deep down inside the atom, things got strange, and even Albert Einstein tried to sweep it all under the rug. But that strangeness at the core of the atom sat under that metaphorical rug, and waited. Every once and awhile, we lifted the corner of the rug and picked out little bits of quantum strangeness that suited our needs. But most of it, we avoided as improbable, waiting for another Einstein to sort it all out for us. Bullshit, my friends, is on the rise, and reaching historic levels.   Across the multiverse, it appears that all of those little bits of quantum strangeness have reached critical mass.  The pent up quantum strangeness appears to have  begun to release itself in historic, multi-cosmic waves of bullshit. There has been a surge in first, and second term Trump presidencies across an infinite number of worlds. In a dark, and frightening swath of the unending abyss, Trump has seized power in America as a warrior king, leading literal packs of wolves from Wall Street. The infrastructure in place, to protect against the build-up of bullshit is old and weak. In a frightening array of worlds, the bullshit flood is topping walls that have stood solid for centuries. If Trump is President in your world, know that you are currently experiencing historic levels of bullshit. Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure when you can hope to reach peak bullshit. Until bullshit levels return to normal, please use common sense as much a possible. Eventually, we are afraid, the whole multi-cosmos will be awash in bullshit. Then, and only then, will we be able to come to terms with what scared Albert Einstein. But, that’s for another episode. In the meantime, a little uncertainty will be good for us all. Bill Murray: “It just doesn’t matter.” That’s Bill Murray, chanting at the end of this episode. The clip his from his role as a summer camp counselor who helps a boy come to terms with his terminal cancer. Murray won the best supporting actor Oscar in the 1979 tear-jerker, Meatball Stew.   Music: Broke For Free "As Colorful As Ever" URL: Comments: Curator: Music for Video Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial:   Kevin MacLeod "Slow Burn" URL: Comments: Curator: WFMU Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution:
May 11, 2017
8 min
Irresistible Fiction 1: The Habit of Being Fictional
Irresistible Fiction 1: The Habit of Being Fictional The Datasphere plays a role in Being Fictional: We would like to define “datasphere.” but it doesn’t look like anybody agrees on a definition: Oxford Dictionary: NOUN Science Fiction  The notional environment in which digital data is stored; especially the Internet viewed in this way. Also (Science Fiction): the space of virtual reality, cyberspace. Urban Dictionary: TOP DEFINITION datasphere datasphere is an electronica/dance-based collective out of chicago, Illinois. Not some info technology, software or IT-based mumbo-jumbo. Or some name out of a silly science-fiction novel. have you ever heard of datasphere? their music is dope! Chitown represent. Net Lingo: datasphere A play on the word "atmosphere," this refers to data that is transmitted via satellites. See also : teleport   NetLingo Classification: Online Jargon - See more at:   Shutterstock checks in on Datapshere. I don’t know if this is intentionally corny, or not.   Get it? It’s a Data Sphere. Music:   Good Times by Podington Bear The last ones by Jahzzar JENNY'S THEME by Jason Shaw   Sounds Effects:   Radio Tuning Sound Effect by Audio Productions Radio Static Sound Effect by ParadoxMirror Get in touch with the good folks at the Orkin, Raptor, Racket, International’s Department of Pandimensional Communication by email:      
Mar 11, 2017
5 min
Pre-Irresistible Fiction: Agent Cola Jakes
Pre-Irresistible Fiction: Agent Cola Jakes There is so much more in this world, and all others, than you can possibly imagine. This world is a bit of a police state.   Nick’s Trouble-Making Comic   Carl Jung, and the Collective Unconscious What is the Collective Unconscious   If you see something. Say something:   Music: The last ones by Jahzzar Metamorphosis (remix Zelf Bloemen) by Coldnoise We Have All We've Ever Wanted (Instrumental) byYACHT Ignorance is Bliss by MindsEye & Dr. Rinkel There Is Something Wrong by Mystery Mammal     Sound Effects: Dead Air SOUND Effect Sound Effects PD Short Circuit - SOUND EFFECT - Elektrischer Kurzschluss BerlinAtmospheres
Jan 11, 2017
19 min
Pre-Irresistible Fiction: Occam's Razor
Pre-Irresistible Fiction: Occam’s Razor Still trying to understand what’s happening with the former Occupy the Media Podcast. I’m not willing to believe we are witnessing actual interdimensional communication. So, I’m considering other reasons involving collusion, trickery, and mind-f*ckery. Occam’s Razor seems to be the best pathway to a solution. “The most useful statement of the principle for scientists is "when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better." Occam’s Razor on wikipedia: My two choices are: somehow, another version of me, in a different dimension, has perfected interdimensional communication; or, somebody is messing with me big time in this dimension. Until I get proof of the potential for interdimensional communication, I’m inclined to accept trickery from within our local dimension. Drop me a line at I will have a website up soon. Probably, or If you have knowledge about the topics in this podcast, or if you see anything on social media that reflects the topics raised in this podcast, please let me know about it: Interdimensional communication Quantum theory, especially Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Digital voice reproduction Literary theory, narrative writing, fiction writing, or if you write fiction. High strangeness: have you had strange, possibly interdimensional encounters recently? Here’s the music I used for this post: Last Dance by Jahzzar Happy Feelings by Dan Lizard Bad Panda #127 by Hypermagic Dirt Rhodes by Kevin MacLeod Autumn Sunset by Jason Shaw Jenny’s Theme by Jason Shaw
Nov 13, 2016
15 min
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