In Our Time
In Our Time
BBC Radio 4
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas
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Required listening.
Great topics. Great show. Great host and guests. Highly recommend.
Amazing show!
Amazing show! I love the depth and breadth of coverage from world class subject experts and of course Melvin keeps the show moving. Thanks for hours of learning and entertainment! Rob from KY
sexist host
Would be absolutely wonderulful if Melvyn Bragg could stop CONSTANTLY interupting the female experts. He cuts off men as well, but the women are so repeatedly interrupted that they talk at MOST 1/2 the time the men do, to the extent that sometimes the male guests will try to prompt the women FOR THE HOST. If your host is so sexist that his guests have to stick up for female guests... it's time to get someone new to handle this program!
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great but the host... a little pushy sometimes. Not terrible but takes me out of it a bit.
fascinating and rich show
So much expertise, every episode.
Xavier M. B.
Best kept Secret
This is one of well done podcast. Guests are picked well for the topics. I always learn something from each episode and always looking forward to that "Do you want Coffee or Tea"
Top Notch!
This is how podcasts should be done. Fascinating topics, with a range of knowledgeable guests, and a host who isn’t afraid to guide the discussion and keep it interesting. Some people find that annoying, but I experience it the way I would a good university seminar. One of the best, with a massive back catalog. I hope it goes on forever.
Reviewer number 10001
Interdisciplinary wonders
The eclecticism of topics, always pursued with rigor, is astonishing. I feel so enriched after every episode. I also enjoy the occasions when the professors disagree and politely but insistently fight each other on minor historical minutiae. Fond memories of grad seminars, sigh
Great content but the host interrupts A LOT
I like the thoughtful episodes, since there’s obviously a lot of preparation and research that goes into each one. However. The host interrupts the guests constantly! Sometimes, a guest will start a sentence 4-5 times and he keeps interrupting. It’s extremely distracting so I have to be in just the right mood to listen. Appreciate the content though.
Feed Error
Love the podcast, but for a while now the feed has been sending notifications of new (or replays of archived) episodes without actually making those episodes available.
Host needs to stop interrupting
Wonderful guests and interesting topics, but Melvin Bragg almost incessantly interrupts guests mid sentence, which really detracts from the podcast. It’s not only run on answers- often a guest is mid way through their first sentence before he’s cutting in!
Update feed please
The link must be broken because the latest episode, Frederick Douglass, was not in my feed. I had to go to the website to listen to it. Thanks for producing this great podcast.
wilhelmina a.
Best best best
Melvyn Bragg is truly a polymath and this program needs to be a university course.
Everything I was ever curious about
Melvin’s preparation in guiding the conversation never ceases to amaze me. His topics are diverse and thoroughly overviewed in the time allotted and he always has included 1 female guest. I’m a big fan.
KT vandervalk
Great guests and topics but weak host
The host interrupts, and then forgets to mute his mike so his shuffling of papers or heavy breathing disturbs the presentation of the others.
Ue dc
In our time
Just the absolute best I have been listening for more than 16 years to this program- what helps make my life better!!
Deep dives into interesting topics with academics
Each episode delves deep into a specific topic, I’m partial to the history of science area but philosophy, history, art, and literature are also very good. It’s a host and several academics having a chat for which they’ve all prepared very well. There’s virtually no wasted chatter so I listen to this when I know I can focus ( or the topic is just too compelling).
such a special show
I like how the guests and the host are working TOGETHER, not fighting with each other. Wish all of cable TV news worked like that
Jenny Aaaa
Learn something new
Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with Melvyn and his guests as they discuss topics you didn’t know were so interesting. In-depth, academic, and often funny (the gin episode is a highlight!). Go ahead, learn something new.
Best show ever
Best show ever! They delve into a subject head on without any of the usual let’s talk about ourselves first, our pet peeves, our glorious achievements, and how we came to this subject in the first place. Me me me! It is totally the opposite of most shows. Each invited guest takes turns to answer a question on a given subject and does not get interrupted. It’s clear, precise and extremely charming. I also listen to the philosophy one.
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seduced by knowlege
Nerve wracking
I started with the Frankenstein episode. While the guests were very knowledgeable Melvyn’s constant interjections were so distracting. It was like I was listening to a game show where the “contestants” have 20 seconds to nervously share their knowledge before they are interrupted. It was not a pleasant listening experience.
“Evolution of the Horse”
A RARE miss for you. (Not rated, this time.). Hope you will take another crack at this subject, when additional experts announce themselves. These oarticular experts had a 99% mechanical approach, as if they were discussing obsolete automobiles. The FOLKLORE of horses, the religion of the Old Iranians, all the juicy DETAILS of their actual role in the human culture of the nomadic Eurasian people, the inspiration they have provided through the ages, the details of their role in medieval times (what IS a “palfrey,” anyway?).... Their role in popular culture, literary models, the latest behavioral discoveries... You need MORE EXPERTS in areas other than horse-meat on this topic.
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Radical Linguist
Highest academic quality
This podcast / radio show has the highest quality academic discussions you will find anywhere for free.
Such good questions
I love the host’s questions — a sure bet every time that he’s done his homework.
