Hour of Goon
Hour of Goon
Jeordie White, Fred Sablan
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Please Come Back
I hope you guys start the podcast up again. I looked forward to it every week. I went back today to listen to old episodes and noticed they've been taken down. It was such a bummer.
Miss you
Please come back
Love you guys
And please have Andrew Clinco as your guest!!!
Into it
I want these dudes to be my friends.
Everytime I hear someone speak the words "so good", I hear Fred and Jeordie in my head in their best high pitched voices quickly repeating "SO GOOD"!!! :) :)
wish I could listen
interesting subject matters, cool guys, great guests, this would be a 5 star review, but I cannot listen to the constant eating, yawning, drinking, and mouth breathing of Jeordie. did I mention the yawning? seriously, you guys could probably stay off the snacks for an hour while you record. it's unbearable, the absence of the sugar crash would probably help with the yawning, and occasional total disinterest in the show from Jeordie.
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Egghead VonBurtbert
Keeps me at the edge of my seat , weekly.
Down to Earth guys who have a great sense of humor. I've been hooked since the first episode. A variety of topics each week. Really into all the sound effects. I don't mind any of the sillyness, in fact, I very much enjoy how raw everything is, nothing scripted. Which keeps me coming back for more. It's real - it's great. Plus, I love all the old school music that is played, the opinions of music, background stories from their childhood. Can really relate to alot of the characteristics of the two. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and some good music to sing along too. Get into it.
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Priscilla Simmons
Great Podcast!
My new favorite podcast to listen to in class (I should be paying attention I know but this is great). Great content, funny material and Jeordie has been and inspirational figure to me for a long time. Looking forward to more episodes!!
The Answer is Yes
The Question is do you want to listen. It's that simple.
God is dead... and so is the professional editor.
First podcast to make me feel schizophrenic, and if a violent suicide remains a side effect of simulated mental illness, be sure to let the coroner know it was psychotic audio editing that drove me to it.
Vince Eager
Its What You Need...
or not. You dont have to be a fan of either artist to enjoy this podcast. I just happen to enjoy these two cats, who bring a certain light to my dark sleepless nights. You dont even have to be in the know about the guests. This podcast twists and turns. Give it a spin.
Jack Peloquin
David Gilmore Meets "The Ricker" Ricky Stratton
Here they are, face to face A couple of Guacamole Spoons. Hopin’ to find, they’re two of a kind Making a go, making it grow. Together, they’re going to find their way. Together, taking the time each week. To learn all about those things you just can’t buy.
Makes me smile
Jeordie and Fred have a created a podcast that is both funny and very entertaining. Suddenly, I want brunch...
Brunch, Ghost Stories, Poop Stories, & More!
I am so glad I discovered this podcast. Listening to Jeordie and Fred has gotten me through some pretty tough days at work. This podcast is relaxing to listen to and is super funny. I think Jeordie might suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it makes for some phenomenal poop stories! I hope this podcast is around for a long time.
Rarely do things come along at exactly the right time
but this is one of those things for me. It's great. Love the soundscapes. Love the effects. The conversation is sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, but just about always interesting. The anecdotes are great. Really into the anxiety talk, as weird as that might be, just because it's nice to hear someone you look up to having relatable human problems. Great for my studio time, when I'm working and alone and need something sort of mellow to listen to. It is really great on good headphones, or good speakers, but good headphones are better. If you have earbuds you can sort of pick who you listen to, which can be an advantage in some circumstances. ;) There are a few things I've learned from listening: 1) mayo on your grilled cheese is the correct way to make it. I'm never going back. 2) Star Wars is the universal language. 3) Dogs are cute whether you can see them or not. There's just one, big thing that I have an issue with, that's the only reason why I wouldn't give it full stars. Pretty sure it's been an issue for (almost) no one else. Great podcast over all, if you're looking for something different to give a try, this is it! #6, #13, #15, #19, and the one with Jeff Davis are my favorites. Love it or hate it, at least you tried something new! And I can pretty much guarantee that even if you only ever listen to one, there's going to be something that sticks with you.
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Hour of sexy!
I love this podcast! I call it the hour of sexy Because Jeordie and Fred have the sexiest voices...;) Even if they just chat about cheese,lol! I really like the candor,and Laid back feel of the show. It literally feels like you are just sitting in the room eavesdropping. A great podcast and two awesome guys!;) Keep up the good work guys! I look forward to Wednesday's. Thank you for such a great show!
