How To Fail With Elizabeth Day
How To Fail With Elizabeth Day
Elizabeth Day
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Love the podcast, and this is for Clemency…
I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast for a while, but especially wanted to say how good it was to hear from Clemency Burton-Hill. She is a remarkable woman, who I’ve admired since I first heard her on WQXR in New York City. I was shocked to hear about her brain injury when it happened and am impressed with the progress she’s made so far in her recovery, due to her brilliance and tenacity. Wow, she is way too hard on herself! Please tell her that New York misses her and is rooting for her.
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How to fail- learning that what went wrong got you stronger
I discovered Elizabeth Day when she went to the Diary of the CEO podcast from Steven Bartlett and I absolutely love her since! Her podcast “how to fail “ is refreshing and give you a new perspective of seeing how things did not go as plan. Love her energy and enthusiasm. Great podcast that I definitely recommend!
Love this inspiring, fascinating, smart podcast
This podcast has quickly become one of my favorites - it is so interesting, refreshing, and inspiring to hear about the “failures” of so many successful people. Elizabeth does a great job drawing out the interesting stories in her interviewees lives such that even when I don’t know anything about the person she’s interviewing, I quickly get caught up in wanting to hear their stories anyway. Thank you Elizabeth for this gift and your wisdom and wit!
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A breath of fresh air!
This podcast makes you feel like you've just had a smoothie for your spirit. Elizabeth is an incredible host - I can literally feel her sincerity in everything she says, and I can tell the guests she brings on are people she is genuinely excited to share with her listeners. Love this show!
Arlie K
The Art of Interviewing ♥️
I love your podcast because you really know how to listen to your guests, are genuinely empathetic and show time and time again how much you love what you do. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎈!!
A refreshing and insightful podcast
Love the idea behind this and Elizabeth has such a diverse range of guests on the podcast. The conversations are truly illuminating and I’ve learned a lot that I can apply to my own life and the way I think about certain topics. Revisiting older episodes now and looking forward to new ones.
What a refreshing podcast! The interview questions are thoughtful and interesting. The one with Gloria Steinem was pure joy! Many popular podcast interviewers make the mistake of dominating the discussion by not engaging the interviewee more. I don’t see that here and it’s great!
Love this podcast! Refreshing, inspiring and genuine.
What a great concept!
Thank you to Elizabeth for creating such an interesting show :)
Delia Folk
Amazing Content!
Elizabeth does such a good job covering a variety of topics. Her guests offer awesome advice and have incredible stories as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be inspired!
Such a great podcast!
I found this podcast through Laura Horn Art and loving it! Such a genius topic: failure and success. Elizabeth’s style of interviewing is very engaging, fun and feels like a stay over with the friends and telling personal stories. Thank you for it!
Sincere and Connected
I found this podcast randomly, and love it. It’s so genuine and authentic. I feel seen, heard, and that my human experience is validated. I agree that our failures are necessary and propel us toward what is meant for us. Thank you for this wonderful podcast!
How to Fail .... with meaning
Brilliant, insightful, honest. Makes you reconsider and reflect upon the interviewee, interviewer and oneself. What more can one ask for.
Nicknamed The Rude
Full of wonderful, fallible humans.
I’ve learned so much from Elizabeth’s conversations with these remarkable, normal, fallible people. They’ve made me be more gentle to myself and more accepting of those around me. In this weird time of pandemic these podcasts have been a brazier to get warm by. I love them.
Thoughtful, thought-provoking, sincere, gentle, just what is needed in these times of uncertainty....or even in just regular old times. A podcast for all times, and all time. Thanks, Elizabeth Day - for reminding us all that it’s ok to be human, and that failure is - in effect - one step closer to perfection. 🥰
Fascinating Interview
Fantastic questions, many questions no one has ever asked before, of Gloria Steinem. In-depth yet heartfelt show that is a joy to listen to & so relevant today. Thank you and please bring us more!
D. Molly
Jamie Dornan
Great interview with Jamie Dornan! Elizabeth brought out what a thoughtful, humble and likable person he is.
jonno 8
Jamie Dornan podcast
Just brilliant and informative. He’s so down to Earth and honest. Loved this
This podcast is elegant, charming, perspective-shifting, validating, relatable, and completely addicting. I’m so glad I found it, and I’m recommending it to all of my friends. Thank you, Elizabeth!
