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From Legendary producer Dick Wolf comes a new audio fiction series starring Parker Posey about the U.S. Marshals dedicated to capturing the country's most dangerous fugitives. When four convicts escape from a maximum security prison, Deputy Marshal Emily Barnes (Posey) is called in to pursue the criminals in one of the most treacherous and violent manhunts in United States history. Directed by Shawn Christensen (“Blackout”) and produced by Jenny Radelet Mast (Marvel’s “Wolverine”), HUNTED is the first in a slate of audio fiction series to be produced by Wolf Entertainment in partnership with Endeavor Content. Learn more at To see how we use your data, visit
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Season 2?!
Please please please!!
Good quality- episodes too short
Good podcast. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it were just one long episode vs several really short episodes. If you’re driving or running listening to it you’re constantly having to grab your phone to get to the next.
Season 2???
Sami St. Cloud
I hope they write another season but I won’t hold my breath
Season 2 PLEASE
This was a great show!
Good show
What happened...only one season? Too bad it was a pretty good show.
Truly gripping
Gritty, raw, and super fun— a must listen!
Very good!
This was an amazing podcast! The story was amazingly written, the characters were full of emotion and believable, and the music gave the atmosphere that you are actually there. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 was from the fact it was as short as it was. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend!
Noa Row
Oh so predictable
Kept me interested enough until the end. SUPER CORNY ENDING. I was super interested until I realized I knew how it was going to end (about episode 5). Well it did and I am thoroughly disappointed. Waste of great production and fantastic actors.
This was great
The sound effects, the characters, the storyline, everything really well done! I’d like to have more stories with main character-she was my favorite. I’m recommending this to people because it was like listening to a favorite tv show.
Just meh.
Production and acting quality top notch. Story was pretty bland.
Great podcast, awesome sound, love the cast. Like an action thriller for your ears
Sadie bea
Texas 7
Seems based on the Texas 7?
High Def. Action, Theatre Of The Mind
Incredible! This law enforcement procedural action drama comes to you in a way that picks up where the spirit of the best OTR (Old Time Radio) shows retired. Well, here is the 21st Century offspring of the best of OTR. With the latest hi-tech audio graphix to keep your mind on the edge of your seat. This show picks up where the finest of OTR left off at the end of the mid 20th century when TV began replacing real imagination. Turn on, tune in, zone out!
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Really good!
This podcast is just like a real crime show you’d watch on tv. Super exciting and engaging. Gives you perspectives of both the law enforcement officers and the wanted people. It is really cool. Literally listened to the whole thing in one day! Highly recommend if you’re into this kind of stuff!
Secrets of hot springs.
Please podcast maker eliminate. Background music distresses me and not necessary. Just actore talking PLEASE
The actor that voiced the character Barnes was extremely unlikable. She makes you root for the bad guys.
Baller reviews
I’m new to the podcast scene, but this was thrilling! I love to read and I found this painted an amazing pictures of what they were trying to convey. I am officially addicted and I can’t wait for season 2!
Too many ads
Way too many ads.
We need more!!!
This was one of the best fictional podcasts I have listened to! I’m just hoping they bring more!!
Very well done
Aside from the ads mid stream in each episode, which I could easily fwd through, this show kept my attention from start to finish. With such a robust story line, the genius is how smooth this script unraveled. Bravo!
well done!
held my attention while at home on quarantine on my indoor exercise bike!
This podcast is awesome! The story drew me in right away- I felt like I was watching a crime show! Cannot wait for season 2!
Highly recommend
Loved it ! Ready for season 2 !
Kenzee Z
Couldn’t get past the horrible accent
The main character is one of the most unlikeable I’ve listened to. Her accent is ridiculous as well. I really wanted to like this but couldn’t.
Not For A Drive
Each episode is only 20 or so minutes long. 10 mins of those 20 some what minutes are ads, thank you’s and boosting a podcast series we are obvious already listening to! Great for someone who is at their desk or doing something that doesn’t require driving; to only trying to fast forward. Otherwise, very intriguing!!