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Me mcgoo
Only podcast you need to listen too
This podcast is so bloody wonderful and lovely. The sound effects are perfect the random conversation and pizza is beautiful. I am in love with Fred and Jeordie they are so fantastic. You will never get tired of the movie talk, voices, and everything in between. I can't name many things I love/ like and this is one of the first things I think of. Thank you Hour of Goon!!!
I found jerks
The best
Fred and Jeordie's random banter will have you cracking up. Covering the most random topics with quirky editing make the such an entertaining podcast. Keep them coming guys!
Love these guys
Finally I have found kindred spirits who love Guac and Gilmour. Love the food talk, the David Gilmour talk (BTW - On An Island isn't going too deep guys, that's amazing music), love the gear talk. I feel like these guys are close friends. The audio editing with crazy backdrop sound is amazing. I almost peed my pants during the "should I go to the Iron Maiden concert" segment when the high pitched synth came in. Incredible stuff.
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Cheese, jeans and brunch.
Weird but awesome.
**Jeantastic Feel Good Podcast**
Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. It is my new favorite escape. It's as if this podcast was made for me. Jeordie White and Fred Sablan aka Bread Sablan (WHO) are friends who get together and literally talk about anything and everything. This is like no other podcast you will ever hear. From time to time they will have a celebrity guest on. Do not expect this guest to be questioned about their career, etc. The guest is not there to be interviewed; they are just there to join in on the randomness. On any given podcast you will crave pizza, be extremely hungry, learn about bathrooms across the country, hear about jeans and/or slacks, be fascinated by all things Billy Zane, reminisce about the Facts of Life and talk Star Wars collectibles just to name a few topics (but not to give too much away). There is so much I love about this podcast, starting with the two podcasters themselves. The topics that they bring up each episode make me feel like I am right there talking with the guys. I have yet to be uninterested in a subject they bring up. I look forward to each and every episode. The sound effects and music that pop up during the podcast are genius. I could go on and on but I will stop so that you can just go and listen ... Enjoy! WARNING: Before you listen, make sure you have eaten or you have food because you will be starving by the end of the podcast! =o)
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How to enjoy this podcast....
Must say that to truly enjoy this show, it helps a lot if you 1. are naturally quite odd/original thinker___CHECK or 2. would do Jeordie in a Dallas second, regardless of consequences___CHECK! or, 3. have at least some kind of mellow buzz goin'___CHECK AGAIN!!! No wonder I love this show! Low expectations also help....they're not Stephen effin' Hawking, 4 kristsake.......
Sex, Food, Rock and Avoid Crowds.
I will now ask every restaurant I give patronage if it is possible to convert my meal into a wrap and throw a Pablo-sized dollop of guacamole on that MF. Brilliant. This show is brilliant and SEXistential. I've picked up on a few shows they've brought up that I otherwise wouldn't have bothered with (and ended up enjoying). Plus, their voices are just oozing with sex and stuff. Do it.
making wednesdays great again!
i'm so glad Hour of Goon exists! don't ever stop!!
Denise Noelle
One of my fav's
Weird and awkward at times but one of my favorite podcasts about nothing.
Tito Gortiz
Entertaining! I laugh, I cry, I get hungry... really hungry. Converstaions range from life on tour, to their own movie/music interests, to talk of food. Would pay real money for a cookbook by Jeordie.
Hour of goon!
Great hearing these dudes opinions and personality. Awesome guests, stoked for the next one!
Fred Sablan (who?) and Jeordie White (who?) were both affiliated with Marilyn Manson (who?) at some point. Now they have a podcast where they interview great guests like improviser Jeff Davis (who?) and drummer Josh Freese (who? who? who?), or even just converse with each other about random things. It's a great podcast and if you (who?) are looking for a good starting point, start on the first time episode because that's where the podcast starts. Hour of Goon (who?) is a great listen for podcast fans (who?) and music fans (who?)
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Brunch chef Tampa-Omaha
Love the sounds. Any drug reference is played in reverse. Its hilarious. And yes Brunch is the best meal.
Goons FTW!
Jeordie and Fred’s friendship is infectious, listen to this podcast and feel like you’re hanging out with your best friends. They bring an elegance to talking about the seemingly mundane and tell the best stories of their adventures in rock n roll. The guests are always on point as well, my pop culture knowledge is expanding for sure. Warning: this podcast will make you hungry and may cause occasional pain from endless laughter.
