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Used to be a HUGE FAN!
I love this soooo very much! I am anxiously waiting for more episodes! It’s mentally stimulating and creates amazing conversations amongst friends. Wish I could hang out with you ladies! (Alix and Hanna) I am so very confused on why you switched gears on this pod. Bring back Alix and Hanna. This pod used to bring me to tears and I felt the emotions conveyed. I am just not sure what’s happening here but I will have to politely bow out and hope Alix and Hanna switch gears and start another pod with or without NPR. Disappointed....
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Poor speaking voice
Yowei speaks too fast and mumbles . Is she saying 219? 209? 2uh9? 2a9? Still don’t know. Change is fine but speaking clearly does not go out of style.
Vocal fry boo!
Welcome to the “let’s all hate white people” podcast from NPR. What happened?
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This podcast has lost its way
I used to be a real fan of this podcast. It was a little science and a little humanity all mixed together to show us that sometimes the world isn’t quite the way it appears. However, somewhere in the sixth season it began to lose its way. Now in the seventh the programs have just become boring rehashes of other peoples work perhaps in a different place. The series on Stockton it’s very similar to the podcast “the improvement society“. I think the producers and the writers should perhaps read the description of their own podcast. So far in the seventh season they seem to be taking up the same space as “code switch”.
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~film fan
The Chaos Machine killed it for me
This episode is attacking a small biased news source. Biased, like, say, NPR, Fox, CNN, and so on? The truth is always somewhere in between. This is an utter waste of journalism.
Please bring back Lulu and Hanna!
They were two of my favourite podcasters, their voice, the intentionality of the way they approached their subject, just the best! I miss them and don’t know where to now get my fix!
This is not Invisabilia
“Eat the Rich” = all white people are rich and evil; all black people are charity cases. Zero nuance. Zero thought put into this. Just more and more of the same group think that is one side to what is tearing this country apart (Trumpsters being the other side). This is not the podcast I once loved and highly recommended. No thanks. Unsubscribing.
I get why reviewers resist change
First off, Invisibilia is a pillar of light, revealing the invisible and uncovering the things we try to make invisible again. Change is difficult to deal with sometimes. The one star reviewers are not ready to accept change. Whether you are ready or not, change comes. This podcast attempts to bring “all the invisible things” to our attention. I’d even add it brings to light topics listeners consciously or unconsciously know about, but would rather ignore and force it back to invisibility. The thing is, once you’ve seen it (or rather heard it), it cannot be undone. Invisibilia is planting seeds. Seeds don’t ask to be planted, they just are. You may not be ready right now, but you don’t need to be, the seed will grow with or without you, because of you or in spite of you. It’s inevitable. It’s change. Thank you to all the incredible people working on the Invisibilia Podcast for continuing to shine a light uncovering the ugly, the beauty and the awe.
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Pcful LivIn
Politically one-sided
I’ve loved the storytelling and creativity from this show for a while now!! But... more and more it’s starting to feel quite politically one-sided. I suppose it was never here to give logic, just emotional stories, but I sure wish we were hearing more from both sides. Socialist ideologies are popular now so we hear “you have more? Must mean you’re evil and should feel guilty. You have an advantage of some sort? Proof of injustice” rather than investigating these faith-based assumptions. I guess questioning culture is the dangerous thing to do today considering possible cancellation. Hopefully you’ll be able try doing that in a skillful, understanding way as in the first seasons. I’d like to add: since when is racism against *anyone* ok? If the things people say about white people in your podcast would get them fired if said about black people, you need to reconsider your moral ground. Treating people more poorly and making negative assumptions about them based on skin color will always be racism. No amount of history or victim feelings will change that. If you want to fight hate, fight with love not more hate. Frankly, the hypocrisy is getting old.
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I’m a progressive NPR listener, but the topics of the new season are not interesting. I used to enjoy this show a lot when opened up more questions than answers. It showed an empathetic, nuanced approach to its human subjects. Now there is only one “correct” way to see things, and any possible objections are framed as “discomfort”. In the first episode, why do they act like the only races that exist in the US are black and white? B&W thinking seems to have ruined this podcast.
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Beautifully done
I’ve followed this podcast from the beginning, enjoying its evolution from the scrappy beginning. The latest episode, and the handoff to the new hosts is a brilliant example of how to make sure good work keeps getting better. It’s a pleasure to hear the perspective of new voices. The suggestion that white people of privilege give discomfort a try is brilliant. Many thanks for all of the great work!
