In The Doll World
In The Doll World
Hosts: Georgette Taylor & Tammy Fisher Join us as we interview fascinating and unique people in the Doll World Community, from doll artists, doll companies, collectors, bloggers, repainters and all the people in between who help to keep the doll world moving and shaking as they share their drive, passion and newest dolls.Hosts: Georgette, former co-founder and co-inventor of Big Beautiful Dolls, The First Plus Sized Fashion Dolls and Tammy Fisher, Owner of Curiositeej Dolls and Collectibles.
Doug James, creator of C.E.D.Dolls, first fully articulated modern fashion dolls       We get to have a wonderful conversation with Doug  James, another amazing pioneer in doll history.  From Doug's entrance into the doll world  as a doll fashion designer. He and his friend Laura Meisner created...
Oct 28
1 hr 2 min
Professional Doll Makers Art Guild w Cherie Fretto & Peggy McChesney    Join us as we talk to Cherie Fretto and Peggy McChesney, the President and Vice President of PDMAG about the PDMAG upcoming online convention, Thursday, October 15th. Thursday, through Saturday, October 17th, 2020.  The...
Oct 13
21 min
Frantz Brent-Harris, Doll Artist & Sculptor     Frantz Brent-Harris joins us for a powerful In The Doll World podcast this week! Frantz creates one-of-a-kind and limited editions of dolls that ignite emotions ranging from love to rage! Join us as we go on an a eye opening...
Sep 29
50 min
William Ooi & Marcus Kelso, Emperis Dolls   Join us as we talk to  Emperis (pronounced m-Paris) Dolls creators William Ooi and his husband, Marcus Kelso. A fun and enlightening interview!  William shares how his love of dolls from an early age has helped him to define and...
Sep 23
48 min
Niya Dorsey, Creator of Brains and Beauty Dolls           BRAINS & BEAUTY DOLLS creator Niya Dorsey joins us this week on In The Doll World™! We think you will enjoy hearing about her journey as a doll creator. Her dolls are innovative because they a...
Sep 9
36 min
Robert Tonner  Doll Artist, Sculpture, Designer and Entrepreneur   In The Doll World™ welcomes Robert Tonner to our show! Robert speaks to us about his 30 years of doll design. He speaks--not only about his dolls--but also about being an entrepreneur. His history includes creating...
Sep 3
48 min
Servando Hernandez, Owner of Livin' Plastic Dolls and Doll Customizer    What a wonderful interview with Servando Hernadez, from industrial designer to doll artist.  He shares his journey to becoming an avid Barbie doll collector and how is grandmother whom he adored, had a lot to do with that part...
Aug 26
35 min
Stacelina Monique, Doll Artist   Known for the "stories behind the dolls" doll artist Stacelina Monique creates miniature dolls and accessories come to life with diaromas that are as unique as she is.   She shares a sweet story on how her mom knew she was...
Aug 19
39 min
Emilia Nieminen, designer of Inamorata dolls and Emilia Couture    Emilia shares with us a wonderful and sometimes challenging entrpreneurial journey on her road to being an amazing couture doll artist.  Her tenacity has led to creating a living for herself creating dolls which is what most...
Aug 12
59 min
Stacey McBride Irby, former Mattel Designer, creator of So In Style™, The Prettie Girls™ and IamU Dolls  Join us on this fabulous journey with Stacey McBride Irby, one of most famous former Mattel designers. She created the So In Style™ a line of African-American Barbie® dolls which were released in 2009. While at Mattel®, Stacey...
Aug 5
49 min
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