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Intelligence Matters
Michael has a great way of asking questions, he’s unbiased, direct and frank. He has a logical and profound approach to crucial conversations. Great show.
Unmatched Insight into the US Intelligence Community
Professional, succinct, and informative. Each episode is a different angle on the intelligence community enterprise from different administrations and eras. Students, professionals, and enthusiasts can all come away having learned valuable. Many years after this series ends, everyone should still listen to to these episodes. The only negative is that the conversations are too short. Other positives: Excellent audio quality, minimal ads, and professional interview techniques.
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Credible, Detailed, Authentic, Entertaining
Credible host and guests whose tenures have spanned decades in the field of intelligence across multiple agencies. I just started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and can’t get enough. The questions are thought out, the stories are detailed, high level yet balanced in a way that flows and is easy to digest. An authentic portrayal and behind the curtains look into what spies, FBI agents, CIA operatives, embedded journalists and others go through and how they think about past experiences and the world today.
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Rapp Wine
10/10, wish there was a recommended reading list!!
This is one of my all time favorite podcasts! I love the topics covered and the incredible insights that are provided. Intelligence does matter! I wish there was a reading list of the books discussed and authors interviewed because this pod makes me want to read them all and keep learning!
Pinky the Pink Banana Boat
FBI needs to be broken up
The CIA and FBI knew before the inauguration in Jan. 2017 that the dossier was false after interviewing the sub source. The fake investigation lasted 4 years and 6 investigations with zero evidence. After many FOIA rulings we have Obama’s own State Dept. warning Obama about what Biden was doing, and Obama gave the go ahead. Now with evidence from the FOIA requests the Bidens are getting paid be Russia, China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and others, the FBI covers. The FBI is political top to bottom. Needs to be broken up. It is not just the top 1% that were bad but most.
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Freddie bag of donuts
One quibble
Love the podcast. My one and only quibble is: Michael almost exclusively asks questions without ever offering any point of view himself. I would enjoy the interviews much, much more if you were to tee up the questions with something - anything - from your own experience (perhaps challenging given classification issues) or your own pint of view (certainly allowable). In general the questions are great ... yet the i tee views could be better if you contributed to the discussion instead of limiting yourself.
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Dreads Fan
Generally interesting but increasingly displays an obvious liberal bent
This podcast is generally interesting and informative, however, it’s recently become more and more obviously bent towards liberalism. The host has made comments and brought on guests that are overly-political and who make it hard to listen to their opinions due to their obvious bias against Trump. I’m not a fan of Trump and would not want to listen to a Trump-leaning podcast either. I just wish these types of podcasts could stick with the facts instead of adding biased commentary.
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Rob Watts
Mandatory listening. As an intel officer in the Army National Guard I use this to stay connected with the big picture and I recommend it to all of my subordinates. Thank you for sharing a lifetime of experience.
John Brennan? Unsubscribe then Delete From Library. Unbelievable.
It’s interesting to parse what Brennan stated in that podcast. With one fork of the tongue he stated he was not, nor was his agency, Partisan. Then, with the other fork of his tongue, went on to denigrate a right wing, a President and a political party. For a man that once owned a high level of ethics, he has shaved those ethics over the decades, to recently when he doesn’t even recognize the person he has become. He tries to stand far away from everything, events that are now known to be immoral or wrong, when he was close to it or in charge. His bias is evident. His partisanship is evident. Sad, self-serving and Not very America supporting.
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Ron JL.
Went Political
Had to do it - all of your credibility has been lost... Couldn’t help yourself; get out of the beltway and run an analysis of competing hypothesis on your confirmation bias.
reasonable man in the midwest
Super insightful
Every episode I’ve listened to has been a real learning experience! One in particular, however, I found to stand out from the rest in a negative way. It was the last episode with Antony Blinken. I love the way this podcast typically avoids getting political and is based on facts. I was excited to hear from Mr. Blinken, but unfortunately—just like we saw at the DNC—I didn’t learn a whole lot about Biden’s future policies minus “Trump is bad”.
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Good content at times
The declassified interviews are the most interesting. The podcast is tainted by partisan views and the host never misses a chance to take a shot and discredit the current administration. Take everything with a grain of salt.