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One of my new favorites
Found this podcast yesterday and listened to 10 or so episodes. It’s so great and I love the stories they’re covering. I see a lot of reviews that are like “oh I hate how woke it is now” which just affirms that we need stuff like this, especially from large news sources. I applaud the diversity of the team and the stories they’re covering and the content itself is entertaining, interesting, and weird.
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White person
This podcast used to be decent. Now I must turn to 209 times for my reality
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Interesting content, but what’s with the editing?
I’m on my third episode where it just jumps from one section to another mid-sentence. I checked this in all cases to make sure it wasn’t happening on my end. It’s not. It’s baked into the finished product. How is this making it out the door with goofs of this magnitude?
A good TD is hard to find
New episodes are whining in tone and content. Very one sided politically as with soo many other podcasts. The vocal fry of new hosts is so irritating and distracting from the content. Stop trying to have a cool podcaster voice!!!
Loving the new season so far
I’m loving the expansion of voices this season. All of the bad ratings seem to me like people who like expanding their minds if the content is delivered by white people and geared toward white people but anything less than that and it’s somehow pandering garbage? Keep doing what you’re doing!
Woke drivel
Now just another podcast about evil white people.
jonny bagels
Just not interesting anymore
Remember when they used to talk about science and brains and stuff.
Becoming political 👎🏼
This used to be a interesting thoughtful podcast. Not loving where it is headed and probably won’t be listening anymore.
it’s different, but still engaging!
i respect the original hosts’ decision to hand the show off! it is definitely more overtly political and america-centric for the first two episodes of this new season, but everything is political and always has been :) i’m still super engaged and eager to follow along with the stockton arc!
Used to be apolitical, now it’s hard woke
The first season was fantastic, the second and third were good... Though it’s been becoming more and more PC . Topics have shifted. Hosts are now women of color. If you really want to please the PC police, one of the hosts needs to be lesbian and disabled, the other an undocumented trans woman. Even then , eventually you will be “called out” for something and brought down. The woke machine will not spare anyone.
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i'm not a trumpite
Going downhill fast
I used to really enjoy this podcast but it’s becoming very politically one sided and the new hosts are not impressing me. Very disappointed and close to unsubscribing.
Old seasons are great. “eat the rich” is absolutely absurd, will not be listening anymore
Grody Johnson
Newest episode is...not very good? While I recognize that it’s a necessary conversation, and the debate around reparations can be incredibly interesting and robust, this episode delivered it in an incredibly un-nuanced and tautological way. Frankly, it also doesn’t seem to fit with the original premise of the show. I don’t know how these viewpoints that are parroted in every corner of the internet are “unseen forces”. There is perhaps a layer at which they could’ve explored this topic that unearthed something interesting, new, or thought-provoking, but this didn’t do it. I no longer know what Invisibilia is, or what it’s trying to be.
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Amazing Reboot
All of the one star reviews are motivated by serious white fragility. I am a white person and I felt that it was important that my privilege was called out in the way they did in “Eat the Rich”. Sometimes feeling uncomfortable is the best way to move forward and recognize that you have advantages that others don’t. Thank you to the new hosts for using this platform to do the hard work. I’m excited to see what comes next!
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Okay what happened after the first couple seasons? I used to recommend this podcast to every single person who asked! I can’t anymore.... Guys, you’re no longer serving the people as a greater population. Thanks for your earlier work..
New Hosts, Annoying Speakers
I notice both of your new hosts have an irritating way of speaking. They trail off the last syllable of every sentence or thought so that the sound comes out as if they have no more breath. I love your stories but I cannot listen to these speakers. It’s distracting and annoying. Good luck.
Great first episode
I figured this would be a good episode when I saw a bunch of white people writing negative reviews complaining about “wokeness” lol. I was right, great episode. Looking forward to this season.
A Very Good Podcast
I am loving the chance to hear new voices with new hosts. Excited to see how this newest season unfolds. If you’re just discovering Invisibilia, I’m jealous! I’ve been thinking about multiple episodes from each season since hearing them.
Downhill fast
This show has declined in quality so much. It used to challenge and it’s just generic, uninspired woke garbage.
Not woke enough
Wake up and create a better podcast!
