How Married Are You?
How Married Are You?
Glen & Yvette Henry
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Super engaging
This is the marriage advice I didn’t know I needed!
Lola Luffnaigle
But What About My Commute?
I counted on Glen to validate that I’m not crazy. I counted on forwarding episodes to my wife even though she never thought listening was that crucial. But most of all, I counted on the episodes to get me through my commute. What is life now? How will I know how married I am?
Great podcast
Both of you do a great job at being vulnerable, open, and I know I am not alone when I say many people appreciate this podcast. Over time however, it becomes to clear to see why you two chose one another even when you both say the only thing you two have in common is being black. I wish you all the best life has to offer and much more. You are appreciated!
I started my official faith journey in March and your podcast was one of the firsts things that came up and I am so amazed by how God is working through you guys. The honesty is relatable, the advice is beneficial and your personalities are uplifting!!!! God never fails to put such amazing people in my life and I get that I don’t know you both personally but I’m so grateful to have such beautiful and real examples of what life can be like. (I’m young) so all my life I’ve tried to find the perfect relationship and I learned that I needed to be in the season of singleness. Your podcast ( and I actually found your YouTube channel 2 days ago and I LOVE IT, but I’ve really been keeping up with the podcast) it has given me a direction with how to prepare my mindset for marriage if that’s something God even wants for me. I know affirmations are super encouraging and I want to add to all that you receive. I look forward to your podcasts and it’s a reminder of God’s willingness to work through us if we accept. AND YOUR FAMILY US SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Keep achieving all that God has in store for you. And when life gives you lemons KEEP MAKING LEMONADE!!!!! You guys are clearing make lemonade hahah. I hope this wasn’t too long or corny but from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
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Very relatable- I can’t stop listening!
HMAY has really helped me through the struggles of juggling marriage and raising children. The topics that Glen and Yvette discuss are very insightful, detailed, comical (at times) and spiritually enlightening. Thank you for taking the time and energy to give us this podcast, please keep them coming.
Stumbled onto your podcast
Wow. You two are hilarious. I was watching Dads on Apple TV and researched you further. Jeez watching the struggles that Beleaf was going thru just with the kids alone made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough at home. I redoubled my efforts and pitched In more than I was. (Btw was a lot before) listening to your podcast right now has given me new topics to discuss with my wife and family and that has brought us closer together. Thank you to both of you. Please keep it going.
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This here gives me life.
This podcast has been such a breath of martial fresh air and I enjoy it weekly. I look forward to this podcast and the video that I’ll watch even after listening. The deep conversations, the transparency and the love these two share is amazing. Has been a blessing to my wife and I marriage and why we started our podcast to share our story cause they showed us we need a lil bit of encouragement in this journey of marriage and reminder of how married are we?
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The Iconic Vincent Blaze
Beleaf Mel and Mrs. Melanin—authentic and truthful living
There’s so much I could say! I’ve been listening for more than a year. The authenticity is mixed with an unshakeable marital commitment built on a Christ foundation. Which is comforting because sometimes they get into it! I’ve heard Glen say women call him mean. However, his responsibility is to cover and protect his wife, and there should be mutual support for growing more Christlike. Glen has some real wisdom, and I think Yvette respects and honors that. The episode when Yvette felt Glen was saying she was fat after one of the children said she looked like such-and-such—wow. That’s a man who for real loves his lady and wasn’t going to allow junky thinking to go unchallenged. That is so real, and how many couples do that? It’s risky! Anyway, all this to say, you two are inspiring authenticity and truthful living in me. It takes courage. God bless and favor you as you keep at it.
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A breathe of fresh air!!
Listening to your podcast is one of the best parts of my day! Thank you both for being so authentic, real, open, and supportive to your community. I’m single and the conversations you all have help to plant a seed of the things to think about going into a marriage that is Christ-centered. Continue to let your light shine in every area and opportunity that God will provide you! 🤟🏼♥️
REAL TALK. Period!
This couple is so sincerely genuine in wanting to understand their marriage and in doing so they provide authentic insight with humor to other couples. I love them😘😘😘🙏🏽
Best kind of podcast
Love this godly couple’s perspective on marriage and life. They keep it real while wrestling through marriage. Doesn’t feel fluffed up or fake. Love them and you should love them too!
Tap Shoes and Small Talk
In the case of Bezos, his wife helped him build his wealth. She invested financially.
😞😞😞 Please don’t vaccinate these babies
I loveeeee the transparency on this podcast. I can’t believe they shared their experience with vaccinations as well as other sensitive topics. Thank you so much for showing up! Much love from Mexico 🇲🇽
Glen & Yvette are the epitome of keepin' it real. Insightful, informative, entertaining Podcast!
