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No longer my favorite
They need to change the of the Grumpy Old Treksperts.
Treksperts are the Bestsperts!
Been listening for years. I still want more episodes about the motion picture.
The real Ken Caslis
Updated Reveiw
I now give this show 5 stars instead of 4, mostly because these guys get what makes Star Trek “Star Trek.” This show has consistently provided valuable behind the scenes insight into the production of Star Trek and has provided countless hours of entertainment. While my original review mostly holds up, they’ve gotten better in their discussion of Star Trek beyond DS9. Their holiday specials are the stuff of legend. Original Review: 4 Stars for the Show. I really like this show, but it’s unfortunate that they can’t get past TOS at times. In a recent episode they invited Roger Lay to talk about the TNG remaster and they probably devoted 10 minutes of the hour to actually talking TNG while it was mostly talking about TOS and the Roddenberry Vault. I get that that’s what they like, and they want to talk about what they like, but when you are doing shows about the other series, please talk about those series and do a separate episode on the Roddenberry vault! Their best episodes are the ones that delve into behind the scenes of TOS and the TOS movies. The podcast is weak when they try to do shows that require any discussion past Deep Space Nine. I’ll give the final star just for calling out Trump when they do (which isn’t all that often). How anyone can really understand like Star Trek and be a Trump fan is beyond me. Trump is antithesis of everything Star Trek stands for.
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Freelancer 170
Guest did not show up but the team were fantastic
This is one of the best podcasts of Star Trek to listen to Mark, Daren, and Ashley was great. Can not wait for the holiday special 🖖🏼🖖🏼
Too Negative for Me
I gave this show a chance, but the pervasive negativity makes it hard for me to tolerate. Others might disagree, and that’s fine—unlike the hosts who treat their own opinions as objective fact, I get that my view is subjective. But I wanted to submit this review to give fair warning to those who don’t like this show’s kind of snobbery. It’s really quite paradoxical: Most people who listen to Star Trek podcasts do so because they love the franchise, not because they want to hear idiosyncratic and ultra-pedantic takes on many beloved episodes and movies—week in and week out. Yet that’s what this show has devolved into. Would you like an example or two? How about openly musing about doing an episode on non-Trek movies that did Star Trek “better than Star Trek”—in order to teach the writers how to make a good Star Trek movie? That was the final straw for me. Apparently, these guys think even the best Trek films were mediocre at best. Well, I for one think a lot of the movies were actually great, and I think the writers deserve some credit. Or just take a listen to their various episodes relentlessly trashing First Contact—a movie that a wide consensus of fans and critics think is one of the best. Or repeatedly insulting Patrick Stewart by blaming him for various story elements they don’t like, based on pure speculation about his ego and creative control. What benefit does a person who loves Star Trek get from listening to that? The uncreative and endless pejoratives are another stain on this show. I was ready to throw my phone down if I heard the phrase “train wreck” one more time. It grates my ears to hear this over and over and over again, particularly when it’s used to describe something that’s far from such. For folks who love to criticize every aspect of the writing and hard work done to make these shows, the overuse of a few tired tropes is particularly obnoxious. It would be one thing if the hosts were actually experts like they claim, but a lot of their critiques are half-baked and based on straw men. Half the constant criticisms are lazy and ill-formed “it doesn’t make sense” style claims (with the term “train wreck” inevitably strewn in multiple times) that, if these guys actually took the time to contextualize, do indeed fit in well and make sense. If I were a listener who had never watched Star Trek, I would come away from this show thinking Trek was one of the most poorly written, nonsensical franchises ever created, with a few decent episodes strewn in on rare occasions. Sorry, that’s just not my view of the franchise. I honestly don’t know why these guys even watch a franchise they despise so much. Gluttons for punishment I guess, just like Trek fans who listen to this show.
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Man chat
I actually love A LOT about this podcast. I always learn new things and enjoy a lot of the inside perspectives brought by guests. This feeds my long-starved inner Star Trek geekdom. But sometimes the chatter among the Treksperts devolves into commentary about who wore their scanty Bill Theiss costumes best or which TOS actress turned them on the most. Guys, guess what? Women are a huge part of the fandom. We’re listening. Bring on more women as guests, please, and do a Type One diagnostic on the silly sexist banter.
