I'll Drink to That! Wine Talk
I'll Drink to That! Wine Talk
Levi Dalton
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Excellent podcast
As a winemaker and wine lover I am thankful for that Levi makes this show. Every guest is different from the last, and his interviews are both informative and soulful.
Best of its kind
Spent a lot of time re listening to and taking notes on these podcasts esp those with vintners/authors with the extra time from the pandemic. Some episodes are just so precious (eg with those that had sadly passed away), informative, and inspirational that I haven’t found any other podcast/forum/anything that could hold a candle to. Thanks so much and keep going!
New shows are astronomical events. This show like all shows are worth the wait!
Pod Love
20 year wine farmer
I listen to Levi everyday while working in my 50 acres of vineyards. His interviews are very informative with great people and content. Please keep up the great job of educating the masses on the passion we put in the bottle! W. H. William Heritage Winery
Simply profound.
Levi let’s the people he interviews tell the story and he asks great questions that are meaningful. I’ve been able to learn about people, wine regions, producers, history, and stories that go beyond what I’ve ever been able to read about. Hearing from people first hand on these podcasts has helped me better understand and appreciate why I love wine. It’s introduced me to amazing wines and in many cases, since I live in Napa, I’ve been able to listen to a podcast and then go visit the producer the next day. Levi’s interviews have helped change and shape some of my views about the world of wine. I recommend these Podcasts to as many people as possible and hope they can experience what I have through these conversations. Listening to Levi and Erin have made my commutes and workouts way, way better :)
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Grant C. Wood
Quality content and great interviews with experts
Levi Dalton does a great job at interviewing experts in this industry. Love getting a sense of their tastes and knowledge. Most recent episode I heard was an interview with Michael Cruse, who makes some excellent natural wine in California, and Levi drove the interview compare the French Champagne process vs. that of Californian natural sparkling whites. Nice work.
Recommend for anyone that likes wine
I have listened 263 episodes so far. Like the diversity of the guests, from restaurant owners, sommeliers to winemakers
Amazing window into the wine world
As a lay person, I’ll Drink to That! has been completely eye opening and has expanded my wine knowledge immensely. Hearing the different perspectives and roles in the industry that shape the experience as a consumer is absolutely fascinating and helps put my side of the experience in context. I have a much greater appreciation for the processes: growing, production, distribution, and sales, but most importantly I’m learning much more about what is in the glass and how to frame and enjoy it. Most of all, the stories that Levi brings out from his guests are what makes this podcast so special. I enjoy each episode and hearing about lives that span a wide range of wine history, places, and people.
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NVa Wine Lover
Levi Dalton is as smart as it gets in the wine business and his curiosity and sensitivity allow him to ask the most relevant and important questions. The highlights are the interviews with Sashi Moorman, Eben Sadie, Michael Schmelzer and Silvio Messana
The world’s best guide!
No one knows wine better than Levi but beyond his encyclopedic knowledge the wines he’s introduced me to are just great fun. Even my wife who doesn’t enjoy wine has enjoyed the stuff he talks about.
Episode 476 contains interesting malo backstory
Another super-interesting and useful episode by Levi! Getting specific, I particularly appreciated the portion when delayed malo was discussed. Levi smartly inserted other interviews with winemakers that had been talking with Christophe Roumier. Always fun to clearly see how one winemaker influences others. Only very rarely do podcasters take the time to leverage knowledge on their subject to do edits to produce this more-360 understanding. Thank you Levi! My previous 5-star review: Go super in-depth with Burgundy Levi Dalton's latest I'll Drink to That podcast reveals Burgundy on a whole new level. Charles Curtis spent countless hours translating old French writings to piece together a view of the key Burgundy vineyards through the perspective of time. Lots of interesting stories here. I thought I understood Burgundy basics, but this goes beyond the usual three dimensions.
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Great for wine people and much more
Having been in the wine biz in NYC for many years this is indispensable for me. I have heard from many people in the business here as well as learned about countless producers from around the world. But I have also recommended it to friends who are from many walks of life. There is so much to learn about history, geology and farming among many other subjects. It is interesting on a lot of levels. Levi has only been getting better as well. His questioning and added context round out the interviews perfectly. Keep up the great work! Tim Arnold
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Best wine podcast out there
Great interviews with the winemakers themselves and with others in the beverage industry. Fascinating info and well formatted and balanced show. I listen to every new episode and always learn something new. Also has turned me in to some great wines I never would have found myself. Keep it up Levi!
Illuminating conversations
Levi is finding interesting folks from all around the wine world and having great conversations that highlight specific areas and personalities of the industry. I always love the producers - there’s so much detail there about how the wines are made and the grapes grown. But Levi also captures the individual story of each person through thoughtful questions and discussion. There are also distributors, writers, sommeliers, importers, you name it. I have been in the industry for years now but Levi and his guests always teach me something new - every time.