Emotional first episode
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident. I usually try to start with the first episode when I find a new one, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. I had to stop what I was doing when they told the story of Martin Pistorius. Instant subscriber after listening to that episode. *edited to add: I saw a few reviews crying about how the newest episode eat the rich upset them. If you found yourself upset over the content of that episode then guess what, you’re a part of the problem. For far to long too many Americans have been more than happy to rub the accomplishments of the United States in the faces of others without any regard with how those accomplishments were achieved in the first place. If you’re one of the stupid people who are quick to point out that slavery ended long ago and no one alive has been a slave or slave owner, you should probably take the time to learn about how the US restructured itself shortly after slaves were emancipated. A good place to start would be how sharecropping replaced slavery, as well as how 150 years of American apartheid helped shape this country. The deep seated desire to ignore the issue of race over the duration of this countries existence is why we STILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH RACISM TODAY!
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Unbelievable and unsubscribed!
I am a biracial woman and today I heard on your podcast that a biracial man, half Mexican and half black, wanted “white people” to pay him retribution for his black heritage. I was stunned and today will be the last day I listen to this podcast. I am Hispanic and Native American and I am also a single mom, raising a 14 yo boy on my own since he was one year old. I take pride that I never went on welfare or public assistance. I just worked and saved money and focused on what was important in life. I didn’t blame people for my circumstances. I don’t understand this mentally and I don’t apologize for not wanting to. They can call me a racist or bigot but what “they” say doesn’t bother me. My son and I became a statistic the day we were left to fend on our own and I’ll be damned if I fall into that stereotype. I will not support this type of thinking by listening to this podcast. Good bye Invisibilia.
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Went from Mind Expanding to Mind Numbing
Much like Radiolab the founders of Invisibilia have handed over the keys to the next generation, who’ve steered these podcasts directly into a ditch. It is now a smoldering heap of insipid arguments, vocal fry, “like”, toxic yankee identity politics, and sassy entitlement.
grey Filastine
Full disclosure: I’m what you would describe as a “woke liberal” and I love NPR shows. The most recent “Eat the Rich” episode was...bad. I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve here but they failed. Are you seriously insinuating that all white people should give their money away? That’s the way to fix the systemic issues in this country? That is truly delusional.
Used to love and recommend
I’m sooo disappointed by the first episode of this new season. I used to recommend invisibilia to everyone for its thoughtful nuanced takes, but season 7 is totally one sided
New listener Please help
I’m indigenous and you guys are really helping me I have no family and I’ve been through several suicide attempts.
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Great for Republicans
The whole point of this show was to cast a light on something that was hiding. By the end of an episode it was impossible NOT to see something in a new way. So it was rather perplexing and sad to have such wonderfully deep, introspective material replaced by something so shallow. This is exactly the kind of content that got us Trump. That condescending tone of: “this is the correct opinion and if you disagree you are racist.” Here was an opportunity to show people who may have been uncertain, why reparations is important. Or at least cause them to think deeply about it. But the nuanced, introspective Invisibilia of yore has vanished, and as a result, so have many listeners. People whose minds might have been changed. The ‘Kale’ moment was particularly stupid. When visiting a new place, one should expect the cultural norms to be different. Don’t get offended and upset just because people from a different place use a slightly different type of vegetable. I just can’t get over how disappointing this episode was. We’ve lost Reply All, and now it seems another great podcast has died.
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Roy MacNeil
Not bad, but not Invisibilia anymore
The show was interesting and it's something I'd listen to, but it's just not Invisibilia and to simply shove the new show into its slot is a bit janky.
Glad you’re back
I found this podcast during the pandemic and listened to all of them. Some twice. This newest episode provokes thoughts of where do I fit in. I’m mixed race. No matter how you feel about it, it is thought provoking material and that’s what I’m looking for. Well done. Thank you.
Not that good
Sorry guys, slavery was practically universal feature of humanity. America stopped the horrible practice of slavery before many other countries. Many countries had slavery until the 20th century. White people like all people enslaved people and were enslaved. People, please learn your history.
Miss the old hosts!
Love the first few seasons, the later seasons are okay but I thought the better conversations were held in earlier episodes.
I liked the old hosts better and the way they talk about the subjects is not as engaging
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Glad the show is back!
Glad to have new hosts with new perspectives. Thought the first episode so far was very thought-provoking and has been lingering in my mind since I listened to it. Can’t wait to hear more :)
Great show turned lame
The new hosts are capitalizing on the Invisibilia brand but the newest season is boring.
Used to be the best podcast.
The first season of as amazing. I lost interest during the second, but gave it another go with the recent “eat the rich” episode. Unfortunately the quality has greatly diminished. The show is one-sided, preachy, whining, and unimaginative.
I used to really like this show, I am left unsubscribing with a bad taste in my mouth. New episode was one of the most disgusting pieces of audio I have ever heard. New hosts are not even a shade of what once was. Don’t waste your time with this, I’m not.
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