James Acaster in S9 E8 gives the most cogent counterargument to the Bill Burr comedians of the world I’ve ever heard. I’m so grateful I heard him say it. This podcast makes me think, reflect, and breeds compassion and me. More!
Thank you for this
Such a soothing podcast. I listen here in LA and I must say this is the loveliest podcast to listen to while braving the daily traffic. Now that we’re on what feels like day 967 of the pandemic, I am especially grateful to Elizabeth for providing some uplifting and wholesome listening. I often re listen to episodes when I’m feeling anxious and it helps so much. Love this show.
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant podcast. Amazing guests and thoughtful intelligent questions leading to valuable insight and life lessons. Frisky brilliant. And I could listen to Elizabeth Days voice for hours..... can you binge listen a podcast?? Hmmm I think I just did!
An International Must Listen!
I don’t know Elizabeth does it but she so genuinely empathetic with her interviewees. She asks incredibly relevant, constructive, and smart questions. I keep having this experience of wanting to know more from an interviewee and then she asks the very thing I was wondering, its honestly a superpower ! Through weeks of listening I’ve been learning that we all have our own experiences of failure. This commonality could have the power to bind us through these times of isolation and division. Thank you Elizabeth for normalizing this topic and for sharing your empathy with the world! The fan girl in me is screaming I LOVE YOU from the crowd !!
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Mohsin Zaida, what a wonderful man!!
What a wonderful podcast, Elizabeth I’m with you, I welled up many times during the podcast too!! Mohsin Zaida your a wonderful human being, the world needs more people like you 😊 xx Ps please can A dutiful boy be released on Audible 😁👍🏻
Good for the soul
This podcast is good for the soul. Listening to others analyse failures can give a fresh perspective to your own story. Thank you so much
I love this podcast. Elizabeth Day is wonderful so calming. I am working my way through all seasons. I’m inspired by the guests and feel very positive moving forward. I lost my mum recently and have a great sense of purpose listening daily. I cried listening to Jonny Benjamin and ordered the book immediately. What an amazing story. Thank you so much Elizabeth for brightening my morning walks.
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Wish I were there
It’s like sitting next to interesting people. In London.
Love this!
Just the kick in the ass I need to remember that it’s ok to fail🙌🏼
Delightful and with great substance
Elizabeth Day manages to bridge the gap: entertaining & thoughtful!
Absolutely love it
Always puts me in a better mood. Delightful, thought-provoking and sincere. Thank you Elizabeth!!
Thought provoking and real!
I appreciate the real ness of these conversations and the lessons you can pull from them!
How to fail
Inspiring, thought provoking and thoughtful discussions. Thank you!
A gift to my life!
Thank you x1000 for this podcast. I loved both interviews with Phoebe Waller Bridge, but my favorite episode of all is the interview with you, Elizabeth Day. I listened while hiking during this strange season of corona quarantine, and again and again I was cheering in the woods, “Yes! Me too.” At every turn, I thought, “I relate, I relate, I relate.” I so appreciate your honesty and humor and generosity of spirit. THANK YOU!!!
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Incredibly Inspiring
Elizabeth Day is the PERFECT host for this. Her guests are always unique and surprisingly open. I encourage anyone to listen to this but especially those of you who have experienced significant failure/disappointment in your life. Truly inspiring and has changed my perspective on a lot of my own personal struggle.
A brilliant series hosted by an open heart
This podcast checks off all the boxes for me: fascinating premise for why the podcast exists, a host who’s genuinely interested in hearing what her guests have to say and responding with openness and vulnerability, and full interviews that do not feel edited. Fascinating subjects with interviews that feel dangerous and exciting in their divergence.
Pro Actor Man
If you aren’t listening yet, You absolutely should!!
I listened to the Samin Nosrat interview because I simply adore her, and as I listened I quickly realized that Elizabeth Day is absolutely brilliant! This is such an insightful, enjoyable podcast - I’m completely hooked after 1 episode!!