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Just discovered my kindred spirits
I think the only thing they could do to improve the show would be to occasionally include an under-40 voice. Being a millennial, I don’t run into many other devoted fans my age, so it’s time to hang with the older (cooler) kids.
I only gave this podcast 5 stars….
…because I couldn’t give it 6. Wonderful content and the banter between Mark, Darren and Ashley is great. The industry guests are always memorable and have connected so many topics I never knew were related. This show got me through the pandemic and I continue to look forward to each new episode. Please don’t retire after 5 seasons, Mark. If you do I’m going to suggest that Darren and Ashley go all Misery on you and hobble you like poor James Caan. Also, everyone should become a Trekspert+ subscriber to keep this content coming!
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The only worthy Star Trek podcast
I don’t have the time to listen to a lot of podcasts. Mark and Darren are truly experts and because of their background and experience get great guests and have interviews you won’t hear anywhere else.
I have changed my mind….there was something wrong with the one I had…
Mark A. Altman’s espoused politics rubbed me the wrong way at first and I gave the podcast a “1”. I was wrong to do that. Not because my views have changed but because I really enjoy the podcast and it deserves a “5” And to Daren Docterman’s point…I don’t have my own podcast (don’t want one either) and so I chose to embrace theirs. Thanks guys🖖
Like Spending Time with Good Friends
I’m smiling just starting this sentence. This show is less a podcast than it is pizza and beer night with the geeks you used to hang out with in high school. Warm, hilarious, and thoughtful, every episode is like chicken soup for your Sci-Fi loving soul. Led by your deft, personable hosts—the uber-talented and erudite Daren Dochterman and the encyclopedic, Groucho Marx-channeling ringmaster Mark A. Altman—an hour-long episode whizzes by in a Wink of an Eye. You’ll laugh. You’ll think. You’ll cherish what Star Trek (especially TOS) means to you. So yes, come for the Trekspert knowledge, *but stay* for the endless good vibes and smart conversation. I don’t like this podcast…I LOVE this podcast.
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Love it but not new third host
Love Mark and Darren and their love of Trek. However I fast forward when new Trekspert Ashley Miller talks. His sentences are just the words “look”, “right” or “like” over and over which drives me nuts along with his cadence. I wish they had added Robert Meyer Burnett or Scott Mantz who speak so eloquently and without crutch words.
I could listen to this forever and I'm eternally grateful toeveryone that works on this great podcast.
My tribe, found
Mark, you asked for more reviews so here’s one for you. As someone who has loved Star Trek since before birth, as my mother tells me I would kick in utero when she watched an episode (TOS), I find this to be the most entertaining, informative, and authoritative trek podcast around. I’ve also been reading Mark A Altman since his days in Cinefantastique, and I’m always pleased to hear his nasally Brooklyn voice. Reminds me of home. If you are also in your mid 50s and disgruntled with life, this is the podcast for you.
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Coastside Kate
Revising my one star review.
My original review got a response on the podcast. I criticized Mark Altman for bringing up his liberal politics too often. I stand by that opinion. Having said that I will revise my review because of how good the podcast is in spite of the aforementioned issue. This is the best Star Trek podcast out there by far. The ability of the TREKSPERTS to have great discussions and debates about something they clearly love yet are able to acknowledge the flaws (Star Trek 3 being the prime example) of the franchise. By the way you’re right, it’s not good. You talk a lot about Star Trek- The Motion Picture which I love because this film is very under appreciated. You also give a lot of love to Deep Space Nine which is also under appreciated. Thank you for the effort you put into this show. I do wish you’d be more accepting of us politically conservative fans out here. Star Trek should be inclusive for all fans regardless of our differences. —————————————————————————- My original review ——————————————Enough with the politics. I really enjoy this podcast but more and more I'm hearing politics come into the discussions. It grows really tiresome and when I hear it I usually quit listening. Yet again more politics on the 2-5-21 podcast. Mark Altman can't stop himself. What's more funny is why it annoys him so much that someone gives him one star. Well here is your new one star review Mr Altman. You're welcome!
