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This podcast is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Such thorough investigations done and FINALLY justice has prevailed. For anyone to give this podcast less than 5 stars, is utter nonsense. Great work!
Strongly recommended
Such a beautifully crafted example of superb investigative journalism!
So engaging! True Crime Heaven!
Season One was really interesting, but Season Two IS PERFECTION!!!!! These investigative reporters had a huge impact on a great injustice. I am so captivated, I feel like I know everyone involved. I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster! I cannot wait for the next season! Keep it up!!!
This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to years ago and it the standard I hold all my podcasts to. I’ve listened to both seasons multiple times over the years and it hooks me in every time like the first time. The stories are fascinating, frustrating, and need to be told.
Loved it
When more binge listened to all episodes super in depth insane loved ones every second
poop fart poop fart
Excellent, In-Depth Reporting
Updated with question: WHEN IS SEASON 3 COMING OUT? I’m anxiously awaiting In the Dark’s return. I just finished binge-listening to the first two seasons of In the Dark. Your podcast and reporting is one of the best I’ve heard thus far. The attention to detail, the time that your team spent covering both cases, and your tenacity is impressive. I can’t wait to listen to Season 3. Keep up the excellent work!
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Wonderfully done!
Absolutely excellent investigative reporting. This group has done amazing amount of work and brought a human side to the facts, great job!
rs from wi
Loved it
Love this podcast!
Great reporting with excellent stories! Cannot wait for Season 3. Keep up the great work!
Twenty star rating!
This is the BEST podcast I’ve ever listened to.
My favorite podcast
This is the best podcast around, imo. Season 1 was amazing and season 2 completely blew me away.
Season two was so good!
Not my thing
I love a good mystery so I googled the best true crime podcasts. This one is on several lists so I’ve been giving it a try. I’m on episode 7 and I feel like there isn’t any mystery - most everything that’s being talked about has been mentioned since the beginning. It’s like someone is just reading about a crime that happened and then judging everyone involved in the investigation pretty harshly. The narrator spends a lot of time getting frustrated that the police made a bunch of mistakes and don’t want to fess up to it… to a reporter? Big surprise. Reporters can be snakes and I’m sure the police have plenty of bad experiences with talking to press. The entire podcast seems to just be a political statement and just relies on getting people worked up about that rather than telling an interesting story. (I’m so bored I’m not sure I can finish it)
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Great podcast!
I’m addicted! I’m currently on Season 2 and cannot believe that Doug Evans DA has been allowed to abuse his power all of these years. He allowed Odell Homman to commit crime after crime with minimal punishment leading to the murder of 3 innocent people. Homman should have received the death penalty. The fact that he’s still a free man in prison allowed to use a phone and has access to the internet is insane. All of this to try and get the death penalty on Curtis Flowers. I hope Doug Evans is locked up and Homman gets the punishment he deserves. I can’t wait to find out what happens. Great investigation!!
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LaShon T
Great pop
Listen to both seasons, i’m really addicted lol , Great job excited to see what you ladies have next, also a Bay Area Guy & follows the IG page
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Amazingly important journalism
The lengths this team goes in order to get the information they need is staggering, this is truly amazing journalism. If you listen to these cases, and your first response is that there is “anti-police agenda”, you need to think long and hard as to why you think the accountability this podcasts provides is “anti-police”. All authority needs accountability, and this podcast does an amazing job at that.
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First, I realize this podcast is old. Second, this is a tragic story. Third, the tone of this narrative came across as rather anti-cop, but the more you listen, the more you see why the investigation went the way it did and sort of disregards that hindsight is 20/20. There’s a way to address what could’ve been done differently in a more objective way. Fourth, by episode six, when the narrative turns to the unfairness of the sex offender registry, my opinion lowered more. While it may be true that the laws putting someone on the list may need to be carefully thought through, I have zero sympathy for the consequences. Those consequences should be a significant deterrent to allowing yourself to get on that registry in the first place. Just. Don’t. In my opinion, “community support” is being ridiculously naive if you think that’s going to stop someone who preys on CHILDREN. Clearly, they cannot control their disgusting urges if they’ve offended in the first place. Additionally, the offender in Jacob’s case was a REPEAT offender, he just hadn’t gotten caught.
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Good pod cast but somewhat bias.
The narrator is a little liberal and bias towards law enforcement.
Top 5 favorite podcasts
Really addictive podcast
Amazing podcast
I read some reviews before listening. Mostly positive and some negative. So i listen and to ny surprise it was pretty good overall. People on here bashed the podcast saying its anti cop and all that. They bring up the fact that maybe its because of every going on these days. The reality is that eveyone makes mistakes. On season 1 at the end even law enforcement admitted their wrong doing. All this podcast did was say the truth. They exposed them and some didn’t like it. Why would the podcast lie in what way do they even benefit. If you can’t handle the truth why even listen. I did not like that she sympathized with sex offenders thats why the 4 stars. People should know better.
