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#35: Post-Election Politics and the Project of Diversity
Hartman Fellow in Residence Mijal Bitton speaks to Yehuda Kurtzer about diverse American Jews, politics, and the goals and problematics of the project of diversity.    Mijal's article can be found here:
Dec 2
38 min
#34: The American Jewish Philanthropic Complex
Lila Corwin Berman (Temple University) joins host Yehuda Kurtzer to discuss the ways in which America has shaped philanthropy, and the ways in which philanthropy has shaped the American Jewish community, over the last thirty years.  This episode was recorded live as part of the Judaism, Citizenship, and Democracy symposium hosted by the Hartman Institute from October 19-30, 2020.
Nov 23
43 min
#33: Remembering Erekat and Rabin
Host Yehuda Kurtzer is joined by Daniel Kurtzer (Princeton), a former US Ambassador to Egypt and Israel and longtime American negotiator in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. They remember Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, and reflect on the humanity and necessity of the peace process. Identity/Crisis is partnering with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. A full transcript of this episode can be found at:
Nov 16
38 min
#32: Post-Election Torah
In the liminal space between the US election and the declaration of a result, Yehuda Kurtzer and Shalom Hartman Institute Director of Faculty Elana Stein Hain discuss the right relationship between religion and politics, the necessity and limits of political pluralism, and what Torah they're learning for this moment.
Nov 9
49 min
#31: What the Future Holds
On the eve of the 2020 US election, Yehuda Kurtzer talks about the future of America, Judaism, and American Judaism with Dahlia, Leah, and Tyler - three teenage alumni of Hartman's Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Thought Leaders from around the country.
Nov 2
40 min
#23: Free Speech and Authoritarianism with Jeffrey Goldberg (Rerun)
Featuring Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic) and Yehuda Kurtzer (Hartman) Mentioned in this episode:
Oct 27
41 min
#30: The Future of Jewish Progressivism
In episode #30 of Identity/Crisis, Yehuda Kurtzer speaks with Arielle Angel and Jacob Plitman of Jewish Currents about the history and future of Jewish progressive movements and the relationship between liberalism and Jewish tradition. Articles referenced in the episode:
Oct 20
41 min
#29: Praying for the Welfare of This Government
In episode #29 of Identity/Crisis, Yehuda Kurtzer talks with Rabbi Sharon Brous (IKAR) and Rabbi Elie Kaunfer (Hadar) about whether and how one should pray for the welfare of a government and president to which one is opposed. Mentioned in the episode: - Jewish Prayers for the United States Government: A Study in the Liturgy of Politics and the Politics of Liturgy by Jonathan Sarna ( - Identity/Crisis #7:
Oct 13
#28: Jews, Catholics, and American Life
Malka Simkovitch (Catholic Theological Union) and Zev Eleff (Hebrew Theological College) join host Yehuda Kurtzer to explore the history and present of the relationship between Jews and Catholics through the lens of the Supreme Court and their respective communal roles in American politics.
Oct 6
#27: An American Jewish Legacy
Hartman Senior Fellow and Senior Editor at Slate Dahlia Lithwick joins Yehuda Kurtzer to talk about the Jewish life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, z"l. Find Dahlia's piece for the Jewish Women's Archive here.
Sep 29
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