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Hour of Goon....Who??
love listening to the neurotic thoughts, conversations about food and anything else that pops into jeordie and fred's heads (both separately and at the same time). i listen at work and everyone comes by wondering why i am laughing so loud. can't wait for the t-shirt!!
Aliens moonwalk to a different beat
This is great. About time something good!
Billy Zane!
The Josh Freese episode was the first one I listened to, and I really liked that one and I started going back and listening to the rest. It’s definitely not for everyone, as it’s just two guys (sometimes with a guest) talking about whatever they want. Sometimes pants, sometimes Star Wars, but always BRUNCH! I find it interesting and entertaining. Sometimes the effects get too weird and obscure stuff, but I gather that’s the intention. I’m temped to try and reverse the reversed audio to see if I can figure it out.
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More than just a PodCast
The Pink Floyd of PodCasts
Peppy Sevenson
An aural extravaganza
I was skeptical at first, and it took my love for Harmontown's Jeff Davis to get through my first listen, but the candor, attitude, and experience of these guys is simply irresistible. The aural landscape that Jeordie (or Fred? I think it's Jeordie.) creates is an adventure in itself, and their commentary and that of their guests is just icing on the cake. Definitely recommend to all my friends. I hope they continue with the great guest lineup they've had of late. This podcast has certainly been added to my regular rotation.
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Ruined by sound effects
The sound effects are unbearable. Could not finish the episode. Otherwise interesting. Bummer.
What are you doing?
The goofy sounds, the terrible music, the echo effect on top of what would be a compelling conversation. What the eff are you doing? Are you TRYING to make the show annoying? Because it’s working you dummies. Knock off the garbage and just let people talk.
Great stuff!
Stop wasting your time and listen to the Hour of Goon
There is no other podcast like the Hour of Goon. Two wonderfully funny and talented artists get together to discuss life as they know it every week. Star Wars, turtle necks, tuna melts, and everything in between. WARNING: Hour of Goon will make you hungry but I guarantee you will know how to make a proper grilled cheese and avocado dip after listening to this. Fred and Jeordie has a friendship that is extremely endearing and relatable. These guys are sweating week by week in the studio to bring us an uplifting end result that even Billy Zane would be a Goon after listening to just 10 minutes. The tone is low key and the tenor of their voices likens this podcast to something out of NPR but with more Goon. The post production sound design is, in this Goon’s opinion, revolutionizing the conversational podcast. Keep up the good work gentlemen, and may the the Arnold Palmers flow like the orange juice served for brunch in the atrium!
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So fun!
I love this podcast! Jeordie and Fred are a joy to listen to. They both have a great sense of humor, and the arbitrary topics lead to really fascinating conversations and stories. I never know what to expect from this podcast and that keeps me coming back for more!
Very enjoyable!
Been a longtime fan of Jeordie. He and Fred have great chemistry and the podcast continues to crack me up. Be prepared for some creepy backwards masking and sound effects mixed in as well.
Great podcast
This is so entertaining. I love listening to Fred and Jeordie talk about brunch, Arnold palmers and randomness like Don Knotts! I'd eat before you listen because you'll be hungry.
Love these guys!
Funny guacamole!
Seinfeld of podcasts
Random conversations mostly revolving around Star Wars, brunch and guacamole. These guys are fun to listen to especially if your already a fan of Jeordie and Fred's. Love them.
Entertaining and funny
Funny and entertaining. I really enjoy the simplicity of their conversions. A fresh new outlook on podcasts. Well done!
Hour of goon is such a great podcast with such awesome hosts. Whether, they talk about food (especially brunch and guacamole), clothes, StarWars, movies, Billy Zane, music, and much more, it is always full of jokes, laughter, and an all around good time. I love this podcast so much, and as long as Jeordie and Fred keep making it, I will keep listening to it. Gooners Rock.
Rock stars are people, too!
I’ve really enjoyed listening to these two friends talk about everything from Star Wars obsessions to the search for the best cheesesteak to deep rock music lore, and I think you will, too.
Hour of goon 👽👽👽
I've been listening since the first show, & it never ceases to make me hungry! I also can't fall asleep without it. I truly love these boys!!! 👽👽👽
Fred and Jeordie are great together. They have great guests and it cracks me up.
The Seinfeld of Podcasts
Can't get enough. Dark, strange, hilarious, smart, comfortably miserable jargon. Culturally cool guests, and topics. If you're looking for a podcast that makes you laugh without insulting your intelligence, this hour's for you.
Merlin The Witch
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