I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’m a huge fan - Elizabeth has the warmest heart and soul, and she’s willing to be vulnerable to her own learning curve about people and the world. I’ll be listening.
Always an interesting conversation. The host structures it so well and focuses on key ‘fails’ from each interviewee. Uplifting and supportive discussions. Really recommend. The Marian Keyes one that was just released is brilliant.
Enjoyed so much!
I heard of this podcast because I follow Marian Keyes. I enjoyed her interview so much! I’m off to listen to more. Thank you!
Beautiful podcast
Grateful for Elizabeth Day and her wise words
Brilliant, moving, funny & thought-provoking
I wanted to wait until I had finished this podcast to write a review (I’ve only just started season 3 this morning), but it’s just so good that it can’t wait. Through a series of remarkable interviews, Elizabeth points out poignantly how failure is at its core simply a part of life - and a part that teaches us some of our best lessons. She asks great questions to some truly remarkable people. The honesty is refreshing, and I have to admit that I tear up at least once during each episode (but usually more). We all feel like failures at some point in our lives, and this podcast is a truly lovely reminder that we are not alone. Not sure I’d have gotten through a tough time recently without those reminders. Thank you, Elizabeth. PLEASE don’t stop making this podcast! ♥️
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Marguerite S.
Law School savior!
I started listening to How to Fail when I began law school last fall as a 27 year old woman. The hour long commute felt rough, and being an older student surrounded by 22 year olds who never seemed to stop working no matter how tired, sick, stressed, or drunk they were was exhausting and incredibly stressful. You feel like you’re never doing enough no matter how much you kill yourself. Elizabeth’s podcast brings me back to life and back to earth every week by reminding me that it’s okay to sleep! And skip class if I’m sick! Because if her podcast guests can win pulitzers and emmys, change careers in the middle of their lives, and go through horrible divorces all while actually learning from the things that are going wrong, and learning how to take care of themselves in the process and becoming even more incredible people then I can make it through law school without losing myself. Thank you Elizabeth for being an incredible woman, author, and host!!!
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A Treat!
I love Elizabeth Day: she is smart, compassionate, open to new ideas, and really deeply engaged with her guests. Her interviews are some of the best that I have heard. I highly recommend this podcast as guests focus on one general discussion topic: failure in their lives and how they have approached it, but of course that opens the gate to a wide, and full spectrum of conversation possibilities. Of course, some of the guests are more interesting than others, but hearing Day open space for every guest to fully express herself/himself makes all of the episodes worth listening to.
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Great for anyone with goals or dreams
Her casual approach, accompanied with studied research of her subjects, allows Elizabeth the luxury of allowing her interviewees to feel comfortable enough to share. There’s no room for rehearsed questions here, just like in desert island discs, allowing them to arrive with pre thought out topics to discuss provides the blue print for great discussion whisky Elizabeth makes sure she goes in for the grit.
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Churro five
I do enjoy this podcast but would love to hear from different kinds of experience - so far we’ve heard a lot of upper middle class people who are born into the financial security that allows for either failure or the time and space to reflect on said experience.
A real pleasure to listen to
What makes this podcast so great is Elizabeth Day is such a talented interviewer, clearly honed from her days as a journalist, so the conversation always takes really interesting and insightful turns. A gem of a podcast that almost always uplifting and often quite moving too.
It’s like being a fly on the wall as two of your most articulate best friends discuss what they’ve learnt from experience.
Poddie Fave
Uh, we already have that...
Disappointing to see a podcaster who seemingly didn’t do her homework in researching podcasts already called “How To Fail” or coming up with a better logo. When asked on Instagram Elizabeth has done nothing but delete and block comments. This shows she knew about the issue and clearly doesn’t care. Seems to be the only thing she knows how to actually fail at.
Stolen and Bad
Stealing the name, concept and imagery from another podcast seems to be a pretty big failure if you ask me.
LOVE this! Such a treat
This is such a delight of a podcast, as an American it introduces me to some great (mostly) British figures that I’m not familiar with. Really love Elizabeth’s voice and interviewing style, doesn’t hog the mic like most podcasters do when interviewing their guests. Looking forward to the 📚 💜
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