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Righting Wrongs
I love and hate this podcast. The stories of corruption, shoddy detective work, the racism inherent in some of these law enforcement agencies, all make my blood boil. But I love this podcast because the journalists are committed to fighting all these things and bringing justice to the oppressed and wrongly accused. The first season, about Jacob Wetterling, hit home for me, as I spent half my adult life in Minnesota in the 80s and 90s. So I heard about this case all the time. Thanks to this podcast, I’ve finally gotten the picture of how that mess all transpired. I learned about this podcast when NPR reported about Curtis Flowers recently, now July 2021. I’m listening to the story now and, I admit, much of the time it’s been difficult for me to have faith in law enforcement at all. I now live in the Southeast, in a state that has the death penalty, and it scares me to think how many people, on death row or not, are probably in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. On the other hand, my county here is SC has the highest violent crime resolution percentage of our entire state: 87%! That makes feel like there is hope that good agencies exist. Thank you for all the work you do! It makes me proud to be a supporter of public radio!
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Thank your local journalists
This journalism is important. This is an incredibly important story to tell, although incredibly frustrating to hear. A must listen.
Seem to bash police
Nothing could have been done to save Jacob. He was dead in hours. Why claim the case was botched. Could have caught killer sooner, but wouldn’t have changed outcome
Jdawg 3
Amazing, amazing podcast
Not sure where people are getting the impression that this podcast is biased. Seems like they did a great job presenting arguments from both sides. It’s incredible what the DA got away with and people still thought he did a great job. No way that you can look at all the facts of the case and think that Curtis Flowers was the one who did it, without any kind of doubt. I can understand that the families of the victims just want a resolution, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of an innocent man. It’s so scary that someone can be put on death row on such unreliable evidence. Thank goodness for this podcast and all the hard work they put into it!
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Season two 🤯
This podcast is unreal. This team is amazing. So professional, so persistent, always calm but stand their ground (love that the reporters are all women too!!). The work they did on season two totally blew my mind. Such thorough investigative work that stands out above the rest to expose such painful and infuriating realities in their fight for justice.
claire peDRAGON
Season 2 is the podcast all other podcasts are compared to
And the rest fail. At least so far.
Season 2
This is so sad and a complete miscarriage of justice. The police officers that should have done their due diligence. I just have too much to say, but it’s disgusting that this happened. And it happens all the time. He deserved better
The Hemphill episode had me cracking up! It was a great light moment in a serious case. I usually cant find any podcasts that dont put me to sleep or can hold my attention but this one is like a good book I couldn’t put down. I even listened running into gas stations and stores bc i was hooked. Curtis flowers is innocent and i wish i lived in Mississippi so I could be a white woman on his jury. Justice for Curtis!
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eff off racists
As good as true crime is, this is better
In a busy and flooded field. In the dark stands out. Their ability to remain objective yet be dogged advocates of truth is beyond impressive. I’m a hooked and can’t get enough
the BEST crime podcast
Seriously. I listen to a lot of investigation podcasts and NOTHING compares to the work this team puts in. They are amazing. If you have anything to spare, consider donating. They work for it! And the results are a truly enthralling to listen. Can’t wait for season 3.
Listen to this podcast
I listen to hours and hours of podcasts every week. Season one was amazing, season two even better, and the series on Covid was insightful. Do yourself a favor and listen.
Saint rocks 2018
This is a podcast that made me cry, made me laugh, made me enraged and made me so so thankful that you did this work. He would undoubtedly be executed or still in prison if not for the ITD team. Thank you thank you thank you.
One of the best.
This is one of the most well researched, thoughtful reports I’ve ever listened to. I am floored at the level of racism in this story. I mean it s sad for me as a white person to hear the level of ignorance of the white ppl. I do not intentionally insult. Bc it is that they just do not know any better, but they should. They should know better.
Telling incredibly important stories
I am SO SO SO glad this podcast picked up Curtis Flowers’ case and helped bring him justice. Too too many black bodies are incarcerated for no reason other than white people look to them to blame simply *because* they are black. This podcast is so well made, well produced, good music, EXCELLENT reporting and just all around quality content. Both seasons are super interesting and the effect of their work had real world results. So impressed with their team. Keep up the good work!!
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Great reporting
One of the best true crime podcasts for sure. Well done.
Best investigative podcast out there
Firstly, sorry the nut job, racist, republicans got to the reviews. This podcast is 100% one of the best investigative podcasts to date. I followed season two as it all unfolded and I’m happy to see your podcast led to so justice.
I have new heroes in my life from this podcast
Curtis Flowers is a hero as is Madeleine Baran for her professionalism, perseverance, sensitivity and ability to investigate so thoroughly. She and her colleagues left no stone unturned. This story is so astonishing that I could not stop listening and I devoured all 20 episodes on a weeklong vacay. I so admire Curtis Flowers for all he endured with such grace and Madeleine who handled every situation in front of her with grace as well. I am thankful I took the time to listen. I also donated to the podcast which I have never done but now realize the importance of supporting this kind of work.
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Elementary Reporting. Not Investigative.
