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Total garbage
This podcast exemplifies everything that is wrong with the intelligence establishment in Washington DC today. Adam Schiff? Seriously you guys? I am totally convinced that the CIA and the FBI could be totally disbanded and our country would be better off for it. White nationalist groups are also the major threat to our security... all 10 people! Are these guys for real? Do they know how stupid they sound?
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Cut the long teasers
The topics are hit or miss for me, but Michael Morrell is a good interviewer. If I have one gripe with the format, it’s the two-minute teaser at the top of each episode. Just introduce the guest and get on with it!
Espionage Junkie Get’s Sated
The amount of ancillary information I learn from this podcast is as valuable as the explicit. Who knew so many intelligence types read/wrote in CFR’s Foreign Affairs publication for example? Morell does an excellent job at pretending to be universally neutral and how interesting is it that Dr. Faucci (then an unknown) talked with him about biological threats -before- Covid.
J. X. R. H.
Very clear bias
The program holds a very clear bias. The guests and host discuss events or policies and their views on these events and policies are typically left-of-center. The views aren’t a surprise, given these views are the same views held by many Washington D.C. bureaucrats, but it is surprising that the program seems to want to put on an heir of objectivity. Maybe that’s not possible to do with a podcast that discusses policies but i rated the program one star since they host rarely brings on guests that hold different views and rarely asks them for their opinion of policies. The search for a decent intelligence-related podcast continues.
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Michael Morrell
Repeats right-wing talking points
about the Wuhan lab leak. Disseminating what is considered to be a conspiracy theory doesn’t help anything but it seems to be Metzl’s wheelhouse (I know he’s a Democrat). I think he is after publicity. Why are we focusing on China at this point in the pandemic? Does the public really need to constantly hear something totally unproven that has been dismissed by 99% of virologists? The virus samples do not match. I don’t care if this remote possibility continues to be investigated, but why are you pushing this to the public? What is the public supposed to do when presented with something there’s zero evidence for? It matches Fox News. Please help Stop Asian Hate by ending the constant drumbeat of innuendo that motivates violent people to “do something.”
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How can you get education and entertainment into one podcast? Leave it up to former CIA members and other talented people in the community, that’s how! This is my all time favorite podcast. As a nerd for National Security you can’t ask for a better person than Michael Morell to present you with fascinating conversations in a format that when looked at from any altitude you see the target. I absolutely love this podcast and it’s my staple for quality mental food and joyous listening. Thank you so much for this content!!!!
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CPOST 1/6 Researcher
While the content of the episode was largely decent, there was one thing that bothered me—the guest kept saying “we’ve never seen anything like this before” in reference to the Capitol insurrection on 1/6. I encourage that guest to pick up a history book, because there are several examples of fascist insurrections in other countries throughout history, and it’s frankly arrogant of the guest to assume that America is magically immune to these problems.
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Jake Riggs
Just flat out disinformation.
The Bob Pape episode was the last straw. When he says the Capital has never been attacked until 1/6/2021 is he just completely ignorant of the 1971 attack or is he pretending it didn’t happen for narrative effect? How about the 1915 bombing? Or the 1954 attack? Or maybe the 1983 bombing. Which is it, ignorant or lying? Neither is a good look for the “professor.” This podcast is constantly delivering politically biased narrative driven disinformation. That is something that should never be done in the “intelligence” world. Pure trash.
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Ric Flair
Adam Schiff? I tremble for my country to think d-bags like these two are in leadership positions.
I am a sucker for Intelligence podcast
I am currently listening to his episode with Mr Schiff and they are talking about conspiracy and I can’t believe the host (a former CIA) doesn’t have the moral standing to question Schiff about his owns conspiracies. I wasted my time enough with this podcast. The bias is beyond obvious. Not surprising from a former information manipulator.
Willie Suarez
Not very intelligent
Adam Schiff? Jesus Christ...
