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Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner
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Are you looking for someone to share their deepest, darkest secrets on keeping their marriage spicy? Are you like, “puhhlease DISH on how to be a cool parent .. because, yeah ... I dunno!” Well Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have got all you hubbies and wifeys - and mommies and daddies - covered, because each week they find a guest who will SPILL all their dirty secrets! Because we all wanna keep our marriages hot and our parenting cool!
Ep. 93 Lolah from Girl Pride Africa Helps Pregnant Mommas and Saves So Many LIVES!
Today we have a very very special guest on the podcast, Lolah Mupotaringa, from Girl Pride Africa. Girl Pride Africa not only rescues girls from child marriages, but it also supports pregnant teens and orphans. This organization has rescued more than 2300 girls and provided accomodation, food, and mentoring to at least 3000 girls around Africa! We are so humbled and thankful to have Lolah on the podcast today! Lolah reached out to Jamie and shared her story, and we are asking you guys to consider giving towards Lolah's amazing non-profit! Grab your tissues, because this one is gonna be a tear jerker! Lolah is literally helping girls who are child brides - it's heartwrenching how these girls are treated by these older men! Show Notes: 16:42 - Welcome, Lolah, to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. 19:04 - Lolah shares about Girl Pride Africa and the daily work they are doing. 22:08 - Jamie shares with Lolah the struggles her mother had especially with the abuse she had, as well as the difficulties of taking care of her 5 kids 24:25 - Jamie asks Lolah if the girls there feel the same way as her mother, wanting to give up when things get tough 27:45 - Lolah shares the day to day life of taking care of these young girls and the many issues that will come up with the husbands. 28:59 - Lolah shares her background as well as her passion behind this work and why she is so ambitious about helping others. 32:15 - Jamie asks Lolah what is the age of the youngest girl who Lolah has helped and who has had a child? And where are her parents if she is so young? 34:50 - Jamie asks Lolah how we can help Girl Pride Africa? 41:55 - Next week we are switching gears to a bit more lighthearted and we are excited for you to hear from our guests! Giving Way Fundraiser for Girl Pride Africa Girl Pride Africa Facebook Page Girl Pride Africa Instagram Stay tuned! And don't forget all the things - wash your hands, wear your masks. Ya know. 😊 And thank you to our sponsor: LinenFit - Right now, LinenFit is offering our listeners 20% off their purchase sitewide at when they use the code HOTMARRIAGE at checkout! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 25
44 min
Ep. 92 The Incredible POWER Couple, Shawn Johnson & Andrew East Are In Da HOUSE!
Andrew East, a college athlete, turned NFL player turned successful entrepreneur and host of the podcast Redirected, and his wife, Shawn Johnson East an Olympic Gold medal gymnast and DWTS champ are our awesome guests on this week’s podcast! Shawn and Andrew are Youtube STARS, athletes, podcasters and parents to an adorable baby girl! This power couples truly does it all!!!!! They got engaged in 2015 and were married a year later. Last year they welcomed their beautiful daughter, Drew Hazel East. They also have their own podcast called Couple Things!   Before we bring Andrew and Shawn on, Jamie takes a moment to share some deep thoughts and feelings about body positivity. Be watching Insta for details on her upcoming body positivity course!   Show Notes: 21:00 - Welcome to HMCP, Shawn and Andrew! 21:53 - Do you see gymnastics or football in Drew’s future? 22:29 - Is Shawn nervous at all for Drew to follow in her footsteps with gymnastics? 23:36 - What was Shawn’s experience like with body dysmorphia? 26:40 - How do you deal with “Mommy Shamers?” 29:03 - Are you currently trying to conceive? 32:08 - Were you scared to have sex while Shawn was pregnant? And what was it like postpartum? 36:12 - Have you thought about whether you may or may not want to deliver in the hospital because of COVID? 41:31 - Andrew, have you tried breast milk? 43:40 - As parents, are there any pet peeves you have of each other in parenting? 44:30 - What’s one thing that you appreciate about each other as parents?    You guys know the drill - wear your masks and wash your hands! :) Chat soon!   Andrew’s Instagram: Shawn’s Instagram: Drew’s Instagram: Couple Things Podcast:    And thank you to our sponsor: Native Deodorant - Do what I did, and make the switch to Native today by going to or use promo code hmcp at checkout to get 20% off your 1st order! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 18
53 min
Ep. 91 HENLEY GOT HURT! Her Trip to the Doctor & More!