Nobody does it better than Melvyn Bragg
Love the discussions
The pace of the conversations, the depth and breadth of subjects covered here are simply remarkable. The extra bit at the end is also very enjoyable, as people share their more particular interests/views on some subjects, and the passion really shows. P.S. I always listen to the end to find out what everyone wants to drink that day
Andrew B. Li
In Our Time BBC Radio 4
Best history show on podcast. Excellent historians and show format. I listen to several history podcast. This is my favorite!
hidtory delight
One of my favorite pods.
From coffee to Doggerland, Melvin and his guests drop some serious knowledge. I really love that one Ancient Greek scholar who’s on regularly with the sumptuous serpent-like voice.
Outstanding Stuff
Love the wide range of topics discussed by experts. Particularly liked Doggerland and the recent Coffee.
Max Edison
Great Podcast—with occasional stumbles
I look forward to this podcast and almost always profit from it. But “Coffee” and “Doggerland” (something like that)—not so much, or rather, not at all
This podcast is the bomb!
Best podcast ever
Excellent guests and Melvyn is a very good interviewer - he always asks the questions the layperson listener has and keeps things moving. The history episodes are the strongest in my opinion but all are good.
Just the best
The quality of the experts, the variety of perspectives, and Melvyn’s ability to make complex concepts accessible—this program is simply the best. I primarily tune in to the “Culture” episodes, especially the literature-focused ones, but I’ve found so much value across the board. I love to hear people speak passionately about their fields, and I always learn something new and fascinating, even about topics I’m already familiar with. SO GOOD.
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Got history of science podcasts?
What could be better than 4-6 people in a room discussing a topic for about and hour followed by coffee or tea? Topics rangs from literature, philospophy, religious, and history (including the history of science). The guests change per episode (except for the excellent moderator). I'm a sucker for the episodes on the history of science which are fascinating... to me.
Just when things get interesting...
There’s a confused old man interrupting or switching the subject, it’s actually infuriating
Hands down best thing ever
I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast. My favorite was on enzymes. Seriously. Enzymes. This show is that good. One thing I particularly appreciate is that the show’s panels always feature at least one woman as an expert. Even the math and science topics. Take that, gender stereotypes!
The ninja bomb
My favorite Podcast!
In Our Time never disappoints! Every podcast is a positive learning experience!
phil 54
Melvyn, please stop interrupting!
This is a great history podcast but Melvyn is constantly interrupting his guests and it makes it really hard to listen to sometimes. I would like to hear more from his guests and much less from him! Otherwise the guests and topics are always great!
Bragg is a BOSS
Bragg is a great host. He’s dealing with HUGE egos. The fact that we can learn anything is thanks to Melvyn’s preternatural ability to reign in these massive eggheads. I will always be a fan.
A lovely bit of audio education.
Don’t underestimate the women on this podcast
Great podcast. Does Melvyn treat women differently than men? Yes. But what many seem to miss is that these women don’t need your protests. Formidable academics like Mary Beard, Angela Hobbs, and many others are not slowed by Melvyn’s inadequacies. These women return again and again to his podcast because they are well published, respected and know that they are experts in their fields. They don’t let his biases bring them down. If things change you will have these women that engage to thank. Your reviews will not do quite as much comparatively. Most Americans are probably not used to this format, especially with academics guests. Melvyn receives their notes in advance and can get irate if they deviate from them or go off on tangents. You miss the respect he has for his guests as he tries to keep any one guest to make their point of view the entirety of the show. It’s good that people are paying attention but I wish they would plug in to who these professors are and what they do for a living.
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A classic
I love this show so much! Always interesting and I always learn something!
Interrupts Women
I love the podcast but often can’t listen because Melvyn disproportionately interrupts the female guests. Like, constantly. Just let them talk! They’re the experts! It’s really off-putting.
How do we know this?
That's my question to historians when everything sounds a little too detailed and thankfully Melvyn Bragg is not too shy to ask his guests how much stock we can put in various historical tales. One of a handful of BBC programs in my arsenal against ignorance, "In Our Time" has enough depth and breadth to make me feel I've pushed back the onslaught of assumptions and outright nonsense a little farther each time I listen. Many thanks to all involved in producing the program and "Congrats!" on twenty years.
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Host maintains intellectual discipline on the panel.
Bragg is so good at maintaining intellectual discipline on the forum that he can sometimes come off as heavy handed. But, because he has the courage to be rude when it matters, he is able to keep the panel completely focussed on the critical point of the issue. The result is a rich and satisfying discussion that will keep you coming back.
Great show, occasionally boorish host
Excellent discussion and breadth of topics on this show, but Melvyn has an embarrassing tendency to cut off female guests in the way he seldom does to males.
I love Melvyn
This is a wonderful radio programme, stick around for the bit at the end when Melvyn asks the guests what they missed. Thanks to everyone involved in making this fabulous, illuminating, entertaining show!
Very informative. Host keeps the show focused
My wife and I love the show. It's always informative about the entire subject even in the short time given. The host does a good job keeping the university professors from taking too much on any one detail or an academic disagreement. He knows how to keep the conversation substantial, serious, and focused on what non-academics would like to and need to know. Some topics are uninteresting to me of course. Those that I do listen to I learn and understand something new and not esoteric. Very informative. Highly recommended. Been listening a decade plus.
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Bruce in Iloilo
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investments of fur
Arm yourself with knowledge
The show has introduced a great variety of historical events to me. This program provides a firm foundation of information about the topics. It is a balance of essential information and commentary from the guests. Mr. Bragg keeps the show in balance.
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