I Went Camping With
I Went Camping With
Ryan Bethea
The most prominent and interesting people answer deep questions about life, success, family and faith. All by a crackling fire. The first ever mobile campfire studio podcast filmed in our shuttle that travels the nation in search of the best interviews.
Going Viral on Tiktok With Kevin Lawson
Kevin Lawson has accrued almost 5 million "confirmations" (Not followers) to his Tiktok account by encouraging and offering genuine hope to people around the world. He was nice enough to sit down and share some of his best lessons with us.
Sep 24
41 min
NHL All Star Jeremy Roenick On Hockey, Injuries, Marriage and Life
NHL All Star Jeremy Roenick reflects back on his career, scariest moments and why he loves fans so much.
Aug 25
41 min
Andy Weir, Author of The Martian and Hail Mary Project Talks Mental Health and Writing
Andy Weir is a best selling author of the incredible books, The Martian, Artemis and The Hail Mary Project. He gets real and vulnerable about his battle with anxiety, his writing process and how he got his big break.
Aug 18
55 min
Best Selling Author Blake Crouch Goes Quantum and Talks Writing
Best Selling Author, Screenwriter and insanely talented story master Blake Crouch joins us by the fire. He recently had his latest book optioned by Amblin. Blake makes you think, while entertaining. A truly rare gift.
Aug 2
52 min
Andrew Klavan Talks Media, Hitchhiking and Jesus
Andrew Klavan tells his story of faith, how he met his wife hitch hiking, and why he thinks the media as a whole is problematic
Jul 21
53 min
Legendary Journalist David Holthouse Talks About His Scariest Investigations
David Holthouse is an award winning journalist and filmmaker who has seen a thing or two. He has infiltrated and gone undercover in some of the scariest settings you can imagine.
Jul 14
56 min
Jonathan Isaac on Taking a Stand
NBA Star and Best Selling Author Jonathan Isaac joins us to talk about his life changing decision.
Jun 16
32 min
Building the Daily Wire with Jeremy Boreing
The Daily Wire's Jeremy Boreing invites us to camp at their headquarters and answer tough questions about culture and media.
Jun 9
53 min
Chef Andre Rush Cooked for Four US Presidents and Now He's Headed For Your TV
Chef Andre Rush Has Prepared Amazing Meals for four US Presidents, does over 2000 pushups a day, and happens to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Jun 2
43 min
Best Selling Author James Rollins Never Took Writing Classes
NYT Best Selling Author Jim Rollins was a successful Veterinarian, who in between neutering cats and dogs harbored a deep desire to be a fiction writer. On his noisy lunch breaks filled with parakeets and snakes hissing, he managed to sit down and author incredible fiction. Jim has some unconventional advice for our listeners and famously, never took a single writing class in his life. Jim Rollins has had an amazing run that is just getting started. He is the author of the Sigma Force series and his new book Kingdom of Bones is sure to have you furiously flipping pages.
May 19
41 min
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