I Went Camping With
I Went Camping With
Ryan Bethea
The most prominent and interesting people answer deep questions about life, success, family and faith. All by a crackling fire. The first ever mobile campfire studio podcast filmed in our shuttle that travels the nation in search of the best interviews.
Best Selling Author James Rollins Never Took Writing Classes
NYT Best Selling Author Jim Rollins was a successful Veterinarian, who in between neutering cats and dogs harbored a deep desire to be a fiction writer. On his noisy lunch breaks filled with parakeets and snakes hissing, he managed to sit down and author incredible fiction. Jim has some unconventional advice for our listeners and famously, never took a single writing class in his life. Jim Rollins has had an amazing run that is just getting started. He is the author of the Sigma Force series and his new book Kingdom of Bones is sure to have you furiously flipping pages.
May 19
41 min
Hunting Ted Bundy and Life in the FBI with Kathleen McChesney
Former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI and lead detective of the infamous Ted Bundy case, Kathleen McChesney has had a career to envy. We get a rare sit down with one of the most accomplished women in law enforcement history.
May 6
50 min
Building a CPG Food Business with Serial Entrepreneur Matt Clifford
Matt Clifford co-founder of Barnana, now CEO of CanDo Foods, the company behind the wildly successful KetoCrisp Bar shares his wisdom and journey of starting a food business.
Apr 21
50 min
Relational Thriving with Wildly Popular Psychotherapist Matthias Barker
Renown Psychotherapist Matthias Barker shares some incredible insights into mental flourishing, the dangers of pornography for kids, and making your relationship work.
Apr 14
56 min
TravisMathew CEO Shares His Most Important Lessons
Ryan Ellis was employee number 1 and now finds himself as CEO of one of the fastest growing and hottest companies in America, TravisMathew. Recently signing Chris Pratt as their ambassador the brand has rocketed in growth over the last decade and is a staple of not just golf but apparel everywhere.
Apr 7
32 min
Legendary Author Joe Lansdale Says Writing Isn't Tough
Joe Lansdale, best selling author and martial arts grand master. How often do you get those two? Joe isn't your normal author. He has written dozens of successful books, screenplays, and has even been inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame. Ask him if he thinks writing is tough and you'll get a different answer than you might expect.
Mar 31
1 hr 5 min
NBA Performance Coach David Nurse Talks Mental Game
Guinness World Record Holder, NBA Shooting Coach and Best Selling Author David Nurse Talks The Mental Game.
Mar 19
35 min
Celebrity Trainer Da Rulk Shares His Fitness Secrets
Celebrity Trainer Da Rulk has trained the avengers, Thor, and thousands of first responders. He shares his fitness wisdom and philosophy for training.
Mar 10
46 min
Unleashing Your Inner Author with NYT Bestseller Gregg Hurwitz
NYT International Best Selling Author Gregg Hurwitz stops by the virtual campfire to share some lessons on writing for both print and the screen.
Mar 3
53 min
Matt Leinart Gets Real About NFL, USC Glory Years, and The Future of College Football
Heisman Trophy Winner and USC Legend Matt Leinart Gets Real About His NFL Career and the Future of USC .
Feb 24
1 hr 13 min
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