I Guess We'll Do It That Way
I Guess We'll Do It That Way
Mama Bear Studios
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Phenomenal Podcast truly a work of friggin art
This show is absolutely great sadly. I went out of my way to buy an iPhone, partly because I didn't want to be that green bubble boy anymore, but mostly because I wanted to review this show on iTunes and get my free t-shirt and chance to win a trip to rollers premiere. In all seriousness this show is really fantastic even though you will continually be let down by the promises of exciting future shows that'll never seem to exist. The remixes at the beginning and end of each show is amazing never ever friggin stop that. My hot sauce of choice is the Chipotle at subway. It's think and creamy enough to make you want to live. I hate how they ended the first season at 46 or whenever that was, you literally only had 4 more episodes to go. Last but not least I am a young filmmaker and this show is fun and kinda informative :)
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Tazi Jericho-Rader Starfire
Love love love
I’ve always loved film and wanted to learn more about the film making process, so I was so excited when I started listening to this podcast. The guys give you very genuine and informative insight to the process, while also going on very fun side tangents from time to time. It makes me laugh but has also been very helpful as someone who hopes to pursue a similar career path someday
Meandering but fun
Join Uncle Zay and Jonny Bear as they talk about Rollers... but mostly other things. If you’re looking for a podcast with a laser focus on film production this is not it. If you’re looking for a podcast where two good friends talk about everything from their childhood to ancient architecture to existential insecurity and everything in-between, then this is it. Oh, and sometimes they discuss the projects they’re working on. As with many podcasts they develop their own set of inside jokes, recurring bits, and references... some of which are forgotten immediately. I came for the filmmaking but I stayed for the trivia, genuine expression of vulnerability, life lessons, impromptu musical performances, and sometimes misguided philosophical explorations. If you listen from the beginning it’s a roller coaster of highs and lows with genuine insights on life. Sriracha from Huy Fong Foods is the best hot sauce. Great consistency and flavor, pairs well with a wide variety of dishes, and a cool rooster on the bottle, what more could you want?
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A Hero’s Journey
Follow a young filmmaker and his good friend as they talk about the ups, downs and whatevers of making a first feature film. You may be interested in hearing a first person take on the creative process, but you’ll stick around for the humorous banter, way off topic rants, genuine moments of friendship, vulnerability and the path of self-discovery at the heart of this show. Enjoy! [P.S. reading about this podcast is the best thing I’ve ever gotten from my college alumni magazine.]
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hot sauce
Oh yeah, the hot sauce from Moes
Please Listen
This quirky, very real talk, about the movie industry, social media, and just basically life, keeps even the most ADHD listener (i.e. ME) interested and, of course, laughing.
I love this show
As an aspiring filmmaker and working videographer this podcast is one of the best out there. Plus, John and Zay’s tangents and off shoots are hilariously delightful.
Informative and full of interesting rabbit trails.
The podcast is super interesting. A great mix of inside baseball film talk mixed with, random sub podcasts, personal life issues, and the occasional philisophical discussion.
C Frohmader
six months late to this, and completely binging. loving all of the very interesting info on what it takes to produce a film, and very much enjoying all of the various rabbit trails in the meantime. I keep wanting to skip ahead, because I know Rollers is way ahead of where I am in listening, but can't bring myself to do it, cause I don't want to miss the beginning stages. also, totally would've done this six months ago, if I knew there was a T-shirt involved...I wear my Mama Bear shirt proudly in Wyoming.
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Super informative
As an actor and writer this podcast is priceless in the vulnerability of what the real world, how to get started, my dad isn’t a movie star or studio executive, how to get movies made class. I want to assist Zay on this movie or be barista/donut eater 3 so bad!
Hitting its stride
First, a confession. It took me a a few episodes to get into this, but by episode 4 Isaiah and Jon really hit their stride. Their rapport becomes more and more genuine, and the balance between personal anecdotes and insights into the movie industry (and the many steps to create a project from start to finish) gets better and better.
A great time, a little off topic.
Edited After EP. 20 Zay and Jon. There is no sarcasm intended. At the time, I did feel like a 3 star review was necessary, purely for the fact that the main topic hadn’t been discussed in a few shows. However, you guys have turned it around. Your show feels personal and I am truly invested in each episode. Congratulations on making it to Ep. 20! You are now a 4 star. ———————- Original Review: Let’s be honest, this podcast definitely gets me through my work day. It leaves me thinking about my own movies and what I am wanting to create. The comedic banter and knowledge of movies these two have has left me many times laughing in a quiet office. The topic for the show is great, it just often gets off track. The guys end up talking about other relevant things which are equally entertaining and informative. But they themselves are aware of this fact, as spoken about in ep. 9 people do really care about Rollers and how production is going. So how is Rollers...rolling? Even if we never actually get anymore information on how a feature film is made, Jon and Zay will remain a staple in my work week podcasts.
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Game personality
Great Podcast
I am a writer/director with my first feature film, The Lake Effect, currently in development. This podcast is full of useful information, but it's also incredibly funny and totally honest. I think I appreciate the honesty the most.
Good good good
Brisk and informative!
Don't smoke pretzels
Laugh out loud funny and thoroughly entertaining. Jon and Zay are a great combo and I look forward to their next episode every week. Looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters.
Great Listen
Always love hearing others speak about their experience with the movie making process. These guys have a great attitude and make things entertaining and relatable.