Not sure how I ended up here, but I like it!
Great podcast. Its like a drug I cant stop coming back to! Super funny and creative. Also gives lots of practical advice for singles and couples.
I loveeeee your family!
Your transparency is so appreciated! Continue to speak and inspire from the heart!♥️✨
Black love at its finest
Love to hear about Black love and Black parenting. Definitely the highlight of my week when new episodes drop.
Just Adriana :)
Dope podcast
First time listener enjoyed the podcast....
Boss talk radio podcast
Love the transparency
I started following beleaf when I was single and had no kiddos. And I literally was 4 months into marriage when you guys started the podcast. And it has been so amazing listening to you guys be so transparent about yourself and your opinions. I love this podcast because they are genuinely not trying too hard to impress but more to impact! Look forward to seeing so much more for you!
I love y’all!!
I didn’t even know y’all had a podcast until last week. I am one of y’all followers on YouTube and Instagram “Shieva”.. Y’all love reminds me of my husband and I love.. I love.. love.. the podcast I can feel every ounce of it in y’all voices. Keep it up we support y’all much greatly!! 🥰
Shieva Monet
Literally one of my favorite podcast and couples. I love how genuine their conversations are and I truly admire their level of friendship.
Favorite podcast
I listen to literally every day to work, from work and at home lol love you guys.
Started from episode one a few days ago and on episode 7 already. Love love love the transparency. Easily becoming one my top five podcasts.
Love !!
My favorite podcast! Glen & Yvette’s conversations are always a breath of fresh air ! Thank you both for being vulnerable & keeping it real!
Love this podcast!
I just started listening to it, and it’s sooooo good. Can’t wait to binge all the episodes.
Hey Henry’s!! I’ve been a listener since y’all were guest on The Love Hour with the Fredericks. I appreciate the conversations y’all have, they help me in my marriage and I’ve felt the “we’re not the only one!” dealing with this. Thanks for being candid, open, and funny all at the same time.
J. De Paula
Awesome podcast even for the nonmarried folks
I am single and love this podcast. It gives me a true understanding of a christ-centered marriage. I really like the open discussions that Glen and Yvette have and their willingness to encourage the wedding party on Tuesdays.
Married for real?
I’ve been listening to you two for at least 8 mos and although you are transparent and willing to share your feelings , it seems like you are not a happy couple. Yvette is bothered about everything and not content. I am single and I listen to a few married couple podcasts and by far you two don’t feel like friends at all. It seems like you just tolerate one another. I know that marriage isn’t always a walk in the park but, are you two even at the park? Maybe you should go. to counseling. I’m sorry to sound negative but I find myself more recently skipping your podcast because I don’t want to feel sad. 😬😬
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Alana (AlAIna)
Fun, honest, Christ-centered
I love how transparent they are. I love that they are vocal about the foundation of their relationship and family being built on the gospel AND they are truly friends! They have fun together and they don’t always have to say things “properly” with each other. But their words are always seasoned with salt. Love it!
Nek Oh
Phenomenal in every way
Thank you so much Yvette and Glen for this podcast! My boyfriend, who I plan on marrying, introduced me to this channel because he has been a fan of Beleaf in Fatherhood for years. We learn so much from your marriage and family. This podcast has ignited many discussions between us that has brought us closer and allowed us to plan how we want our marriage to be. Your marriage is truly a testament that people of color can have a healthy, sustainable, prosperous God-centered marriage. This is especially important to me as a black woman in an interracial relationship. Thank you, we’re praying for you. Thank you so much for being willing to be vulnerable on such a large platform about your lives. It is truly inspiring to so many people.
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Words of Affirmation
I already miss the “Words of Affirmation” segment with Ms. Badu and Common saturating my ears on a Tuesday/Thursday afternoon. Please don’t stop them! You both do so well and you all encourage me to love my boyfriend well in the Lord. Also just understanding him as a person. Thank you for all that you do, continue to be transparent and a light!
I thought maybe me and my boyfriend of 8 years only went through stuff like this! Listening to Glenn gives me a male perspective that I can appreciate and understand!
My marriage
You guys remind me of my marriage lol, great company while at work.
New Intro
The new intro is fire. I had to rewind to hear again!
Mommy Monique
Makes me happy...
