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Ideas By Elliot
Ideas By Elliot
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Great podcast. Needs more Monkey Ball.
Great show!
Everyone has a story, and Elliot has ran into many interesting people over the years! It's time to learn some stories from the closets of those who don't normally share or toot their horns, otherwise. I'm excited every time I hear he's recording!
Always Interesting
Ideas By Elliot features a new guest every week, and as of episode 4, they've all been active movers and shakers in the Green Bay community. This show is a chance to get to know the people that are making things happen in the Green Bay area, and a darn entertaining one at that!
Nick Sentowski
Podcast with Randy Scannell and all
IDEAS BY ELLIOT is amazing! Elliot has a knack for making people feel comfortable and talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…”it’s your show,” he says. And, although Elliot has questions for hiss guests; sometimes he lets tell their stories and take the podcast where it goes. That is the reason the show is fun yet so interesting because as listeners, we do not have any “IDEA” what we are going to learn about the guest! RIGHT!?!? (Then there are the awesome Elliot-isms). I’m hooked! And, "Elliot After Dark,” are you serious? NICE! And, Nick syncs well with Elliot-great series already.
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Atty. Gwen