Hard to believe...
It’s actually good.
Crashing Bore
Real. Good. Content.
Always great to lift the curtain and go behind the scenes to better understand how movies get made. Big fan of these guys.
thanks for including me. as a listener, i feel like the third party in the conversation (although silent).
Real on Reel
These guys bring honesty to this illuminating conversation on moviemaking. I recommend this podcast because there are no frills here, no windowdressing. Instead, they get down to core ideas and bring a fresh perspective to them.
One of my favorite ‘casts
Literally the “Singing in the Rain” of podcasts. Or “Boogie Nights”. But not both.
Bricey G
Never a dull moment. Good conversationalists, juicy movie gossip.
Listen to this now!
Entertaining, quirky, informative and inspirational! IGWDITW is play-by-play account of an indie movie being made that allows a glimpse into a process that is wildly unpredictable; and manages to provide hope and insight to any one interested in making films.
Funny and engaging
It’s fun to hear from people in the film industry who don’t act like total “know it alls.” There’s something magnetic about the figuring it out attitude that Zay and John bring to the table. Every episode I learn something I didn’t know and I laugh a whole stinking lot. And let’s be real, that’s the perfect podcast marriage. These two are engaging and funny and smart and interesting.
Go on the journey!
I love the open-ended concept of this podcast, it’s so unique. You really feel like you’re along for the journey & learning along the way, plus it’s super entertaining. If you’ve ever been curious about the crazy process that goes into making a film, give this podcast a listen!
Kam McG.
Unassuming and entertaining
Opened this out of curiosity and ended up listening for an hour. These guys are just fun to listen too.
Mama Bear Strikes Hot
A witty look at the indie landscape! Very funny.
Chris Wrenn Ball
A tasty feed
come for the industry explainers, stay for Jon's weekly installment of wikipedia roulette
John Drexler
Lot’s of promise
I love the subject matter and the rapport between the hosts.
Education x Entertainment from the LA filmkaing world
true education of how the hollywood film-world functions from an insider. thanks to Zay for speaking fearlessly about his creative projects and process. sharing with us how a movie is built from the ground up. and with help from his co-host Johnny Bear the whole show becomes entertaining and comedic. very fun listen!
Fresh and Fun
These guys are quirky, outrageous, and always entertaining! Getting the inside scoop on the movie industry in the most fun way!
Steve Suth
Much better than expected.
I was skeptical... another podcast about a hack wishing they could make movies and pretending to have something worthwhile to say about the industry? No thanks. But this is different. The hosts are fun to listen to and I feel like I'm actually getting some good insights even though it's clear that they aren't necessarily "seasoned experts." Two thumbs up.
Awesome insight
This podcast is so fun to listen to... I had no idea how movies got made and these two are hilarious and fun as they explain the process!
More pleaaaase
As a non-film maker/non-movie buff I cant believe how much I enjoy this podcast! The guys are really funny and its fascinating to hear the full story of how someone gets to the place where they’re make their own movies. It’s also really encouraging to hear someone pursuing their dreams while also trying to be conscious of the fact that your “dreams” and career goals shouldn't make up your whole identity. Excited to be invited on this journey with you Zay!
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soooo fun n funny
Listening to this podcast is my jam. you can get educated about film making and the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes, and Zay and Jon are so funny to listen to. Their vibe is really good, and I respect their equal opportunity employment stance which they demonstrate by hiring animals as producers. Highly recommend!
Zo Harr
Love this
Please keep going. This is gold!!
funny, honest and interesting
I just got recommended this by a friend and I'm so glad they did. I love the honesty of how hard it is to make this movie. After episode 1 I already want to watch Rollers. Keep it up!
It’s good. Or whatever.
Yea. It’s good. U should listen. Really.
A real fun listen!
Super relateable stuff when it comes to filmmaking. Its a bit of a relief to hear other people go through the ringer. Keep the episodes coming! "who taught Tom Cruise to run?!" Haha!!
Insightful and Funny
In film school now but spend a lot of time on the road and always looking for those great, undiscovered pods to pass the time. This is one of them. These guys are smart, funny, very conversational.
Love it!
I've really enjoyed learning about the nuts and bolts of movie-making. The details are fun - I didn't realize how many moving parts there are. Keep it up!
Hilarious AND informative!
I’m glad to have found “I Guess We’ll Do It That Way” - Zay and Jon blend entertaining chit chat and cool information about the film industry that I otherwise would not have known about. Zay provides a unique perspective of the movie making process that makes this podcast well worth the listen and subscription!
Entertaining from Start to Finish!
Zay and Jon keep it real while discussing topics the average human experiences on a daily basis, to the intricacies of film making. Not only is the podcast brought to life by their witty dialogue and vibrant personalities, it opens your eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes of an art form we take for granted. I highly recommend!!!
These. Dudes. Are. Hilarious.
davey royals
Can’t miss
I would’ve killed to get this kinda inside scoop on the process when I was young, and I’m still young, so these boys just prevented me from killing! Kidding, but really: this podcast is the real deal, these boys are the real deal. Don’t miss this unmissable resource.
Jonathan Pickett
Super funny and interesting to listen to! Highly recommended.
Great podcast
Entertaining and enlightening. When it is over you’ll wish it were longer
Not too serious
Great balance of chatting about life and talking about making a movie. Zay and Jon are also just interesting and fun to listen to!
Interesting, funny, informative and an all around great time.
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