It’s definitely been a busy few weeks including a quick family trip out to L.A.! We are back now and hope that our sharing the parenting struggles we have will help someone out there. We love you guys! We know we say it ALL the time, but you guys genuinely are the best ever!   So long story short, Henley was born with a piece of skin over her private area. The doctors told us it was fine and that it would eventually fix itself. Well she was playing in the house and ended up falling and tearing that skin… we didn’t know that was what it was at the time. It caused our sweet baby so much pain! My heart was broken in a million pieces! So we brought her to the doctors after a rough couple of days just to make sure she was okay.    We also chat about being thankful that we saw her get hurt since we are living in a new place, she's going to a new school and we have new babysitters, etc. and could have been worried about Henley being taken advantage of :-\ We also share our thoughts about how important it is to teach kids at a young age what the names are of their private parts, so that they know how to defend themselves if the need were to come!   Okay guys, till next week...make sure you register to vote! It’s important!   And thank you to our sponsor:   GreenChef - Use code hotmarriage80 to get $80 off your first month plus free shipping on your first box! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 11
37 min
Ep. 90 Speech Therapy EXPERTS Brooke & Bridget Can Help Your Kiddos Talk!
Brooke & Bridget, sisters, speech therapists, and mommies to their own kiddos are our guests today! In 2012, the sisters opened up their private practice for speech therapy in California, and in 2018 they started an Instagram account to help parents help their kiddos develop their language & communication skills!    Before we bring Brooke and Bridget on, Doug and Jamie chat about the struggle to have sex (but they finally did!) and Jamie shares what she does to be able to always love her body and feel positive!     Show Notes: 02:37 - Doug and Jamie have big news! They finally, after over a year, had sex! 08:46 - Doug asks Jamie if she has any tips about getting to the point of being able to have sex and improving her libido. 11:23 - Jamie and Doug discuss their thoughts on the importance of having body positivity and that we should love our bodies no matter what! 17:06 - Welcome, Brooke and Bridget! 18:08 - Jamie asks, what made the 2 of you want to do this together? 20:00 - Doug asks, what are the first milestones and how long would it be for you to consider someone late to talk? 22:27 - Doug asks, how do you easily quantify the amount of words your child is saying? 23:29 (28:19) - Jamie asks, what do you recommend a mom or dad to do for their child at the point that speech intervention is needed? Or what can a parent do before that point? 29:45 - Jamie asks, what are some of the interventions that you guys talk about in your courses and on your Instagram page?  32:17 - Doug asks, is baby talk something that is harmful to child development? 35:08 - Doug asks, Henley sort of has a lisp when she says her s’s. Is that something that can be worked through or needs intervention? 39:03 - Jamie asks, when do you recommend switching to an open cup? 40:43 - Jamie asks, Since we had Hendrix, Henley has definitely regressed with speaking. She is whining a lot and talking like a baby - what should they do to help Henley? 44:13 - Jamie asks if they think it could be confusing to a child to have a very consistent nickname and regular name? 46:25 - Doug asks, what is some advice that you have for parents who are trying to help kids read things out loud? Especially with trying pronounce words? 53:56 - Next week - it’s a surprise! It’s gonna be epic!    Wash your hands twice 😊 Chat next week! Speech Sisters Instagram: Speech Sisters Website:   And thank you to our sponsors:   Jonas Paul Eyewear - save 15% off by going to and use code COOLPARENTS15.   PayPal - PayPal is making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily. Download the PayPal app today! Terms and conditions apply.   Sweaty Betty - Now through November 1, get 20% off your ENTIRE purchase when you visit This is the best offer Sweaty Betty has available anywhere!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 27
55 min
Ep. 89 Money, Sex, Gender Role, Occupation - Your Biggest Assumptions & Our Honest Answers