Daughters of Kobani
Wow what a story. Who knew! This is such an important story. Can’t wait to buy Gayle’s book. Thank you Michael for another great interview.
lts 1957
Eerie to hear Fauci speak a year before the covid pandemic an Dan Coates saying pandemic virus is US biggest weakness. Fauci speaking on it, and various ways it would happen. 😳
stu one
Hey CBS, thanks for reporting unbiased news by way of.. a former CIA official. Trash propaganda. Not today satan!
War profiteers and spooks
Sponsored by a company that will only ever turn a profit through the selling of arms to kill immeasurable numbers of people. Which side are you on?
Swamp loves Swamp, Orange man bad
Lefty swamp garbage. Had potential to be informative but chooses to be biased and not completely honest in assessments of geo-political situations. Swamp cast for swamp creatures.
Odd time
Pulling troops from Afghanistan has undermined Afghan confidence, says former ambassador
I thought this was a very important broadcast with many great thoughts. But I am still struggling with the Ambassador that the best option is a long drawn out effort. Is Afganiztan becoming like Vietnam? Are we are fighting an enemy that wants victory way more than we do and is willing to play the long game? Are we still propping up corrupt governments? Do we keep changing goals? Am I wrong?
Superior Content
While I enjoy the more “civilian” espionage podcasts out there, if you want to hear the real stories from the real people, all while being interviewed by a former CIA Chief Spook, then this will be your “go to” program to invest your time. This is a well reasoned, rather serious, yet entertaining as well as it is informative, Intelligence Program that will capture both the intellectual and the inquisitive listeners’ among us. I suspect that if you have read this review up to this point, then you already know what’s your next move.
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Scotty Baby 929
Lol at the sponsor. I’m sure this is full of straight forward facts hahahaha
Deeper Content Than the News
I have been a follower of Michaels since first seeing him as an expert opinion guest on CBS News. Each of those vignettes are too short. I have been an avid listener to this podcast for perhaps a year and thoroughly enjoy the deep dives the format allows. Great guests, interview questions and insights -- guaranteed!
Amazing account from the inside
Overall I love the show, it gives me a great perspective of I have the intelligence community works, is comprised of and the importance of these men and women in the field. Our host does a fantastic job in part because of his experience and connections with the people being interviewed. However he does equallyAmazing job of taking the audience, most of whom are not connected with the intelligence community, and bridging the gap. The latest episode with the congresswoman from Virginia inside the capital building while the insurrection was happening was absolutely outstanding. Kudos to another amazing show!
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-c peters
Disappointed in political bias
Good content but disappointed in the left leaning bias that this show has. The intelligence community is supposed to be apolitical and that is often times said in the show, yet Michael continually has left leaning and prominent members of the Democratic Party on his show. It’s embarrassing to me as a member of the IC that he is bringing politics into a show about a community of professionals that are to remain apolitical to best serve our country.
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Is this for real?
I guess when you have a podcast made by one of the worlds largest weapons manufactuers...You are going to get some slant. The host LOVES the term "Vis-a-vie" and is so obnoxious with it. He injects his bias into the stories....granted if you have the same bias you will love this echo chamber. Worst of all the show just isnt interesting. Try TRUE SPIES. MUCH BETTER!!
“Intelligence Matters” is a Top-Notch Podcast
Intelligence Matters is an amazing, unique look at the Intelligence Community and how it operates throughout the world.
Tymahz Toumadje
One quibble
Love the podcast. My one and only quibble is: Michael almost exclusively asks questions without ever offering any point of view himself. I would enjoy the interviews much, much more if you were to tee up the questions with something - anything - from your own experience (perhaps challenging given classification issues) or your own pint of view (certainly allowable). In general the questions are great ... yet the i tee views could be better if you contributed to the discussion instead of limiting yourself. (Updated with a recent example). At the end of the Jamaal Khashogi episode you ask the guest why might Turkey been motivated to make public the evidence so damning of Saudi Arabia. The guest didn’t have an answer more than a tactical one - to avoid the appearance of any involvement on the part of Turkey. You, Michael, I believe we’re asking about a bigger potential motivation , one about which you probably have a point of view. But you didn’t offer your own perspective on this question. Turkey is probably plying it’s own regional game vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia (and Iran for that matter). But you stayed in question-only mode - overly Socratic and offering none of your own perspectives. I want to hear your perpsectives, not just your questions.