Please don’t do what all these others are doing
And leave us with a cliffhanger with no second season promise. I’m getting tired of it. Otherwise, amazing podcast.
Corona Virus
Give us more please we need more of good story telling. Gives us an escape
Great acting and story
Every episode the podcast gets more interesting. I loved it. The ending is okay, could be better but overall it was a great experience
Ending needs work
I loved the story. I just didn’t like the ending, it left me in suspense with the deputy calling her about the case then it ended. But other than that it was a great story
Production quality is awesome.....
And this is well performed. The storyline was great until the final episode which was poorly written. I’m liberal and I rolled my eyes at the forced politics in the speech of one of the characters. The conclusion is a complete dud without any suspense or satisfaction and the epilogue is completely unnecessary. In the end this series is best ended after episode 7, leaving listeners to come up with their own ending.
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The main character is so unlikeable it’s hard to stick to it. She’s the typical “tough woman cop” seen in every law enforcement drama but 10x more annoying, not to mention her terrible accent. The story is predictable. Not worth the time.
I love true crime podcasts and was not sure if I would enjoy this. I hated to hear it end! I enjoyed the story line and the excellent acting. Well done! The only negative.... Aunt Mel stop whining! Keep her child! Can’t you see your sister, Deputy US Marshal Barnes is trying to catch the bad guys! 😂
Bad Fake Accents
I couldn’t get through the exaggerated South Texas accents in Episode 1.
Parker Posey is brilliant as usual.
Parker Posey has such a broad yet iconic range of acting and accents in all her work and if, for no other reason, it's absolutely worth listening to hear her talent here. Then, go watch all her Christopher Guest movies, The House of Yes, and beyond to understand what makes her such a definitively under recognized actress.
Who reported Rosa’s car stolen?
She was dead not missing yet.
Why change???
Good writing and sound.
I chuckled. Episode 7, the convicts stole a 2015 Silverado. Those have Onstar and the cops could trace and shut it down via Onstar service.
Too many ads and promotional messages.
Too many ads.
Maple City
Great Story
Once you get past the fact that it’s fictional and these are actors, which I struggled with for a while after listening to so many true crime podcasts with true stories and real interviews, this story is very exciting and emotional. I loved the excitement and the conclusion. Well written story! Lots of commercials, but well worth it.
This podcast is a great production with good acting and sound effects however it is so superficial. There’s zero depth whatsoever and reminds me of Just Cause 4. I listened to seven episodes and for some reason the last one wouldn’t load and I didn't even care.
Pretty good
Started off really well, but the longer the story went the more unrealistic it started to get.
Pretty good
Great voice acting elevate an otherwise pretty by the numbers story. It seems to barrow pretty heavily from the superior Exeter podcast.
Excellent production, I forgot at some point that it was a podcast. The actors were splendid in creating the imagery and the sound was on point
This is a very week
P. No
Not quite
Hunted was fast-paced and interesting. It made a long car ride less tedious. It was good, but it could have been so much better. 1. Parker Posey’s southern accent was unbelievable and dreadful. She is a good actress, but she needs a voice coach. 2. The storyline was 100% predictable. No twists. No surprises. It was very amateurish writing. 3. Ruiz’s impassioned plea at the end gets zero sympathy from me. He is an animal and deserves to be locked up for life. 5. The ending was rushed and left me feeling flat. I really enjoyed Hunted, but if the series continues, I hope to see some improvements. I would like to see more (better scripted) podcasts like this.
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I listen to a lot of podcasts & this audio drama kept me interested from beginning to end and was just as good as a movie or tv show. I like when I find a podcast that doesn’t get boring throughout the story line. Sounds like the ending was a cliff hanger. Can’t wait for a season 2.
Super interesting and like watching a tv show 😍
Great listen
I don’t usually write reviews but wanted to say this was a great show. The language is rough but story line is really good. I work midnights as a truck driver and this made trip easy. Can’t wait for more!
I can’t wait for the next series, whatever it may be. I would love live love to hear more episodes of HUNTED! Excellent show and idea! Thank you
Exciting podcast
Tense. Gritty. Fast.
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