This appears to be college level reporting. Incredible biased, evident within the first 60 seconds of the narrative. You’ll be told everyone on the gov aide is racist, the accused is a great guy with full a smile and gospel singer. The prosecutor was “ready to show no crime would go unpunished in Winona”...what do you think the job of the precursor is!? LOL it’s so sad this is being presented as investigative reporting. It degrades the profession.
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Andrea Caff
NOT investigative reporting
This is not investigative reporting. Best way to describe it is as a “Serial Podcast wannabe”. The reporter fills the listener with her biases from the very beginning. The listener won’t come to their own conclusions of the case; after listening to 5 minutes of the narrative you’ll be told the prosecutor and jury were racist and Curtis was a great Christian guy (all may be true, but that’s not the reporters job). If you want classy reporting, go listen to Serial. This seems elementary
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Confused and Disgusted
I’m not understanding how you start off with a story about a little boy being kidnapped, raped and killed and then turn into defending sex offenders..... Gross. Absolutely not.
Incredible investigative reporting
I never write podcast reviews but had to take a moment to do so for this one. I am an avid true crime podcast listener, and this podcast (particularly season two) is one of the most thorough, compelling, intelligent and compassionate examples of investigative reporting of a criminal case that I’ve heard. Truly remarkable!
Cutie JoMo
This is not “Reporting” it is Storytelling.
The narrator was clearly biased in her investigation in both seasons, but presents it as “reporting.” She does not show empathy for the victims, but solely those accused of the crime. This is not investigative journalism.
Amazing podcast
This podcast is incredible. I have raved about it to anyone who will listen. The amount of time and energy invested in telling this story is awesome. Such an important case that needed attention. They truly changed the course of the trial of Curtis Flowers!
Highly Recommend!
This podcast was recommended to me by a close friend, and I am extending that recommendation to everyone I see. In the Dark with Madeleine Baran presents the case of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old boy who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in his small town of St. Joseph, Minnesota. It begins with the revelation of a huge break in the previously unsolved case, then flashes back to the dreary October night which Jacob Wetterling met his fate. Other than this flashback, the story maintains a chronological timeline, making it extremely easy to follow. This chronological timeline also allows for the slow release of information which creates suspense and holds your attention. Baran mentions the skepticism within the small town regarding the case. Being from a small town myself, I found this extremely interesting and engaging. However, the pointed criticisms for the small town’s police force were not received well. I found it to be slightly harsh, considering no direct evidence indicating incorrect police work. The first episode focused heavily on this, yet little was mentioned after which I found odd and questionable. Regardless, this is by far the best researched and organized crime podcast I’ve ever heard. Every little detail left me on the edge of my seat, waiting for more. Between the eerie music played in the background and the various personal, emotional accounts from the people close to Jacob, the most interesting and engaging podcast I've ever heard was created. Personal interviews from police the night of the crime, his parents, his friends, his siblings, his neighbors, his teachers, the workers at the movie store he was last seen in, and many others offered endless perspectives that other crime podcast often do not include. However, although entertaining and crystal-clear regarding details of the case, the unannounced random advertisement was very unwelcomed as it interrupted my attention and left me feeling confused. Even though the advertisement was related to the topic in the podcast, it was difficult to discern where the host stopped talking and where the advertisement started. This harmed the suspense it had previously worked so hard to build up and overall was very disappointing. Nonetheless, In the Dark with Madeleine Baran is the most interesting, well-researched crime podcast I've ever listened to and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the true crime genre.
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maddie wagler
Curtis Flowers
I have enjoyed your podcast immensely. I thank you for all your very hard work on this case. You have changed lives. Thank you!
Too focused on Liberal vs Conservative
Narrator was clearly hoping “conservative” Supreme Court justices would vote against Curtis. It’s like she was just hoping to be able to say, “See, they are racist!” Reluctantly she had to admit that they were just and honest in their decision. You could hear the disappointment in her voice when she had to actually compliment so called “conservative” justices.
OMG the Bleeding Hearts for Sex Offenders 🤮
Seriously this is sick and ridiculous: the poor sex offender says, "it's so unfair.... something I did ten years ago will haunt me for the rest of my life." (And this is said with no irony!) UMMMMM, you don't think those who are the VICTIMS of sexual assault will be 'haunted for the rest' of thier lives??!!! Yes, make the punishments so severe that people will perhaps think twice before abusing childen. Just gross. If the current laws aren't making child abduction and abuse less appealing, perhaps let's look at other ways to do that instead of lightening potential consequences. (And, if you'd like a snapshot inside the mind of a "poor sex offender", I would recommend you listen to the podcast Hunting Warhead and try not to be sick at the complete lack of any remorse by child rapist Benjamin Faulkner).
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Season 1 & 2
Season 1 - was a good listen! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Season 2 - was okay ⭐️
Amazing Podcast
Such an interesting podcast. So happy there are people out here investigating the systems that are supposed to be investigating. Much needed work. Thank you for this.
Typical leftist
In the first 45 seconds of this podcast it was already obvious that she wasn’t going to be objective. Sure enough, anti-police, black versus white, completely confused leftism (which eventually led to defending child molesters). So, yeah...if all of that happens to be your thing...
Vanilla Thunder Man
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