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Dreads Fan
CIA, The Great Game and we American pawns
When I first started this series, I was busy with my life, the topics were intriguing and I didn’t have much context and took the words of the podcast guests seriously and as a source of truth and disclosure. Now that we’ve been home, working from home for so long, Looking more closely at what is happening with our government and foreign affairs, I’m shocked, saddened and disappointed in this show. It’s so clear now with the selected guests and topics that the priority is to influence the hearts and minds that one party and their agenda is right and the other is wrong, however, now I’ve seen and heard too much. The veil is lifting. What the CIA have done to their whistleblowers are astonishing, and it’s becoming more clearer everyday why CIA is like a dog with a bone who have their sites on Russia and Korea and would rather we turn a blind eye to China and ignore the damage that CIA and others have done to other countries who have challenged our political agendas and back door deals. We are American pawns. We have been sold out a long time ago and have been living in an illusion of freedom because it’s profitable that way for others and at our own expense of freedom. The CIA, I think, have helped foster this illusion. One of the last straws for this show was the insight to why the CIA morale is suffering and it’s because of the current sitting president. I don’t think so! I’ve seen and heard from whistle blower accounts and there are still good people in this organization who want to do the right things but are stifled by the CIA leadership’s connections and threats, the type you highlight in your show and glorify. I’m horrified. I decided that I’m done with this show when your most recent guest suggested CIA own disinformation management. We will be screwed if that ever happens. No Thank You! We already have a glimpse of who gets to own the narrative and why and CIA are in lockstep with that agenda.
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N Korea
The interview was interesting & well-done. I kept waiting, however, for Q&A about a long-term strategy for KJU, how he turns his weapons into a program for the future, etc. The genius of Trump’s approach was to create a plausible vision for NKorea - & thus the outlines for a possible deal - which the interviewee makes clear was a missed opportunity for the country. I thought the interviewer’s singular focus on what the US should think & do - rather than how we should try to understand NKorea & it’s motivations - was slightly unfortunate.
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Hate is unearned
Take the hate reviews with a grain of salt. Such reviews are common on every podcast that is politically left of George Wallace.
So far the show seems good. However, host uses the phrase vis-a-vis to an incredibly distracting level.
Huge Political Agenda Here
I am not a “Deep State” conspiracy theorist but the gigantic political agenda on this show certainly contributes to that narrative. This is disappointing for me because Michael really brings some unique insights to this show and some good insider guests. Wish you would try to be just a little unbiased. I can’t take it anymore and am going to remove it from my list. Good luck to you. I think you should be honest with yourselves about what you are really trying to do here...I don’t think it is good for our country.
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Intelligence Matters
Michael has a great way of asking questions, he’s unbiased, direct and frank. He has a logical and profound approach to crucial conversations. Great show.
Unmatched Insight into the US Intelligence Community
Professional, succinct, and informative. Each episode is a different angle on the intelligence community enterprise from different administrations and eras. Students, professionals, and enthusiasts can all come away having learned valuable. Many years after this series ends, everyone should still listen to to these episodes. The only negative is that the conversations are too short. Other positives: Excellent audio quality, minimal ads, and professional interview techniques.
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Credible, Detailed, Authentic, Entertaining
Credible host and guests whose tenures have spanned decades in the field of intelligence across multiple agencies. I just started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and can’t get enough. The questions are thought out, the stories are detailed, high level yet balanced in a way that flows and is easy to digest. An authentic portrayal and behind the curtains look into what spies, FBI agents, CIA operatives, embedded journalists and others go through and how they think about past experiences and the world today.
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Rapp Wine
10/10, wish there was a recommended reading list!!