We figured we would switch things up this week and get some feedback from you guys. We asked what are some assumptions you guys have of us, and let me tell ya, we got some good ones!    Show Notes: 04:52 - 1st assumption - Does Jamie do anything for Doug? He is so caring. 07:54 - 2nd assumption - You’re super in love and laugh all the time. 08:24 - 3rd assumption - I assume people recognize you immediately wherever you go. 12:11 - 4th assumption - Always assumed you guys are rich. 17:56 - 5th assumption - We will be working on baby #3 soon. Another assumption - I assume that now that you have 2 kids you may not have the 4 or 6. 24:40 - 6th assumption - You get packages all the time - too much mail. 27:30 - 7th assumption - I feel like you kind of forgot about Gracie after the baby was born. 29:07 - 8th assumption - That Doug does not cook. 31:55 - 9th assumption - Jamie is the boss in the relationship. 33:24 - 10th assumption - I’m worried you are getting more like friends. 37:53 - 11th assumption - Has Jamie quit nursing? 39:58 - 12th assumption - They have lots of laundry. 40:02 - 13th assumption - That Jamie, not Doug, wears the pants in the relationship. 40:30 - 14th assumption - That Doug and Jamie rarely spend time alone because of the kids. 43:53 - Next week is an awesome interview with the Speech Sisters - you guys are gonna love it!    And thank you to our sponsors:   Disney Hits Playlist - Enjoy the magic of Disney Music anytime, anywhere. Simply say, “Alexa, Play Disney Hits” or stream Disney Hits on your favorite music service! It is available on all music streaming services!   PayPal - PayPal is making it easy to pay safely, quickly and easily. Download the PayPal app today! Terms and conditions apply.   Native Deodorant - Do what I did, and make the switch to Native today by going to or use promo code hmcp at checkout to get 20% off your 1st order! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 20
45 min
Ep. 88 - From Trailer Living to Yale Graduate - How Our Guest Mary Marantz Beat The Odds
We are super excited to welcome on to our podcast today the amazing Mary Marantz! She is a rockstar podcast host, speaker, and author! She grew up in a single-wide trailer in rural West Virginia. The first of her immediate family to go to college, she went on to earn a law degree from the nation's top-ranked law school, Yale. After ditching six-figure-salary law firm offers in London and New York, she started a business with her hubby, Justin. Together they have built a successful online education platform for creative entrepreneurs and She is also the host of the highly-ranked and popular podcast The Mary Marantz Show. Mary will release her first book, Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful on September 15!    Doug is furniture shopping so before Mary comes on Jamie shares updates on their Florida home, how much Hendrix has grown, how it always is raining, Gracie is starting pre-k - what?!, and so much more! Show Notes: 12:49 - Welcome to the show, Mary!  13:40 - Jamie asks - what made you go down a different path in life? 15:57 - Doug asks - as a young girl that would go away to college, was your background something that you started to hide behind or something that you chose to wear on your sleeve? 16:52 - Jamie asks - how did writing about your trailer life get you into Yale? 18:06 - Jamie asks Mary to share more about her past in the trailer and what that was like? 24:07 - Doug asks - did you ever feel out of place going to college and to Yale? What advice do you have to find the motivation that you can do it! 31:07 - Jamie asks - what would you want to say to the young Mary who was growing up in the trailer? 34:13 - Doug asks - what do you mean by becoming/building something more can sometimes feel like a “betrayal” to the people who raised you. How do you balance those two? 42:22 - Jamie asks - what advice do you have on reconciling relationships whether they be with family members or partners? 48:56 - Next week we are answering ALL your assumptions about us!   Have a great week! Chat soon!   Mary’s Instagram: Mary's Book, Growing Strong Roots In What Makes The Broken Beautiful And thank you to our sponsor:   Disney Hits Playlist - Enjoy the magic of Disney Music anytime, anywhere. Simply say, “Alexa, Play Disney Hits” or stream Disney Hits on your favorite music service! It is available on all music streaming services! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 13
52 min
Ep. 87 Married at First Sight Make Up Artist Chat!