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Love It
Love the podcast. However, Mr. Altman, the word "charismatic" is pronounced: keh·ruhz·ma·tuhk
OMG Mark A. Altman
Just listening to your podcast titled ‘Mail Grab Bag w/Dean D. I have to tell you that your understanding of conservatives is very different than reality. I am a conservative and love Star Trek as do many of my conservative friends love Star Trek for exactly the same reasons that you do. Diversity and acceptance, positive future, and the betterment of the human race. Often your comments on the topic of conservatives is uninformed and offensive. I’d love to sit down with you some day and have a friendly conversation with you on this topic because I think we would agree on many, many things.
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Great podcast
I love their insight into Star Trek from the original series to Enterprise. Really great interviews. I also like when they review some of the memos from Gene either discussing the original series, the films and Next Generation. Mark A Altman has a serious case of TDS, and sometimes it can derail the show. It shows he is pretty close minded, so much for IDIC. I don't expect much from a person who voted for a dementia patient. ;) See we can make snide comments too. :p
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Great podcast
Great, well informed podcast made with heart! The treksperts enthusiasm for Star Trek is clearly heartfelt. Guys - how about an episode on studio models (Enterprises and others?) Keep up the good work!
Amazing Podcasts
I discovered this podcast a little over a month ago and have been binging them constantly. I love the topics, the insights and all the bad jokes!! Darren and Mark are a gas and Ashley is awesome too. I now I consider myself an honorary Trekspert and a huge Trekspert fan! Keep ‘em coming guys. Oh and as for the politics …. the more the better!
“That’s right” is unnecessary
First off, great podcast with wonderful guests. But I have one pet peeve. There’s no need for Mr. Dochterman to constantly affirm “Right” or “That’s Right” while the guest speaks. It’s as if he’s operating a polygraph machine and confirming that the guest knows their own story. They know they’re right! Maybe say “I see” or “uh huh” to show you’re listening. Anyway.. Keep up the political comments and keep bringing in top quality guests!
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Boldly Listening
I may not listen to every ep, but when I do, it’s all ahead warp factor 9. And usually with a case of Romulan ale.
Love when new episodes drop
One of the best podcasts out there. These industry vets know their Trek and have a great camaraderie. The banter is quick and fun but insightful.
I listen to hear RMB’s insights almost exclusively. Altman’s Radical left wing banal opinions are peppered into almost every podcast. He should stick to his opinions about make believe stories and in his off time learn to be a critical thinker and not stick his head in the sand like a typical Hollywood milk-toast
Like Sports Talk Shows but Hate Sports? This is For You!
I’ve loved Mark Altman’s Trek and Bond oral histories. And loooove Dochterman. But this casual bro atmosphere of this thing is just not my cup of tea. Also, Robert Meyer Burnett is a raging Islamaphobe? I was a huge fan of his until he ranted against Muslims. So...please don’t give him a platform. Please.
“The Tank"
Subtracting a star - still worth a listen
Firstly, this is a fantastic podcast. It’s just people talking about stuff they love, with the occasional fantastic interview with insiders and stars of our favorite show(s). All the love and props to the regulars and semi-regulars who appear on the show. But the reason I subtracted a star is yes - Mark’s constant desire to drag his politics into the discussions. It’s not even whether or not I agree or disagree with his views, it’s that I listen to Treksperts to escape from the constant bombardment of politics in today’s media. (I actually found the episode that was about politics very entertaining in that it presented both sides and was, for the most part, civilly conducted.) Also, Mark’s attitude about it doesn’t make for pleasant listening either: “Too bad, if you don’t like it don’t listen!” Add in his constant shilling of his books, I’d gladly subtract another star. But I find Daren charming and knowledgeable, and the semi regulars Ashley and Robert Burnett equally so, and so I grit my teeth, roll my eyes, and bear it. So if you’re looking for wonderful discussions on Trek and other geek culture, and don’t mind the occasional Eddie Deezen-like rantings about politics, this is a great show. Listen to it regardless. 🖖🏼
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Thanks for talking politics
Star Trek is inherently political and I appreciate you guys pointing out the parallels to our favorite show and the issues we still deal with today.