Interesting, accessible
Great podcast, good balance between personal stories, events, and policy. Enjoyed the discussion with Rodney Faraon, and would be interested in learning about the different paths taken by those that joined the IC mid-career. Thanks for a great podcast, appreciate your work.
Great topics; unfortunately biased
These topics are so important. The host seems to have done good work in his past, but unfortunately seems to have a bad case of sour grapes and is now gas-lighting.
Super Duty User
Top notch
Good sound, well produced interesting guests, timely. Reasonable length. Don’t. Don’t let the episode lengths increase.
Former CIA Analyst Rodney Faroan
VERY interesting and different interview! Loved it. All the episodes are fantastic btw, just thought give nod to this one in particular
Great find...
It’s rare that I can sit through a full podcast and be interested the whole time. This one does a great job doing that. It’s short enough to keep my attention, but long enough to tell a proper story and conduct a tight interview.
Totally absorbed!
Love learning about the fascinating process and top tier thinking that goes into intelligence cases. My teen boys love it too!
Lis Strasser
Intelligence Matters
Absolutely informative, smart, calcifies and insightful!!! Please keep this podcast going👍🏽❗️
Effective and engaging
One of my favorite podcasts, timely and interesting guests and well thought out discussions.
Ambassador James Cunningham
Such a great interview. Thank you Michael Morrell for bringing another great American to our attention. I look forward to every episode. Michael has a wonderful manner and calm voice so easy to listen to. Excellent podcast!
lts 1957
Always honest, insightful, and inspiring discussions with the extraordinary people who keep our nation functioning, often under very trying conditions. A must listen/learn for those interested in working with/for our government.
Martin Caldwell
James Cunningham
What a great interview. He should not worry about annexation. That was just a vote getting stunt. As soon as he got serious pushback, Netanyahu folded. As usual.
Exceptional Podcast
Fascinating guests and host! I would love to hear an episode on the International Affairs Budget and the intelligence community’s view on this topic.
Waning Indoctrination
Starting to get better. Used to be pretty obvious with their bias, almost insultingly so, but has been better as of lately. Keep it up, please. I love the idea of this show.
J Montell
I like it but...
There is something unsettling about the podcast being sponsored by Lockheed Martin.
Spammy b
Intelligent & Fascinating
Thank you for such a great podcast. Intelligent, entertaining, and sometimes fascinating.additionally, I have gotten a couple of good book recommendations-Billion dollar spy and agents of innocence. Please keep on keepin’ on!
Expat Pats Fan
A Thinker’s Podcast
I have been a follower of Michaels since first seeing him as an expert opinion guest on CBS News. Each of those vignettes are too short. I was glad to find this podcast and thoroughly enjoy the deep dives the format allows. Great questions and insights.
Indecisive Gourmet
Greg K
Michael is an excellent interviewer. He is incredibly skilled at asking probing questions at the right time. He is also very well connected and respected, allowing him to get a star-studded lineup of people to interview. Probably the best podcast I have ever listened to.
greg K virginia
Smart analysis
Mike Morrell is a dedicated public servant whose ability to break down complex issues is a gift. Smartest analysis on global issues you will find
Exceptional POD for National Security Junkies
A must for those who follow national security issues.
Dub Nation in East Coast Exile
Great podcast. So interesting.
I found it through community news podcast with paul and Sasha. A funny take on community news. Highly recommend too. Will add your show to my library now too.
Progressive Intel Proffesional
This is a great podcast. I’m put off, at times, by the obvious political bias. It undercuts the repeated statement that “it doesn’t affect my work” . The guests are outstanding. The dialogue and subject matter relevant and fresh. Keep up a great effort!
Deep state swamp dweller
Hopefully Morell was never tasked with covert ops as a condition of his IC career. His leading questions, to elicit a narrative, are as opaque as Hillary’s bathroom server. That Morell and his “fellow travelers” continue to propagate “mah Russia” on behalf of obama and Hillary writ large, in an effort to conceal their treasonous acts committed against American citizens, will be recorded in the annals of history and follow them to their graves.