Hot Marriage. Cool Parents is coming to you live from LA this week!! Last weekend, Jamie went to LA to shoot for Married at First Sight: Unfiltered and she finally got to catch up with the whole crew! We are really excited to share this conversation between Alisha, Jamie's WONDERFUL makeup artist & Jamie! But first, Doug and chat about first impressions of the new MAFS couples meeting face to face, what life has been like at their new Florida home, not having sex for close to a year and so much more! Henley even comes on and talks and sings to everyone! Show Notes: 24:44 - Welcome, Alisha! 25:03 - Alisha and Jamie talk about Black Lives Matter and how Jamie didn't realize that racism is still prominent in our country! Alisha shares information about qualified immunity. 27:02 - Alisha and Jamie chat about how people who are on reality TV can become divas! 34:43 - Jamie and Alisha share how the conversations that you get to have with the girl doing your hair is like therapy! 35:47 - Alisha shares the story of her and her ex that she met online 46:34 - Alisha talks about the worst, best, and most annoying people that she has ever had in her chair! 50:03 - Alisha shares some basic makeup tips to make you look fresh and alive (facial prep oils, SUNSCREEN for EVERYONE, cc cream, mascara, and brow gel) Rapid Fire Questions for Alisha about working with MAFS stars: 54:50 - Who is her favorite person to work on from all time MAFS? 55:18 - Who is the most difficult person to work with on MAFS? 55:50 - Who is the funniest person to work with on MAFS? 56:16 - Who is the sweetest person to work with on MAFS? 56:25 - Who is her favorite expert to work on? 56:51 - Who is the most annoying person to work with? Not necessarily in the makeup chair? 57:12 - Jamie introduces everyone to her producer, Jeff, who is behind the scenes who does it ALL! And it's time for Jamie to go on set, so until next week - stay tuned! 😊 58:46 - Next week on the podcast we have the very inspirational Mary Marantz joining us to share her story! We say it every week, but please wash your hands and wear your masks! Love you! And thank you to our sponsors: Sweaty Betty - Now through November 1st​ get 20% OFF your ENTIRE purchase when you visit SWEATYBETTY.COM/HMCP. This is the BEST OFFER Sweaty Betty has available ANYWHERE! Disney Hits Playlist - Enjoy the magic of Disney Music anytime, anywhere. Simply say, “Alexa, Play Disney Hits” or stream Disney Hits on your favorite music service! It is available on all music streaming services! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 6
1 hr 1 min
Ep. 86 - One of Our Super Frans Finds His Family Through DNA Test After Hearing Jamie’s Story!
Hot Marriage. Cool Parents is coming to you live from Florida for the next few months! Doug and Jamie are super excited to be in the sunny weather! It is going to be fun trying to get the house all set up!   We are really excited to share this interview with you today! We brought on some of our awesome frans, Tim & Kelli Dexter, to share a really inspiring story!    For those of you who don’t know, after over 30 years of searching Jamie finally found her father through a DNA service. Kelli reached out to Jamie through social media because her husband’s story is very similar and after many years he has finally found his biological mother and siblings! We think stories like this are super inspiring so we wanted to invite them onto the podcast to share their story!    We always love to hear from you when what we share inspires you guys to take action! Let us know if you want to hear more of these stories!    Show Notes:   08:34 - Welcome to the show, Tim and Kelli!  08:51 - Tim shares how he grew up and when he found out he was adopted as well as why he wanted to seek out his biological family. 10:46 - Tim shares what the results were when he did the health history and the ancestry. 13:38 - Doug asks if he had any information before the test was done to find his family? 14:23 - Doug asks if his adopted parents ever had the conversation with him about looking for his biological family? 15:02 - Jamie asks what was it that made him want to connect to his biological mom? 17:17 - Doug asks how it went when they first attempted to reach out to family? 21:39 - Jamie asks if it was a surprise for his biological sister to find out that she has a brother? 26:20 - Doug asks what is the relationship like now and have they set any expectations for the future?   Stay healthy and show love to others and yourself :)   Kelli’s Instagram:   And thank you to our sponsor:   Disney Hits Playlist - Enjoy the magic of Disney Music anytime, anywhere. Simply say, “Alexa, Play Disney Hits” or stream Disney Hits on your favorite music service! It is available on all music streaming services! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 30
38 min
Ep. 85 Surrogacy Blogger Breanna Lockwood Chooses Her MOM As Her Surrogate!