101 Greatest Sci-Fi Episodes
Thank you for another great series of shows with what I view as the core Treksperts (Mark, Daren, Ashley and Rob). Wish Rob and Ashley were on every episode! This series of episodes also managed yield new sales of both Now And Again and Lathe of Heaven on DVD (alas, no Blu-ray option exists).
P star 3,000
New Review for A New Season
The big question is: Can these fellows break the Third Season Curse? Having listened to it for several long months, I must say that they seem to have succeeded and I see clear sailing for them ahead. It helps that they don’t the Electric Surge Network is nothing like NBC was and lets these inglorious Treksperts have complete creative autonomy over their episodes! But seriously, this show continues to be amazingly fun to listen to. I think they can go 10 seasons at least! What do you say fellas? I find I agree much more with Darren Dochterman’s viewpoints on almost everything given his proclivity toward the original series and The Motion Picture and his voice characterizations, including of myself, are truly spot on. (Majel wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference!) Mark Altman lets his personal political views seep into the conversation a bit too much for my taste, but he does so generally sparingly and with a good natured attitude. Star Trek has always succeeded best, I think, when subtlety is deployed in one’s political viewpoints. But his knowledge and reminiscences make him equally enjoyable to listen to. The topics have been highly creative and the rapid-fire quotes from the franchise’s many iterations are very impressive and add to the fun. Regular guests like Ashley Miller, Rob Burnett, and Scott Mantz mix things up constantly (like a box of chocolates!) and bring new insights and ideas. Keep on trekking, gentlemen! Thanks for keeping the original vision alive as these newfangled interpretations (except Lower Decks) continue to lose sight of the Star Trek vision and lose their way.
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Great Bird of the Galaxy
What’s the point??
I have this podcast a chance, but I’m really disappointed that the hosts choose to constantly sh** all over Star Trek with arbitrary nitpicking and so many personal opinions that aren’t backed up with any logic. Any good podcast that critiques its subject matter does so fairly and hopefully with some love. I.T. seems to revel in tearing down details of episodes and movies simply because those details don’t live up to some arbitrary standard they’ve created in their own minds. You don’t like the writing? Ok friend, but you have to do better than, “it’s just so crappy, come on!” This is a podcast for neckbeards and basement trolls who see no need to appreciate Star Trek on its own terms. Real fans of Trek should stay away.
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The best
This show is the best Trek-thing in years. It’s the best part of Friday, the best part of the week, and always fantastically entertaining and informative. There has never been a bad episode, and hopefully, despite what Mark and Darren say sometimes, it will go on forever.
Season 3
I just wanted to say that the 3rd season TOS episode is my favorite episode so far. Keep up the great work!
Very entertaining
I discovered this podcast recently during the San Diego virtual comic con and am so hlad I did. They’re entertaining to listen to and have learned a lot about my all time favorite show, TOS Trek as well as all the other shows amd movies that followed. So great to hear from other guys who were as nerdy as I was growing up with Trek (taping shows and building models etc). Keep up the great work you guys. So refreshing to have something fun to listen to. You provide a welcomed escape from the craziness that surrounds us. Thanks.
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Interesting Discussion
How refreshing to hear a political discussion where people speak to each other with respect...yay for Trek fans, I knew we could do it! I'd be very interested in that Trek and religion idea you tossed around.
My Favorite
Deep industry knowledge + great wit + unabashed fandom = great joy (and gratitude).
Enough with the political comments
A good star trek cast wrecked by the host’s insistence on making stupid and unwanted political comments. A shame. I gave up on these guys.
Too much politics
Enjoyed this podcast for a while, but one of the hosts likes to talk politics too much. That’s not what I was tuning in for on this podcast.
Awesome show awesome insights
A terrific show for any Star Trek fan who also loves all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Top notch interviews with the people who were there make this a must-listen for any fan. And who cares if it occasionally gets political, are there really any Trump fans who like Star Trek? If so, what show are they watching because it certainly isn’t any incarnation of Star Trek.