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KB Seattle
Great in spite of Levi
Fantastic guests and Levi does a great job letting them run with a topic without interrupting. But Levi’s humor and voice are extremely irritating to me.
As a winegrower, I never cease to be inspired and energized by the conent of this series. Mr. Dalton posesses amazing industry insights, and a flat-out hillarious sense of humor. When the working in the vineyard or winery gets me down, listening to I'll Drink to That reminds me why love what I do. Thank you, Levi!
Osprey Joe
I’ll drink to that
Levi is the best. He has taught me so much about wine. What a gift.
eric herz
THE wine podcast
Levi is a great (and becoming greater) interviewer. So refreshing to hear these wine voices sharing knowledge, wisdom, and experience. This is a great place to take some deep dives and really learn without having to wade through the typical podcaster’s self-important intrusion. Thanks for keepin’ it classy, Levi!
Brenna Quigley - the best seminar on geology!
This is an instant classic. Somm-type knowledge of French wine regions combined with in-depth explanations of soil types that even I can understand. You really should listen to this one
After the Romans
Benchmark Wine Podcast
Awesome guests. Awesome interviews. Levi gets out of the way and really lets guests tell their stories. He jumps in with thought provoking comments when needed and keeps everything flowing smoothly. Excellent quality audio. Levi has class and sets the bar high.
Great cast.
Wine Geeks Delight
By far my favorite wine podcast. Intelligent, in-depth, & interesting interviews. The host is well informed but never interrupts his guests. Audio production quality is consistently excellent.
Everything you need to listen too
Its so neat getting to hear the voices of those people whom you drink wine and stories from.
Salchicha swag
Best wine podcast out there.
Intelligent, witty, expansive
Levi Dalton has a great mission of preserving the wisdom of wine makers, growers, sommeliers, wine directors, importers, distributors, writers, auctioneers, and others in the wine business A bit goofy, certainly a cork dork, and very personable and respectful, Levi’s manner and great knowledge and research clearly sets his guests at ease. While at ease, they share their stories and methods on all manner of topics related to wine. I soak this podcast up, always listening. It is almost as much pleasure as a Romanee-Conti La Tache 1965. A votre santé Levi!
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Master class in the world of wine. Exceptional. Jim Mullen The Frog and The Peach
There is so much knowledge being passed on here
I am slowly but surely going through the 30 or so podcasts on the Burgundy playlist. Each one is so interesting with people who are intensely passionate about the region. But then suddenly a funny anecdote comes up and I smile or laugh out loud while walking my dog with my earphones on. There is so much information being passed on I wish there was a written outline for each program.
Amazing Podcast
This Podcast is a go to for all things wine! You simply cannot read this in books. So happy I have this podcast to make me a little smarter everyday!
Wine in depth
Levi Dalton has the standing to sit down with anyone in the wine world. His meticulous preparation results in a captivating long form interview that gently peels back numerous layers of a variety of wine topics. These narratives result in a first class educational opportunity or simply a fun diversion during a weekday commute.
Incredible Resource for the wine community
I've been following I'll drink to that for 2 years and always look forward to the next episode. I can not fully express how many times this podcast has reinforced my personal studies as a Sommelier. Favorite listening moment of recent: I listened to Ehren Jordan's first interview the morning i was driving to the Carlton Winemaker Studio for the first day of my harvest internship for Failla Oregon in 2017 and got super jazzed when he said how much he liked the wines in your most recent interview with him. such a rewarding moment!
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Thoger P
Must listen for every wine lover...
Before I started listening to this podcast I have read the reviews, some of which were written by really big names in wine trade. I am a casual wine drinker and enthusiast. So naturally my expectations were quite low as I anticipated Brix, PH levels, and residual sugar kind of wine speak. Now, that I listened to nearly 200 episodes I can confidently say that this is a must have resource for anyone who wants to learn about wine and wine business at a much broader and deeper level. However, this is about so much more than just the wine. This podcast, first and foremost, is about really interesting people and their stories - passionate and hardworking winemakers, journalists, distributors, sommeliers and restaurateurs. Levi is always prepared for every episode and does an excellent job guiding discussions while staying in the background and letting his guests shine. Really fascinating stuff. Thank you, Levi!
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Even for a non-professional this is a completely fascinating exploration of wine and the people behind it. I hope to listen to every episode by the time I die!