I love this podcast and this couple. I was introduced to their podcast and YouTube presence when they had a pretty big fight and I shared it will all my friends because I loved how even though they were upset at each other they talk through the issue. It makes me happy to see a couple talk through problems and I also watch with my 4 children to show them healthy communication also. This has really helped me communicate better with my hubby of 12 years and we are closer than ever. Thank you both so much and your family are always in my prayers. Mj from Illinois
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Representation Matters
And you guys represent us SO well! I’m not the hugest fan of the commentating on people’s emails/problems, but i LOVE hearing yall y’all about your own personal experiences, convictions, & triumphs! It’s what pulled me into beleaf in fatherhood and now this! Love y’all 🖤
Binge worthy
I just recently discovered this podcast when Glen and Yvette appeared on the Love Hour podcast. My husband and I are always trying to find new ways to spend time with each other and to spark good conversations. With that being said we loved the vibe that Glen and Yvette gave on the Love Hour and decided to check out the podcast. This has replaced tv in our home until we are caught up. My husband has officially told me that I can’t listen to them without him. It’s great!
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Amazing Podcast
My husband and I have been listening/catching up on your podcast from the beginning. We love how authentic and free you both are which keeps us both engaged Keep doing y’all! You’re helping us grow. Thank you!!
Dope couple
I love how real and unfiltered they are
kyron jackson
Very real parents!
Yo Glen, great to meet you a few years back. Been watching on YouTube, but just now started listening to the podcast. You and Yvette are crushing it! Couples goals.
tommy riles
Most Relatable Podcast
Gosh! I relate to this podcast so much. From all the big potties 😂 to Yvette (not sure if I spelled that correctly) feeling some type of way of how people might perceive her based on the condition of her home to your love for God and the way you both honor him with your parenting, to having four kids and so much more! It makes me know I’m not alone when it comes to these things. God bless you both and your family & may the Lord continue to bless you as you follow his lead.
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nana bear 2008
Love y’all
Love this podcast. I don’t remember how I found this podcast but have been listening for about a year and have learned and laughed a lot! I feel like I know y’all and love to know what you think!
I am so thankful for y’all!
I started listening to your podcast last week, and I’ve been so blessed by your content, your candor, and your creativity. I am amazed by how real you are, and I’m so thankful for a black Christian couple that doesn’t hide so many of the difficult parts of relationships, raising children, and all the messy parts of life. Y’all are a blessing!
Firefox 355
The episode of you all discussing your feelings of the vasectomy is deeeeeep yo!!! I can feel the pain in both your voices. You both are trying to prove your point as kindly as you can lol. I don’t have any advice because this is your truths. I pray you’ll get on the same page and reading at the same pace!
Great Episdoe
This was a great episode. The Pastor was definitely not realistic with the virgin to virgin statement. In this age, it’s rare for any partner to be a virgin, and if it does happen, it will usually be the bride. But being a virgin isn’t about virgins deserving virgins, like non virgins are less worthy, and this is coming from a virgin.
unique niq
You two are a blessing!
Finding this podcast has truly been a blessing to my life. I love being able to glean wisdom and knowledge from a Christian couple. I enjoy listening and learning what a healthy relationship/marriage could look like. Thank you for your open hearts and transparency! God bless you!
Where do I begin?
No, but really—I don’t know quite the right words to describe how much I value this couple. They are so transparent, vulnerable, and honest...and at the same time crazy and hilarious. In a world where some may only show the bright or semi-dark side of marriage and beyond, I’m grateful for this couple who lets us in to the intricate twists and turns and hardships of marriage and parenting while also maintaining one’s individuality and purpose. There’s been some episodes where I really felt like a fly on the wall of a conversation maybe too raw for me to be hearing (😧) but it has only encouraged me to be more intentional about my relationships and ensure I’m around people who are willing to push through and face the hard stuff. Thank you both for being who you are and doing what you do. ✊🏾
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So realistic and eye opening.
This podcast has REALLY opened my eyes to what marriage truly is. I love the fact that Yvette and Glenn bring their true feelings to the podcast episodes. There are episodes that truly make me cringe because their coldness towards each other is so evident but in the end it IS SO HELPFUL! It helps me realize how much work comes with marriage and how it’s not always going to be all good. I absolutely love them. Truly. Everyone thinking about getting married should listen. It snatched the “Disney Fairy Tale Lens” right off my eyes lol. In a GOOD WAY!
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Girl in Atlanta Saving Money
Point of views that MUST be heard!
I’m a 19 year old girl and I not married at all. But I definitely feel like the conversations that Glenn and Yvette have about marriage gives me practical expectations and not fairytale expectations. (Which is a good thing! Lol) I’m not about that fluffy fake stuff, so to hear a black Christian couple talk about real issues in marriage is honestly so refreshing. It’s podcasts like this that provide advice to help me prepare for marriage, but also helps me to remain very content and thankful in my singleness. Nothing but love and support to Mrs.Melanin and Beleaf! Protect ya life and keep your network poppin! :)
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My Favorite if All time
God bless, Love you guys. that’s all!
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