In a Manner of Speaking
In a Manner of Speaking
Paul Meier
A podcast on the spoken word
Episode 69 (Orality and Literacy)
For the October 2023 episode of "In a Manner of Speaking," Paul Meier discusses the connection between orality and literacy with Professor Brian Ott, an expert in the field of rhetoric and media. They discuss many topics related to rhetoric and the oral tradition throughout human history.
Oct 1
40 min
Episode 68 (English Through the Ages)
The September 2023 episode of "In a Manner of Speaking" features a trip through time:  a conversation between Paul and renowned linguist David Crystal about the history of the English language. David traces the development of English from the Roman occupation of Britain to the spread of Modern English around the world. Visit the podcast page at for extra free content.
Sep 1
53 min
Episode 67 (Harmonic Overtone Chanting)
For the August 2023 episode of "In a Manner of Speaking," Paul talks to Jill Purce, the doyenne of harmonic overtone chanting, which is often called polyphonic overtone singing, or singing two or more notes at the same time. Paul and Jill discuss all aspects of this unique art. Visit the podcast page for this episode at for lots of extra free content.
Aug 1
35 min
Episode 66 ("Shakespeare's Magical Keyboard")
The July 2023 episode of "In a Manner of Speaking" is all about William Shakespeare. Paul dives deep into the Bard, from iambic pentameter, to scansion, to scoring, to metre, to Original Pronunciation. It's a fun exercise for scholars and professionals but also actors just beginning their Shakespeare journey.
Jul 1
25 min
Episode 65 ("Namecoach")
For the June 2023 podcast, Paul interviews Namecoach founder and CEO Praveen Shanbhag. They discuss name pronunciation in general while talking about Namecoach itself, which allows people to record their own name and embed that recording in their e-mail or social-media account.
Jun 1
36 min
Episode 64 ('What's in a Name?')
For the May 2023 episode, Paul and his guest, former BBC Pronunciation Adviser Graham Pointon, attempt to answer the popular question "What's in a Name?" They discuss how one decides on proper pronunciations of people and place names.
May 1
45 min
Episode 63 (The Oxford English Dictionary)
Welcome to the April 2023 episode of "In a Manner of Speaking." This month's guest is Dr. Catherine Sangster, executive editor of pronunciations at Oxford Languages. She has been in charge of the Oxford English Dictionary's pronunciations for 11 years.
Apr 1
40 min
Episode 62 (Fast-Talkin' Dudes)
For the March 2023 episode, Paul takes an in-depth look at speed talking and singing. He examines world records and introduces us to people who are called upon to talk or sing quickly -- from actors to auctioneers to debaters to people who simply enjoy speaking at high speeds. For the full clips excerpted in this episode, plus more free content, visit the episode 62 podcast page at
Mar 1
26 min
Episode 61 (Irish: A Language in Danger)
The Irish language is the podcast topic for February 2023, and Paul's guest is Professor Malachy O'Neill, Irish language scholar and director of Regional Engagement at Ulster University. Paul and Malachy discuss all aspects of the Irish language, including its history, dialects and status as an endangered language. For more information about Professor O'Neill, plus free content related to this topic, visit
Feb 1
18 min
Episode 60 (Whistled Speech)
For the first podcast of 2023, Paul discusses whistled speech with Julien Meyer, linguist, acoustician, and professor at the European Institutes for Advanced Study at the University of Lyon, France. For more information and free content related to this topic, visit the podcast page at
Jan 1
35 min
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