Breanna Lockwood, mama to be, IG blogger, and fertility awareness advocate and her mama, Julie Loving are our guests today! Breanna has a VERY special story to share with us today, one that is unique and beautiful! After going through a difficult journey to getting pregnant, Breanna turned to surrogacy and let’s just say, she found her PERFECT MATCH! Today we are interviewing Breanna and her mama, Julie Loving, aka, Breanna’s SURROGATE!  Before we bring Breanna on, Doug and Jamie chat about what's been going on with life lately, including Henley's 3rd birthday, HPV update, and traveling to Florida! Show Notes: 04:57 - Jamie's sister is naming her son Jayme after her! Jamie shares how honored she feels! 06:52 - Jamie gives update on HPV and the LEEP procedure she had. 13:55 - Doug and Jamie talk about Henley’s struggle with defiance with taking naps. 21:09 - Doug and Jamie talk about their upcoming trip to Florida and getting a fence to put around their pool! 28:56 - Welcome, Breanna! Breanna shares her fertility journey and the struggles she has had to overcome. 30:30 - Doug asks how long Breanna and her husband have been together? They discuss struggles with self guilt. 32:35 - Doug asks how many rounds of IVF Breanna went through? 32:59 - Jamie asks if they have any answers as to why it didn’t work out for Breanna? 34:07 - Doug asks at what point did Breanna consider surrogacy and how was she introduced to it? 36:06 - Jamie asks how old her mom, Julie, is and was she always willing to be a surrogate? 39:17 - Doug asks Breanna what her husband’s reaction to all of this? 40:51 - Doug asks Breanna if her mom had to go through testing and was there a concern that she may not be able to carry the baby? Did she have a plan B if it didn’t work out? 42:18 - Jamie asks if the baby is a boy or girl. 42:28 - Doug asks for clarification about the surrogacy process. 44:23 - Jamie asks Julie how far along she is? And how do they both feel now that she is past the age of viability? 46:45 - Jamie asks what are other things that surrogates have to do to carry the baby? 47:45 - Doug asks Julie what her husband's thoughts were on all of this? 48:05 - Jamie asks how has the pandemic made the pregnancy difficult? 49:36 - Doug asks Julie about her birth plan. 50:47 - Doug asks if Julie plans to breastfeed the baby. 53:33 - Doug asks what future plans are for more children. 57:33 - Next week’s guest is a surprise! Stay tuned!   PLEASE wear your face masks! We love you guys!   Breanna’s Instagram: And thank you to our sponsors: Jonas Paul Eyewear - Save 15% off on a new pair of prescription glasses by using the code COOLPARENTS15 at Green Chef - Use code hotmarriage80 to get $80 off your 1st month PLUS free shipping on your 1st box! Go to to redeem the offer! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 23
58 min
Ep. 84 The Hilarious & Amazing Actress and Comedian Lauren Lapkus Talks Hollywood Life Under Quarantine & Her Love for MAFS!
We are SO excited to have the absolutely HILARIOUS Lauren Lapkus with us on the podcast today! Oh my goodness, this girl is SO talented! She's an American actress, comedian, and impressionist and she is known for portraying Susan Fischer on Orange is the New Black and Jess in the HBO series Crashing, and she is the BIGGEST star of Jamie's favorite movie on Netflix, the Wrong Missy! She's also a MAFS fan! Wow - we are thrilled to be able to chat with her!   Welcome, Lauren! Before we bring Lauren on, Doug gives an update on their Florida home and shares his thoughts about potentially becoming a full time stay-at-home dad!   Show Notes: 20:15 - Doug, Jamie, and Lauren chat about the Wrong Missy and Lauren talks about her podcast, Newcomers. 21:57 - Lauren shares how she got involved with acting. 23:28 - Jamie asks Lauren what it was like starting out and then having her breakthrough of being the lead role in a hit movie? 25:00 - Lauren talks about what it is like working closely with Adam Sandler. 25:48 - Lauren talks about opportunities to improv in The Wrong Missy. 27:17 - Doug asks Lauren if she had any romantic feelings toward David Spade? 28:27 - Lauren talks about how weird it can be to film making out and sex scenes as a married woman. 30:32 - Lauren shares about her love for MAFS, and especially Doug and Jamie's season! 31:56 - Doug asks Lauren about filming the fish scene in The Wrong Missy. 34:00 - How is the quarantine affecting Lauren's jobs? 35:18 - Jamie asks Lauren about season 2 of her podcast, Newcomers. 38:05 - Jamie asks Lauren which season of MAFS is the most memorable? 41:00 - Doug, Jamie, and Lauren chat about the current season of MAFS as well as their interest in 90 Day Fiance. 48:28 - Lauren tells listeners all of the different films and specials she has taken part in. 49:42 - Doug asks Lauren what it's like working with Netflix? 50:24 - Doug asks Lauren how she and her husband met? We have some exciting interviews lined up! Stay tuned! AND Please stay well, everyone! 😘WEAR YOUR MASKS!   Lauren’s Instagram: And thank you to our sponsors: Jonas Paul Eyewear - Go to and use code COOLPARENTS15 to get 15% off! GreenChef - Use code hotmarriage80 to get $80 off your first month plus free shipping on your box! Go to to redeem and for more details. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 16
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