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Humanize Me
Bart Campolo
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All time favorite!
I genuinely appreciate the Humanize Me Podcast and community. Words cannot express just how much it has impacted my life for the better. The honesty and humility Bart displays, clearly shows his authentic character and heart for our fellow humans and sentient creatures. I am always so encouraged and motivated to continue living this one life we have to the best of my ability and show others through my actions how it is absolutely possible to be good, moral and loving without belief in the supernatural. Thank you Bart!!
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Do You Believe In Miracles? Not Anymore
Loved this episode Bart. There were so many great points that were brought up and that you so wonderfully clarified in response to so called miracle claims and personal experiences. I wish everything you laid out here was in book form, there was just so much good information. If you ever speak in San Antonio I’ll be there. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna Re listen.
Johnny Alamo
Don’t agree
I am a biblical Christian and not a progressive so i don’t agree with your ideology. But, I heard your dad speak a few times back in the 80’s and met him. I actually was able to share a meal with him. i went to Haiti three times and worked at an orphanage, schools, and churches that your dad and his organization, EAPE helped build and support.
It’s like church, but not.
I’m really enjoying listening to the podcast. I love that Bart isn’t afraid to share his journey(s) with us. Thank you.
My humanist pastor
Love this podcast. One of the only podcasts I listen to that I contribute to on Patreon.
So helpful
I’m really loving this podcast. It’s been so helpful to me and I appreciate that the overall tone is respectful to people of all faiths. If you’re going through a deconversion from religion, this podcast is a safe place to think freely without feeling like you or the faith you’re leaving are going to be mocked.
Bravo - Well Done
I am a practicing Christian and love this podcast! Bart Campolo is a charitable host and while clearly not believing in the supernatural, he approaches differing beliefs with dignity and respect. His guests are wide-ranging, and you just have to love Bart’s compassion and energy - highly recommended!
So incredibly helpful!
If you are going through a process of deconstructing your faith then you can’t miss this podcast. Listening to Bart has helped me tremendously through the onslaught of emotions someone goes through while deconstructing, as well as providing practical suggestions and tools to come out the other side a loving, compassionate humanist. I can’t say enough about how much of a help this has been to me. Thanks for all you do Bart, keep up the good work!!
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Positive Upbeat Energy
I like this podcast because Bart just loves people and looks for the positives all around. He’s all about helping people connect with authenticity! Bart seems to be a guy who could make anyone feel comfortable in no time!
Tapirback Rider
Life-giving content
Having left Christianity as someone who has been heavily involved and in leadership positions in the Church for many years, this podcast feels like home. It is so hard to navigate my desire and love of communal culture and the values I held while being Christian. This content is giving me direction. I finally feel like I’ve found a way to reconcile all of the dissonance in my life.
Love this
I really do love this show. It’s helped me to process and understand a lot of my journey away from religion and inspires me in the ways I create my life outside of it.
Blushing beetle
Humanize me is a wonderful celebration of all things secular!
I have had the good fortune to read Bart Campolo’s book and hear him speak in person, in addition to this podcast, and he is engaging in all three media. Bart, a former evangelical minister, is now a humanist chaplain. He offers pastoral care, advice, and help, but without any supernatural baggage. He tackles issues like dealing with death as a humanist, social justice issues, how to be kind to one another, and how to confront a myriad of other issues from a secular perspective. Please, give him a listen; he really is engaging and presents a lot of great ideas.
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Magister Christopher
Honest and humble
It is a breath of fresh air to hear such honest and humble search for creating community. Thank you Bart!
Megan thanks
Great stories and interviews
Great podcast that provides inspiration and deep fun insights but in a non-dogmatic, evidence based way that resonates with this ex-believer. My faith is now centered in observation and good science. My meaning in life is to love and to be loved. Here are some excellent thought provoking ideas. Get it.
My Bryn Mawr stroll companion
I discovered this podcast about a year ago and slowly it’s become one of those rare shows that I listen to the first day or two I see a new episode arrive. Bart is a natural at this - a talker and conversation facilitator par excellence. It helps fill such an important and sparse section of public discourse: how people who have no supernatural leanings can live intentionally with a spirit of love and community. I particularly loved his conversation with his son some time ago on the podcast. His relationship with his father gets a lot of attention, rightly, but I’d love to hear a long form conversation between him and his mother on the show. Just a thought. Either way, keep up the good work.
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One of my favorite podcasts
I listen to almost every episode of this podcast and find it thought provoking and encouraging. Thanks Bart!
So relatable for former Christians
So great, as a former Christian, to find a podcast by someone who used to be “in the fold” and understands many of the struggles related to leaving.
Adam Radam
For anyone trying to live a whole hearted life
By now we’ve all heard that science has shown that to live happier, more fulfilling lives we must deepen our capacity to love, empathize and connection - but what do we do with that knowledge? This podcast is a must listen for any person who’s searching for the tools needed along the journey. It has helped me explore, find answers and build skills in the many areas of struggle in my life, from addiction to emotional understand to compassion. Bart understands that there were more reasons than fear that moved people to religion and expertly distills from them the useful traditions that enable people to flourish. I would not be where I am in life without Bart and this podcast.
