House of #EdTech
House of #EdTech
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The podcast helping educators integrate technology by sharing stories from teachers, explaining the lessons learned, and sharing actionable easy #edtech tips and tools -- because whether you use it or not, technology is changing the way we teach and how our students learn.
#EdTech for the End of the School Year - HoET180
Wrapping up your school year for the summer is almost as challenging as starting back up in September.
Jun 6
32 min
The Benefits and Tools of Blended Learning - HoET179
Blended Learning is a mixture of learning methods that incorporate multiple teaching modals–most frequently digital and traditional face-to-face learning.
May 23
33 min
40 Years of 'Wisdom' - HoET178
I have screwed up and failed so many times you might wonder how I am even still here after I share some stories from the last 40 years. And that's what I am going to do. I have some stories I want to share and I believe through my experiences you will be entertained and educated.
Apr 27
26 min
What Would You Do Differently? A 2020 Reflection - HoET177
Nate Nagele returns to reflect on 2020 and what we would do differently.
Apr 11
54 min
2021 House of #EdTech Final Four - HoET176
The road to the 2021 #EdTech Final Four ends here.
Mar 28
40 min
One Year Later. A 2020 Reflection - HoET175
It's been one year since the world changed. Time to reflect.
Mar 14
54 min
The 4 Cs - Real Talk - HoET174
Create. Communicate. Collaborate. Critical Thinking.
Feb 28
42 min
Clubhouse for Educators - HoET173
Clubhouse Tips for Teachers
Feb 14
1 hr
Get Rid of the Fence - HoET172
How do we get rid of the fence that obstructs the view of progress in education?
Jan 31
1 hr 10 min
Are #EdTech Coaches Extinct? - HoET171
Do we still need edtech coaches? Are edtech coaches respected?
Jan 10
35 min
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