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Truth for the masses
Great show.., this is why I moved from the Bay Area to the Ozark's.., around here A I still stands for Apathy & Ignorance.., the common response to all important questions is "I don't know & I don't care!"...
"US Atty. John Durham"
Why is "US Atty. John Durham" the DOJ's "singular go-to guy" for all potential "misconduct" matters related to our (and worldwide) "intelligence matters"? (Good Question!) In a "highly developed democracy" shouldn't there be continually-new DOJ investigators leading investigations (especially congressionally requested ones) into allegations of potential I.C. misconduct? (Hmmm... I wonder?) Doesn't the possibility of having a single investigator leading all "misconduct investigations" increase the odds for misconduct by said person said investigations? Of Course It Does...!!!
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He who wasn't.
Intelligence Matters
Excellent, quiet questioning of people in the thick of it. Insightful, informative.
Mr. Goodear
Intelligence Matters - Former Head of Digital Innovation — Sean Roche
A serious show that reminds us how many superlatively professional and extremely qualified and competent public servants have dedicated their careers to this country.
Logistics Please
Great podcast; nearly every episode is filled with great info. Please interview an IC logistics person. It's not as exciting, but it's critical and would be great to hear more about it.
Owen me money
Great Podcast
Does the CIA recruit members of all ages? I've noticed that many of your retire at young ages? Is that mandatory?
Barbara Slavin
I appreciate Ms. Slavin’s experience and knowledge, but admit this pod was not a favorite of mine. She came across more as an advocate for Iran, rather than someone who brought balanced perspective. Maybe that was the point and that is fine. Unless I have missed it, might I respectfully suggest Rep. Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin to discus foreign policy, or another appearance by Rep. Will Hurd from Texas, who I was introduced to on this pod and have great respect for. Thank you.
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FPD 8_2
Heavily Biased but Good
There are so few really intelligent podcasts about the IC. This one is easily the best. Keep in mind that it is heavily biased and overtly anti-Trump. If it were more neutral and balanced, I would give it 5 stars. Regardless, the guests are legends of the IC and their shared experiences alone are well worth the listen.
Susan Rice
It’s December 24 and I’ve just listened to the hour long podcast literally hanging on every word. I’m also halfway through Rice's book which led me to this podcast. She is candid, refreshingly so, at a time when leaders hide behind their true beliefs. I find that so frustrating and damaging. Our country needs moral courage in dealing with the threat that our democracy may soon be seriously damaged. 2020 better have better vision than what we’ve had in the past 4 or 5 years or we could be toast.
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Susan Rice
Great interview and insight into her career and personal perspectives. Hope she continues to influence public policy in some way and that many others will follow in her footsteps. Big fan of this podcast and it’s current and historical accounting of international affairs with Michael and guests who were and are directly involved with them.
Bill-San Francisco
Great content, try to hide your bias
Really outstanding podcast. I just wish he didn’t view me as a deplorable. Not calling me the name, but choosing to never err off the political side which pays him: CBS news.
necessary listening
I strongly disagree with some of the guests, and strongly endorse the views of others. The point is that this is a non-partisan (or multi-partisan?) look at some areas of our government that many of us have strong opinions on without actually knowing a lot about them. Listen to the various viewpoints and get educated! I look forward to this every week, and learn something every time.
No more presidential candidates
I love this show because it does not get drug down into the partisan muck. Please, please no more presidential candidates. It was cringeworthy listening to Bennett pretend to play the analyst. He’s a politician running for the presidency. It was a political diatribe. I can watch that all day on the news. Please be different, Michael. Your show is better than that.
get rid of the politics
no one in the intelligence community cares about “political landscape.” give us the facts about the hard targets... get over the fact that clinton lost and you lost money from supporting her campaign.
I thought this was about intelligence not politics?
I enjoyed previous episodes on this podcast but I was very disappointed having Senator Bennet on to trash Trump for most of the interview. He picks his facts and ignores others that don’t support his point of view. I subscribed to this podcast because of my interest in security but have no interest in listening to guests who just want to criticize the current administration and self promote because they’re so much smarter than the rest of us. Bennet has polled at zero percent in his bid for the presidency so he’s not connecting to voters.
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