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Bart is a master conversationalist
Every episode makes me think and feel deeply about my beliefs and values. I’m a Christian in that I’m a participant in that tradition though I don’t seem to hold any beliefs that could be called supernatural. Bart seems to basically pick a lot of his guests just because he thinks they would be fascinating to talk to and his enthusiasm will pulse through your headphones (or speakers) and leave you feeling like a part of the conversation.
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Secular Student
When the executive director of the Secular Student Alliance suggests a podcast for you, you take a listen. "I'm not sure I can call you that," nearly made me cry with hope and love for the mentioned students and for the future. Great podcast. UPDATE I met Bart when he spoke at the SSA conference this past Summer! Thank you for being you!
This podcast has changed how I think about my life
Bart speaks about navigating life and relationships in a way that has really resonated with me. His post Christian perspective still makes room for—and in fact emphasizes—meaning, hope, and morality. This podcast has helped me codify some vague ideas I had as I navigate my a-theistic life and has given me the incentive to think more critically about my philosophy/religion, my life ambitions, and my relationships. Cannot recommend enough to anyone regardless of faith, but especially to those who have recently lost theirs.
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I beat hard on my first try
Great Show for believers and nonbelievers alike
I identify very strongly as a Progressive Christian Seventh-Day Adventist, but I still find every single episode of Humanize Me to be beneficial toward my own faith. For me, there's no reason to seaparate faith and intellectual inquiry, and I can cound on this show to explore tough questions with an open mind. Be ready for your mind to be changed, however, and don't expect the one-sided punditry or the reactionary politics disguised as liberalism that prevails today on so many prominent podcasts.
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I love Bart
A perfect answer to “how now shall I live” . He loves people and fundamentally understands what we need to be happy. Keep those Ingersoll quotes coming.
a facinating podcast about humanism
This is a great podcast to listen to if you've recently left your faith or are generally interested in humanism. It features a wide variety of guests with diverse perspectives.
Humanize Me
This show (and Bart’s personal counsel) has been a lifeline for me. I especially liked the recent episode, “When I Spoke In Tongues”, which I could connect with easily. I love the fact that Bart’s mission to play his part in making the world a more beautiful and loving place comes through so clearly and that he acknowledges the huge role that his past plays in this.
wade rivers
Voice in the Wilderness
We need more voices like this!! Fantastic podcast! The journey “on the other side” can be confusing and isolating but it doesn’t have to be!!!
Great Content and Guests
For many people transitioning out of a religious perspective, Bart helps guide people to new ways to find grounding and walk morally in life. I really enjoy his positive perspective and appreciating for all that is good and humane in life.
The next step
After I left Christianity, I had to figure out who I was again and I started looking into humanism. I then found this podcast and I am so glad I did! It’s full of discussions on how to live a better life connecting to people and understanding people and so often from the perspective of someone who came out of religion so it’s very relatable. Love every episode I’ve listened to!
A breathe of fresh air
After leaving the church because my evolving worldview no longer felt welcome, I struggled to fully feel at home anywhere. So many atheist circles are bogged down with a cynical and narrow-minded assessment of Christianity. Bart Campolo offers an approach to post-faith life that is respectful and even reverent while still completely striving to be secular and science-based. I can understand how this podcast may not be for everyone, but for me, I no longer feel like a outcast and I could not be more grateful.
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The POWER of speaking in tongues!!!
Bart's conversation with Jessica Wilbanks (author of "When I Spoke in Tongues") has many highlights: 1. both appreciate the power of experiences (such as tongue-speaking) in natural terms that we can replicate in secular communities without magical thinking; 2. both cherish their parents and those who hold to traditional doctrines (in contrast to some nonbelievers who mock and minimize religious people); 3. both bring insight to the gnarliness of gender and sexuality for traditional Christians (who might have been more accepting if Jessica had gotten pregnant when she was single rather than for her to love a woman); 4. Jessica knew of Bart's celebrity status in the church, so realizing that both of them had stepped away from Christianity helped her know that she was not alone; 5. Jessica's mom was a POWERFUL defender of her daughter against a pastor who tried to publicly shame her over her sexuality. This conversation is a good example of humanists learning to speak their truth in love.
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Fantastic podcast hosted by a fantastic person
I love Bart Campolo's Humanize Me podcast. He offers a very thoughtful perspective on important questions and has engaging interviews with interesting people. I look forward to each episode.
Great resource for those who left their faith
I found Bart about 4 years after I left the faith, in the few months I have listened to him, my outlook on religion and life has changed a lot for the better. I highly recommend this for anyone in a similar situation or anyone who wants to know if you can be good without God.
Wonderful and Positive
Bart is enthusiastic, up-beat and warm. This is a really thoughtful podcast that brightens my week, encourages my heart and softens my cynical mind. It is just what we need is need in these days of tumult!