The Best Content
It is without question that Levi's interviews are the most insightful resource in the beverage industry. The quality of his guests and the depth of the discussions are unmatched. Thanks for this project Levi.
wine afficionado and collector
I am a wine lover and collector with a professional cooking background,(no longer working). I am not a professional who has exposure to wines and tastings every day and so these podcasts are the closest I can get to really understanding a wine, the producer or a region ( although I love the somm and writer interviews as well, having met many of these people over the years.) The interviews cement what I have learned from books and make the pages come alive. It has made such a diference for me in my retention. I so look forward to listening to a podcast whenever I exercise, my special treat and the best motivation ever, other than an evening glass of wine of course. My husband and I drove though Burgundy last summer listening to the podcasts while perusing the vineyards. What better way to have it all make sense and come together!!
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Terrible interviewer but interesting content
Not a great interviewer and can’t even pronounce people’s names, wineries, wines or vineyards correctly. This guy was a Somm, right..?
NBC we are tv
In depths on a range of topics
I enjoy the breadth of topics and the variety of interviewes. A completely different way of learning about the wine world than what is in books.
Finest wine podcast around
The most exceptional and in-depth audio resource for wine professionals.
Jaime Pinedo
Good show
Good company on my commute to work, and a welcome diversion from it. My knowledge has expanded and I’ve found more depth in the wines I drink because of this show. Cheers
So NorCal
High quality content!
Great interviews with people that you normally may not hear from.
An amazing wine podcast
Levi does an excellent job of interviewing his guests, drawing out their knowledge and experience with wine, without getting in the way. It is clear that Levi does extensive research, sometimes surprising guests with what he knows about them. The interviews are informative and revealing. This podcast improved my commute substantially.
An Invaluable Education
I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Levi, Erin, and their guests. More than I would reading wine writing as the podcast is conversational and accessible. I look forward to every new episode.
Truly outstanding podcast!!!
This is by leaps and bounds my favorite podcast out there. Levi’s calm demeanor, impressive knowledge, sense of humor and humility and his ability to ask great questions to get interesting stories out of people make these episodes such a pleasure to listen to. Erin’s energy and creativity make her additions super fun. I love listening to these two. Thanks for what you do - I’ve learned so much from these!
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best, Jeff
Excellent Wine Podcast
This is an excellent podcast for those who want to experience a deeper conversation around wine and the people involved in the industry, from somms to actual wine makers. Levi is a great host with an understated presentation and erudite charm in his interview style. The great thing about his style is he lets his guest speak and gives them the spotlight. One gets to hear the guest and their thoughts and ideas which really lends to the education that can be gained. Other podcast can have too much host, not a bad thing, but just different. Levi really lets his guest shine and we benefit from that as listeners.
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Top notch
So worthwhile, never dull.
Pretty much a daily listen for me. So many brilliant guests, all given a chance to tell their unique stories without ego-driven interference. Favorite podcast right now.
So good
Highly recommend this podcast! Very informative and highly entertaining for anyone passionate about wine. Levi's interviewing style allows his many wonderful guests to tell their story. He doesn't get in the way and consquentely gets more info and detail out of his guests than they probaby expected. Big fan
Best Wine Podcast by far
Levi's podcasts are a master class in Wine Education and definitely the most definiite wine related poscast in the market. His interviews with winemakers and industry people have exposed me to pioneers of the industry, various wine regions, and opened up a whole new world for me and my wife. We're even members of the IDTT wine club!
paul gman Galli
The ONLY Wine Podcast You Will Need to Listen To
One hot sweltering summer afternoon I hiked up the Upper East side from the FIDI where I live to do my old friend Levi's podcast. I had a new company at the time and this was super important for me. To this day I I still get new clients from this podcast. Better than any marketing I've tried to do and I've tried a lot! Levi and I have had many previous chats before about wine so this was just like having a conversation with an old friend. It flowed well and I think I had the record for longest one until Cottrell got up in there. Anyway it was a terrific experience and it did more for me than I could have possibly imagined and as I've listened to others I'm sure it has helped out many others. Maybe it is a a wine lover who is learning something new every day from the most insane roster of guests ever, or it's someone who was invited on to help promote themselves or their business in the coolest way ever. Just having conversations is the best part of the wine world and Levi figured that out early on before anyone. Cheers to Levi and all the wonderful guests. The wine world was a different place before this podcast and I can't imagine a wine world without it.
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Not What I Was Hoping For
This podcast is a lot of chit-chat with people in the old world wine industry. Be prepared for listening to heavy French and Itiallian accents. Every episode is basically, where in Europe are you? What wines do you make? Why?. I wish there was more variety in subject matter. The episodes drone on for way too long and lack enough substance to keep me interested through the whole episode. I’m a winemaker and a grape grower. I want to hear what Americans are buying, what’s going on in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, Michigan? What’s new in the wine industry? Unfortunately after listening to this podcast for 4 or 5 months I haven’t heard him talk about any of these things.
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Wil m
Levi didn't ask for this review, but I couldn't live with myself not showing him how grateful and privileged I'm to listening his podcast. It's incredible and invaluable. So many greats interviews, with the special guide of Levi.
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