Samuel Deleon
Hi my name is Sammy but to listeners, it's Bonez. Mostly recognized for being a professionally licensed barber. This podcast gives you an insight on what goes through my mind and life. Pretty much like you're talking to your barber. Subscribe to be updated every time a new episode drops.
EP 16 - Validation
I talk about how words can easily be turned against you & my experiencing dealing with that situation in particular. Sounds provided by Kayfromfaraway
Aug 18
30 min
EP 15 N. Godinez Photography
Conversation with Natalie Godinez of N. Godinez Photography. If you didn't know her already, this conversation will give you a deeper insight of who she is behind the camera. Sounds provided by Kayfromfarway.
Aug 11
1 hr 12 min
EP 14 - Cancel Me
Projects I've been working on. Life lessons I learned from dealing with it first hand. New music recommendations & more.
Aug 4
36 min
EP 13 - Guess Who's Back
Why I've been gone & what I've been up to. Meeting Kayfromfaraway & more.
Jul 28
49 min
EP 12 - Redemption
The environment of a barbershop. Kid Cudi & Eminem review. & more.
Jul 20
40 min
EP 11 - 4 AM
Not losing motivation. RIP Paradise. & more.
Jul 7
39 min
EP 10 - TRON
Having a conversation with my day 1 friend Adrian Perez, aka Tron. How we met, short stories, & overall goat talk.
Jun 29
1 hr 2 min
EP 9 - Just What I Am
Growing up & maturing. King of Staten Island review.
Jun 23
47 min
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