Life Beyond Belief
Life beyond belief can be scary, confusing, and isolating. But it doesn’t have to be. As Bart says in every episode, “I’ll see you on the other side.” Bart and his guests talk about how to cultivate loving relationships and how to build secular communities. People share their stories — about religion, meditation, drugs, you name it — and Bart actively engages with them to figure out what their stories can teach us about what it means to live a good life. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone who’s trying to learn how to make the most of what little time we have.
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The world needs more people like you
I am not an atheist. I am skeptical, sure, but not an unbeliever. Bart and his crew bring out the best of humanity with his great conversations. When I listen to this podcast, there are no atheist vs. theist undertones. There is no aggression to differing opinions or world views, just straight shooting, interesting talks with people. I love how Bart encourages you to just be you. You are a breath of fresh air, and I recommend your podcast to believers and unbelievers alike. There is a little something for everyone here. I appreciate you!
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average guy 1985
The Humangelist
Humanise me was the first secular podcast I found that didn’t come at the subject from an “Angry Athiest” point of view. Bart spoke out of love for his fellow humans, even if they disagreed with his point of view. Nearly everyone who leaves the church goes through an angry phase, or a “felt cheated out of life” phase. But humanise me can be there for them in what I call the “Humangelist” phase. The phase where we realize that we’re all in this together and we’re doing the best we can.
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Long time listener and supporter
Bart is awesome. This is the only podcast I listen to “religiously.” ;) When I first listened to Bart (the early episodes!) I thought, “what a breath of fresh air.” He is enthusiastic, well-read, insightful, and thought-provoking even when I disagree.
Humanist community does exist
This podcast makes you feel a part of a larger community. Taking on thought provoking subjects from a humanist perspective, Bart makes you feel like we are all in a room talking it out together.
Lex Ann P
Best podcast of its kind!!
I first saw Bart (and his dad) as guest speakers at a UMC mega church in Tipp City Ohio. Now, as a former licensed Local Pastor in the UMC, and a former Christian, I ran across Bart on Seth Andrew’s Pod Cast “the thinking atheist” and my jaw dropped. I’ve been an avid listener of”Humanize Me” since then and this is a top quality production and the guests and topics are always educational and engaging! Keep up the great work Bart! You are one of my hero’s!!
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Offering a warm-hearted alternative to traditional religion
Bart’s story is very powerful. His willingness to share it is inspiring. He’s a thoughtful & intelligent interviewer & each podcast is informative & insightful. Worth checking out, especially if you are a fellow refugee from traditional dogma.
A Step Forward
Humanize Me is a refreshing step forward from questions of belief into matters of practical living—finding meaning, current issues, building and maintaining relationships, finding community. Bart is charismatic and pastoral, encouraging action and vision while offering advice and wisdom. If you’re interested in humanist community organizing, or if you just want help navigating life post-religion, this podcast is invaluable.
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Great Podcast for Humanists
I came out of the Christian Protestant faith and have found this podcast to be very helpful. This is a podcast for people that put people first - before faith, or in light of being faithless. Previous podcasts have covered a wide-range of topics from: family matters between believers and non-believers; sex; deconstruction of faith; apologizing; science; interfaithless community; where do humanists get their morality; street epistemology; AA beyond belief; psychedlics, etc. It’s a little piece of Humanist Community to help strengthen you and remind you that you aren’t alone.
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One of my faves
Although I relate to Bart in that we were both raised religious and then left, this podcast is about much more than that. He does a great job of not coming across as an angry atheist, covers a wide variety of topics, and speaks in a way that we can all relate no matter a believer, an atheist, spirit but not religious, 15, 30, or 50 there's something for everyone.
Important, enjoyable podcast
Bart is one of the first non-religious people I discovered who is working to construct something positive and beneficial after the loss of his own faith. The secular, humanist communities he is building oriented toward the pursuit of goodness and kindness will be increasingly important as the influence of evangelical Christianity wanes. Bart’s bridge-building approach, as detailed in his relationship with his father, can and should be an example for other families, as the number religious “nones” continues to grow.
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Helpful for the deconstructing Christian
I’ve loved listening to the Humanize me Podcast! After 3+ years of deconstructing of my Christian faith I want to learn how to just be a good human being and this podcast has helped me through that and also made me feel less alone in this process, thank you! Christina
Christina Sellers
Interviews and discussions with a humanist perspective
I've been listening to Bart's podcast for two years. There are great guests and discussions. I would rate it 5 stars except that Bart interrupts women a lot, which I find annoying.
Bart makes me feel great
Positive, informative, and you’ll end up wishing you had Bart as a buddy in real life!
Hugh the Man Man
great show
The most beautiful thing
This podcast has done so much for me. I found it a couple of years ago and now it keeps me optimistic. In a world where it feels irresponsible to not be angry, Bart brings something to be happy about into the world. Even just hearing the intro music makes me smile.
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