Colorado Trekkie
Half good
Honestly, i am torn on this show. Daren Docterman is a real treasure. I have admired his work for years. Overall the content is good and these guys know their stuff. My major concern is that they always take things in a political direction. It’s unnecessary and alienates half of the audience. Stop making anti-trump comments. It’s tedious and tiresome. Conservatives like Star Trek too.
:/) )
Great Trek podcast for TOS/Next Gen/DS9/Voyager fans!
I’ve been a big fan of Mark Altman’s Fifty Year Mission Oral History books, in fact re-reading it a second time right now. This podcast feels like the ultimate insiders guide to Trek. Great guests, both from in front of the camera & behind the scenes. I’m amazed by what I’ve learned here, whether it’s gossip from making the show or the efforts it took to remaster TOS & Next Gen for Blu-Ray. I keep all the episodes on my phone, it’s like having a mobile Star Trek convention wherever I go.
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Giant-Size Geek
Beam In Every Saturday!
I’m loving the deep dives into Trek history with the TREKSPERTS and a delightful variety of knowledgeable guests. Fast paced, funny and I’m always left wanting more. Thank you for a great show!
Always entertaining!
These guys are definitely brothers from other mothers. Their knowledge is second to none, and some of their insights (like their reasons for why STIII isn’t any good) have given this old Trekkie plenty to think about. I found this podcast long after it started, but since I’ve been in isolation I’ve been binging through them all. If you’re a life long Trek fan like me, this is the one podcast you must listen to.
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Star Trek MasterClass
I love this show! It is a masterclass in learning about the history of Trek and learning about the innerworkings of what made/makes Star Trek so special. I enjoy the lively debates and commentary and the special guests are outstanding. Each time I listen to it, I find myself smiling, nodding, laughing or shaking my head or surprisingly commenting outloud as though the hosts and guests are right in my home or car and we are talking about our favorite subject. Please keep up the great work and look forward to seeing the video episodes soon. Please do another episode on Trek toys/collectibles again. Live Long and Prosper!
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Now is the time
I am awed by their greatness... their shining brightness!!! 🤩 Great stuff to listen to while I’m stuck here in my floating tomb, drifting through space, waiting for to coronavirus quarantine to end... where’s Dr. McCoy and his magic hypos when you need him??
Fantastic Stuff
These guys clearly love Trek as much as I do. Their interviews are always entertaining and insightful. I highly recommend.
Federation Council
This show hits like a double-fisted Shatner Punch!
A Star Trek podcast with the bold audacity of Captain Kirk hurling himself butt-first at a knife-wielding Orion disguised as an Andorian—and winning. Unlike a lot of other Trek podcasts where the hosts don't know what they're talking about, the guys on Inglorious Treksperts are film/TV industry professionals who know Star Trek backwards and forwards. And Daren Dochterman does a mean Gene Roddenberry impression! Forget what Bill Shatner said: DON'T get a life—get Inglorious Treksperts!
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Sometimes a podcast is all we humans have to go on
I don’t have much to say other than I have enjoyed the hell out of this show. My only complaint is that I burned through the entire backlog of episodes and I wish there were more!
charles tiberius gavin
This is the BEST Star Trek podcast ever.
The Inglorious Treksperts not only lend their trekspertise every episode, they do so in such entertaining and inventive ways. If you love Star Trek (and occassionally Star Trek adjacent material), you will adore the Inglorious Treksperts.
In a different reality...
This show gets 5 stars for many reasons--if not solely for the inside baseball (or is that parrises squares?) knowledge gleaned and their often tough-to-find guests, it's the Kirk/Spock style camaraderie of the Treksperts. These guys are about my age, we all discovered TOS around age 5, and on every show I feel like we are buddies talking Trek, quoting lines, and engaging in arguments about what's best, worst, and merely amusing about Trek. The fact that they dislike Voyager and Discovery, yet revere DS9, is a bonus. I wake up early Saturday mornings just to download this show and delight in their love for the phenomenon that in many ways defined my worldview. Never met these guys, but In a different reality, I could have called them friend. LLAP
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John Pilate
They make it so awesome!
Altman, Dochterman and team live up to the hype. These guys are fans and industry pros -- delivering keen insight into the iconic franchise. Proving it is possible to deliver praise and critique without going full click-bait.
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