This is one of my all time favorite podcasts! I love the topics covered and the incredible insights that are provided. Intelligence does matter! I wish there was a reading list of the books discussed and authors interviewed because this pod makes me want to read them all and keep learning!
Pinky the Pink Banana Boat
FBI needs to be broken up
The CIA and FBI knew before the inauguration in Jan. 2017 that the dossier was false after interviewing the sub source. The fake investigation lasted 4 years and 6 investigations with zero evidence. After many FOIA rulings we have Obama’s own State Dept. warning Obama about what Biden was doing, and Obama gave the go ahead. Now with evidence from the FOIA requests the Bidens are getting paid be Russia, China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and others, the FBI covers. The FBI is political top to bottom. Needs to be broken up. It is not just the top 1% that were bad but most.
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Freddie bag of donuts
Generally interesting but increasingly displays an obvious liberal bent
This podcast is generally interesting and informative, however, it’s recently become more and more obviously bent towards liberalism. The host has made comments and brought on guests that are overly-political and who make it hard to listen to their opinions due to their obvious bias against Trump. I’m not a fan of Trump and would not want to listen to a Trump-leaning podcast either. I just wish these types of podcasts could stick with the facts instead of adding biased commentary.
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Rob Watts
Mandatory listening. As an intel officer in the Army National Guard I use this to stay connected with the big picture and I recommend it to all of my subordinates. Thank you for sharing a lifetime of experience.
John Brennan? Unsubscribe then Delete From Library. Unbelievable.
It’s interesting to parse what Brennan stated in that podcast. With one fork of the tongue he stated he was not, nor was his agency, Partisan. Then, with the other fork of his tongue, went on to denigrate a right wing, a President and a political party. For a man that once owned a high level of ethics, he has shaved those ethics over the decades, to recently when he doesn’t even recognize the person he has become. He tries to stand far away from everything, events that are now known to be immoral or wrong, when he was close to it or in charge. His bias is evident. His partisanship is evident. Sad, self-serving and Not very America supporting.
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Ron JL.
Went Political
Had to do it - all of your credibility has been lost... Couldn’t help yourself; get out of the beltway and run an analysis of competing hypothesis on your confirmation bias.
reasonable man in the midwest
Super insightful
Every episode I’ve listened to has been a real learning experience! One in particular, however, I found to stand out from the rest in a negative way. It was the last episode with Antony Blinken. I love the way this podcast typically avoids getting political and is based on facts. I was excited to hear from Mr. Blinken, but unfortunately—just like we saw at the DNC—I didn’t learn a whole lot about Biden’s future policies minus “Trump is bad”.
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Good content at times
The declassified interviews are the most interesting. The podcast is tainted by partisan views and the host never misses a chance to take a shot and discredit the current administration. Take everything with a grain of salt.
Interesting, accessible
Great podcast, good balance between personal stories, events, and policy. Enjoyed the discussion with Rodney Faraon, and would be interested in learning about the different paths taken by those that joined the IC mid-career. Thanks for a great podcast, appreciate your work.
Great topics; unfortunately biased
These topics are so important. The host seems to have done good work in his past, but unfortunately seems to have a bad case of sour grapes and is now gas-lighting.
Super Duty User
Top notch
Good sound, well produced interesting guests, timely. Reasonable length. Don’t. Don’t let the episode lengths increase.
Former CIA Analyst Rodney Faroan
VERY interesting and different interview! Loved it. All the episodes are fantastic btw, just thought give nod to this one in particular
Great find...
It’s rare that I can sit through a full podcast and be interested the whole time. This one does a great job doing that. It’s short enough to keep my attention, but long enough to tell a proper story and conduct a tight interview.
Totally absorbed!
Love learning about the fascinating process and top tier thinking that goes into intelligence cases. My teen boys love it too!
Lis Strasser
Intelligence Matters
Absolutely informative, smart, calcifies and insightful!!! Please keep this podcast going👍🏽❗️
Effective and engaging
One of my favorite podcasts, timely and interesting guests and well thought out discussions.
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